The Mobile Outreach Van

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Outreach Van for mental health

MO Van: Mobile Outreach Van

AVAN Mobility’s Mobile Outreach van is built on the Ram Promaster 2500 159″ Wheelbase High Roof model.

Outreach vehicles are used by programs that provide services such overdose prevention, harm reduction, mobile health, housing, mental health and addictions counselling, and referral services. The Mobile Outreach van provides a transportation option and a clinic space in one, allowing you to maximize the potential of your service.

The MO Van includes:

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Download the MO Van brochure for more details about how your outreach program can reach more clients with a safe mobile workspace for your staff.

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AutoFloor Flexible Floor and Seating System

AutoFloor is an innovative floor track and seating system that allows you to configure seats and wheelchairs in the vehicle in different layouts. Your organization can save time and money with an adaptable vehicle that meets any rider needs.

  • Wipe-clean transit grade seats
  • Lightweight and removable seats on wheels for easy moving
  • Maximum flexibility and efficiency on every ride
  • Customize seating layouts to suit each passenger’s needs
Mobile Medical Outreach Van

Mobile Outreach Van Layouts

Layouts include the option to transport staff or clients as well as provide on site personal services. All surfaces are wipe-clean and suitable for a medical environment. The MO Model includes:

Mobile Outreach Van office space

Mobile Office Space

Configure your mobile office space to be equipped with everything you need to work from any location. A typical mobile office space includes:

Mobile Outreach Unit floor to ceiling cabinetry

Clean, Simple Environment

To be able to work efficiently when working with your patients, you need an organized, and clean space.

Mobile Outreach Unit power supply

Power Supply

Additional power supply is optional at desk areas, which includes:

Mobile Outreach Unit fridge

Fridge and Sink

These are must-haves when you are providing services like vaccinations and health checkups.

Additional Options

Every outreach program is different. You can choose to include custom options in your vehicle, such as:

Products shown may vary based on availability.

Products shown may vary based on availability.

MO Van: Mobile Outreach Van FAQs

A mobile outreach van is a method of community outreach to persons experiencing homelessness, addiction, or other conditions that cause them to rely on external support for daily living. It has been proved that by meeting individuals where they are, outreach programs can build trust amongst vulnerable populations using outreach vans. In contrast to a traditional clinic building, vans are ambulatory and facilitate a “boots on the ground” approach.

Underserved communities are often close-knit communities. Persons facing homelessness or addictions face stigma when going to bricks-and-mortar clinics. They often do not want to be perceived as needing help. Many people who need help with conditions such as addiction do not access it due to the lack of privacy.

Once established, community outreach vans become a familiar presence in the communities they operate in. This eliminates feelings of mistrust and builds credibility. Therefore, persons are more likely to approach the van for help.

Vans also provide the opportunity to reach more people in need. Instead of focusing all outreach efforts on persons who come to drop-in services consistently, vans allow outreach services to connect with persons who do not go to these centres. As a result, many outreach services travel through different neighbourhoods instead of being permanently stationed in one location.

Outreach vans are used by community support programs that provide outreach services. Typically, outreach services are provided to targeted communities. Outreach services include harm reduction, health care, telemedicine, and screening. Mobile outreach vans are also used for distributing food, clothing, and water.

Depending on the primary use for each program, they may be known as mobile overdose units or outreach patrol vans.

How to purchase this van for your organization

This vehicle is manufactured in Canada and distributed to organizations across the USA. Contact our team using the form to get started today.

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