Mobile Medical Van & Wheelchair Accessible Van Pricing

Budgeting for a mobile medical van or wheelchair accessible van can be challenging. You need to know what price ranges to expect when working with AVAN Mobility. The information below provides general price ranges based on vehicle type.

Mobile Medical Vans

Watch this video to understand what impacts the price of these vans, get information on warranty, and more.

Mobile Clinic Van

$125,000 to $225,000

Mobile Outreach Van

$125,000 to $225,000

Mobile Response Van

$125,000 to $225,000

Mobile Mitigation Van

$125,000 to $225,000

Wheelchair Accessible Vans

Price Ranges to Expect*

The P4

$130,000 – $165,000

The P5

$145,000 – $235,000

*Price ranges are for informational purposes only, based on data at the time of publication. Prices depend on vehicle configurations and options. Subject to change. Talk with commercial mobility expert for current pricing.