Mobile Medical Vans and Wheelchair Accessible Vans

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Removing barriers to healthcare for all

Eliminate barriers to healthcare

Take away the need for clients to travel to your clinic - take your services directly to them and meet them where they are with a welcoming, friendly environment.

Make preventative care accessible to all

Improve your community's health outcomes by becoming the go-to resource for preventative health such as vaccinations and early disease detection.

Reduce pressure on our mainstream health system

Help reduce long wait times that result in delayed diagnoses by making primary healthcare available to everyone, regardless of their circumstance.

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Find the right vehicle for your organization

Take advantage of our mobility industry experience to find the vehicle that provides the flexibility, efficiency, and long-term cost savings you need.

Our simple, thorough process ensures your organization finds the right vehicles for your needs.

1. Connect with Us

Reach out to our mobile health experts to talk about your organization's mobile medical unit needs.

2. Needs Analysis & Information

After an analysis of your organization's medical van needs, we provide you a wealth of information that empowers you to make informed purchasing decisions.

3. Vehicle Build & Delivery

We manufacture your new medical units and deliver to your location. Our Customer Care Team follows up with training and service resources for your staff.

Mobile Medical Vans and Wheelchair Vans

Organizations We Work With

Native Reserves

Health & Human Services, Transit, Community Services

NEMT Services

Non-Emergency & Gurney Transport, Ambulette Services

Healthcare Providers

Public and Private Healthcare Providers

Outreach Support Organizations

Homelessness, Addictions, Counseling, and Outreach

Centers for Independent Living

Behavioral Health, I/DD Services, Social Day Care, Adult Day Programs

Senior Living Communities

Care Homes, Assisted Living, and Independent Living Communities

Learning Center

Have questions about mobile healthcare? Visit our Learning Center for educational resources and articles to learn about buying mobile medical units.

Talk with a Commercial Mobility Expert today.

Not sure where to start? We’re here to help your organization find the mobile medical van that best suits your organization’s needs. Take advantage of our mobility industry experience by talking with one of our commercial mobility experts today.