About AVAN Mobility

Who we are

At AVAN Mobility, we help people who help people. Our vision is to lead the way in providing innovative vehicles that are accessible to all. 

We do this by designing, manufacturing, and delivering mobile medical vans and wheelchair accessible vans for organizations like yours to remove barriers to healthcare and transportation. 

We are a fun and friendly family of creative, talented people who live and breathe our Core Values, making us who we are. Our team thrives in a structured and kind work environment, where we’re never satisfied with the status quo. With our “we can” approach, no challenge is too much – just ask our clients.

Are you searching for vehicle options that let you take your services to your clients, making primary healthcare accessible for all?

We can help. 

Who we work with

We work with organizations, communities, and partners that share our passion for making healthcare and transportation accessible to all. Our vehicle solutions currently include full size mobile medical vans and mobility vans. Inhouse engineering and manufacturing capabilities allow us to create unique solutions to our clients’ unique challenges.

Who we are not a fit for

Organizations from all over the US contact us about their mobile medical van and wheelchair accessible van needs. But, this does not mean we are a good fit for everyone.

Our process

Our vehicles are distributed to clients across North America through our network of local partners. From initial research and vehicles design to lifelong customer service, we provide a start-to-finish experience for our clients.

1. Discovery

This is the first step to learn whether you should consider AVAN Mobility for your medical unit needs. 

Your Account Executive will ask questions to learn about your program. You will discuss your objectives and budget expectations. This will allow you to decide if our organizations are a good fit. 

If you discover that we are not able to provide you with what you’re looking for, that is okay.

2. Needs analysis & vehicle demonstration

The next step is a thorough analysis of your program’s vehicle requirements.

This ensures that the vehicles we discuss are relevant to your needs. 

Whether in person or in a virtual setting, this meeting is your time to ask questions and see a vehicle for yourself. 

You can expect to see the various features of AVAN Mobility vehicles, including: 

  • Custom medical unit equipment
  • Exclusive ramp and door conversions
  • Flexible medical unit and accessible vehicle floor plan layouts

You’ll also find out how each of these features can improve your program’s operation. 

At this point, your Account Executive will make recommendations on the best vehicle for your program. You will see floor plan examples and work together to decide on the van configuration that best suits your organization’s needs. 

Once you get the necessary approvals in your organization, you will receive a detailed quote from us. 

At this point, you will decide if you want to move forward with us or not. 

If you move forward, you will pay us a deposit of about $40,000 USD and sign some paperwork to confirm your order.

3. Vehicle build & delivery

Once you have confirmed your vehicle order, we will build your vehicle. 

After your vehicle is built, you will provide us with a final payment, and then we will deliver your van to you. 

Once you have your van, our Customer Care team will then reach out with resources for training and vehicle service.