P4 3-in-1 Van: The Ultimate Wheelchair, Ambulatory, and Stretcher Transport Solution?

Exterior view of P4 3-in-1 Van

Are you an organization struggling to manage multiple vehicles to transport patients in wheelchairs, ambulatory patients, and those needing stretcher transport? The cost and hassle of maintaining three different vehicles can be overwhelming. Not to mention, coordinating logistics for each transportation type can become a scheduling nightmare. You’re probably thinking, “There has to be a better way to handle this.” 

We hear you, and we get it. At AVAN Mobility, we understand the challenges you face.

After many years of partnering with customers, we have seen the need for a vehicle that can do more than just one job. Our commitment stretches beyond just manufacturing; it’s about making a real impact on people’s lives. Every vehicle we create reflects our dedication to innovation, reliability, and quality. 

In this article, you’ll learn about the P4 3-in-1 Van, a groundbreaking solution for wheelchair, ambulatory, and stretcher transport. This vehicle is designed to simplify your organization’s transportation needs, saving you time and money while ensuring your patients receive the best care. Let’s dive into how the P4 3-in-1 Van can transform your operations.


What can the P4 3-in-1 Van do?

Transportation barriers are huge in the U.S., with 5% of adults missing out on healthcare simply due to transportation barriers. 

The P4 3-in-1 Van is an innovative new vehicle designed to help your organization transport patients with different levels of mobility. It can handle wheelchair transportation, ambulatory transportation (for patients who can walk but need assistance), and stretcher transportation. Let’s look closer to see why this van is so special.


Three functions in one vehicle


3 individuals in the P4 3-in-1 Van


The regular P4 Van is great for wheelchair and ambulatory transportation. But with the addition of special stretcher mounts, it becomes the P4 3-in-1 Van. The van can be used for:

  • Ambulatory transportation: For patients who can walk but may still need a bit of extra help. 


  • Wheelchair transportation: Safe and secure transport for individuals in wheelchairs, with easy loading and unloading.


  • Stretcher transportation: The added stretcher mounts allow for the secure and comfortable transport of patients who need to lie flat during the trip.


This versatility means you no longer need two separate vehicles to cover these transportation needs. The P4 3-in-1 Van streamlines your fleet, making it more cost-effective and easier to manage. 


Why choose the P4 3-in-1 Van?



Think about the convenience of having one vehicle that can adapt to various patient needs. The P4 3-in-1 Van’s design ensures that you’re always ready, no matter the type of patient transport required. It’s built with the flexibility to switch between modes quickly, reducing downtime and improving service efficiency.

Easier logistics: With the P4 3-in-1 Van, managing your transportation logistics becomes much simpler. You don’t have to worry about switching between different vehicles for different patient needs. 

For example, if you have just finished a stretcher transport and receive a call from a client for wheelchair transport, you can use the same van without any hassle. This saves time and makes your operations run more smoothly.

Cost-effective: Using one van for many purposes means spending less on maintenance and insurance. This helps your organization save money and use resources better.

Staff training: Training your staff on one versatile vehicle is simpler than training them on multiple vehicles. This means your team can quickly learn how to use the P4 3-in-1 Van, making your operations more efficient.

Increased availability: With one vehicle that can do it all, your organization can respond to more calls without worrying about having the right vehicle available. This increases your ability to serve more clients quickly.

Space efficiency: Instead of parking multiple vehicles, you only need space for one. This saves on parking costs and makes managing your fleet easier.


Who can use the P4 3-in-1 Van?


Rear interior view of the P4 3-in-1 Van


The P4 3-in-1 Van is great for many different organizations. Keep reading to learn if yours can make use of it.


Community health services

Community health services need to transport patients to doctor appointments, therapy, or community events. The van is perfect for this because it can handle three different modes of transportation in one vehicle. 


Nursing and senior homes

Like community health service organizations, nursing and senior homes also need to take residents with different mobility levels to appointments or on trips. The P4 3-in-1 Van is great because it can switch between wheelchair and stretcher transportation setups. 


Patient transfer services

Organizations that move patients between hospitals or to their homes will find the P4 3-in-1 Van especially helpful. It’s designed for quick and safe stretcher transport, making patient transfers easy and secure.


Emergency medical services

Emergency medical services (EMS) need reliable vehicles that can handle:

  • Patients who need to lie down on a stretcher
  • People sitting in wheelchairs
  • People who use walkers


While the van isn’t equipped with emergency medical equipment, it is ideal for patients requiring stretcher transportation to get to a hospital.


Rehabilitation centers

Rehabilitation centers can use the P4 3-in-1 Van to bring patients to and from their centers. Whether patients need wheelchair or stretcher transport with an ambulatory friend or family member to accompany them, this van makes transportation much easier.

In short, the P4 3-in-1 Van is perfect for any organization that needs a flexible, reliable, and cost-effective way to move patients. It’s a smart choice for better transportation and efficiency.


What features does the P4 3-in-1 Van have?



Take a look at the various features of the P4 3-in-1 Van in the table below.


Feature Description
3-in-1 design Can transport wheelchair, ambulatory, and stretcher patients.
Fuel mileage Estimated at 21 mpg, saves on fuel costs.
Small footprint Easy to drive in the urban areas.
High ground clearance No lowered floor, good for all terrains.
Front-wheel drive Great traction on snow and ice.
3.6L Pentastar V6 engine Powerful and reliable.
Backup camera Makes reversing safe and easy.
Configurable seating Can seat up to 10 ambulatory passengers, 3 wheelchairs, or both.
Wipe-clean seats Easy to clean.
Lightweight, removable seats Seats on wheels for easy moving.
Operator-friendly seats Seats can be wheeled in and out using the ramp.
Heavy duty ramp Holds up to 1,000 lbs.
Stowable ramp The ramp stays out of the way for walk-on access.
Barrier-free entry No steps and easy access.
Manual backup system The ramp can be deployed manually if needed.
Integrated ramp handles Makes manual deployment easy.
Glass doors Gives drivers a clear view of curbs.
Power-operated doors Easy access, controlled from the dash.
Optional external door switches Adds convenience.
4-point wheelchair restraint kit and self-tensioning system Keeps wheelchairs secure and restraints tight automatically.
Self-tensioning system Automatically keeps restraints tight.
Wall storage included Easy storage for restraint kits.


Learn more about the P4 3-in-1 Van and other options



You came to this article looking for a solution to simplify and improve your patient transportation needs. This article taught you about the P4 3-in-1 Van and how it can handle wheelchair, ambulatory, and stretcher transportation, making your operations more efficient and cost-effective.

At AVAN Mobility, we understand your organization’s challenges in providing safe,  reliable, and accessible transportation. We are passionate about leading the industry in accessible health and transportation solutions. 

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Check out our informative article on the cost of a wheelchair-accessible van. It’ll give you a better idea of the type of financial investment to expect.

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