Ram Promaster Wheelchair Accessible Vans

What is a wheelchair accessible van?

A wheelchair accessible van is a van that persons with all levels of mobility can easily and safely enter and exit using a ramp or a lift. 

To achieve this, the van needs to be converted. 

Conversions typically include lowering or installing the floor, vehicle interior lining and finishing, ramp or lift installations, and wheelchair securements. 

Converting a vehicle to become wheelchair accessible can have up to 40 alterations depending on the type of ramp or lift you choose, and if the vehicle is side entry or rear entry. 

Wheelchair accessible vans from AVAN Mobility provide barrier-free access to passengers of all mobility levels. 

These mobility vehicle options allow transportation providers to overcome challenges such as high maintenance costs, driver licensing, and the inability to provide on-demand transit service with their current fleet.

Check out the P4 and the P5 wheelchair accessible vans from AVAN Mobility:

The P4

The P4 is built on the Ram Promaster 159” Wheelbase, High Roof Model. This vehicle is a spacious option for community programs and on-demand transit providers. Available with side entry or rear entry.

The P5

The P5 is built on the Ram Promaster 159” EXT Wheelbase, High Roof Model. With a longer vehicle interior, this model is often configured for transportation providers that need more interior space without the challenges of running a cutaway bus. Available with side entry or rear entry.

There are typically two types of wheelchair accessible vans: full size vans and minivans.

AVAN Mobility designs full size wheelchair accessible vans.

Wheelchair accessible vans are used by all kinds of programs to reduce barriers to healthcare and transportation.

Wheelchair accessible vans are used by: 

  • Native and urban reserves
  • Non-EMT providers
  • Healthcare providers
  • Centers for independent living
  • Outreach support organizations
  • Senior living communities

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