Mobile Medical Units

Does your organization provide healthcare to vulnerable communities?

Or, does your organization struggle to provide transportation for patients who don’t need emergency services without calling an ambulance?

Maybe your outreach program provides services such as mobile health, housing, or mental health and addictions counseling?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you’ll find success with a mobile medical unit from AVAN Mobility. 

Mobile Clinic Van

The MC Unit is a mobile medical clinic used to bring healthcare directly to clients. Often seen as a "doctor's office on wheels", these mobile medical vans provide a private treatment space for personal health services.

Mobile Response Van

The MR Unit is a non-emergency mobile medical van equipped with aluminum cabinetry, stretcher access, and advanced storage systems similar to an ambulance. The MR Model's medical van layouts provide a mobile treatment space and transportation in one van.

Mobile Outreach Van

The MO Unit is a mobile outreach van that provides transportation and a safe on-site workspace. Designed for travelling street outreach teams, you can transport staff and clients, as well as provide services in any location with a mobile office space.

Mobile Mitigation Van

The MM Unit is a mobile mitigation van used by programs that provide services such as overdose prevention, supervised consumption, harm reduction, mobile health, housing, mental health and addictions counseling, and referral services.

Mobile Medical Clinic Van

Find the right mobile medical unit for your organization

If you’re new to buying a mobile medical unit, don’t stress. In this free guide, you’ll walk through the process of buying a van, how to decide which is best for your organization, and how much you should budget.

A mobile medical unit is a van that’s been converted into a mobile clinic, treatment, or transportation space. 

At AVAN Mobility, our mobile medical units are built on the Ram Promaster.

We have four distinct types of mobile medical units: the Mobile Response Unit (MR Model), the Mobile Clinic Unit (MC Model), the Mobile Outreach Unit (MO Model) and the Mobile Mitigation Unit (MM Model). 

They each serve a different purpose. 

The MR Model is an ambulance-like van for those who need medical transport but a full emergency service isn’t necessary. 

The MC Model is a mobile medical treatment space that provides primary healthcare and other services to underserved populations.

The MO Model is a method of community outreach to people experiencing homelessness, addiction, or other conditions that cause them to rely on external support for daily living. 

The MM Model is a van designed specifically for supervised consumption and harm reduction services.

Each vehicle is available with a variety of floor plan layouts and features such as beds, cabinets, seats, a mobile office, and more to best suit your organization’s needs.

Each mobile medical unit we offer at AVAN Mobility is tailored to your organization’s specific needs. 

The MC Model

If your community is remote and you often find community members aren’t able to travel to a health center or hospital for treatment, the MC Model is right for you. 

The MC model allows you to take healthcare services to clients, eliminating the need for them to travel.

The MO Model

If your program provides services such as overdose prevention, harm reduction, mobile health, housing, mental health and addictions counseling, or referrals, then the MO Model is right for you.

The MO model provides a transportation option and a clinic space in one, allowing you to maximize the potential of your service.

The MR Model

If you’re a program that needs all the elements of an ambulance without the life-saving equipment, the MR Model is right for you. 

The MR Model provides a simplified treatment space for non-urgent medical needs and transportation.

The MM Model

If your a program needs the capability to offer supervised consumption by a medical professional, the MM Model may be a fit. This van’s purpose is to reduce substance use on the streets and provide harm reduction services for clients using substances.

Mobile medical vans are used by many different groups, including:

Native reservations and communities

In many reservations and Native communities, patients are located too far from a health center to have access to basic health care. 

Mobile medical units are used to visit patients at their homes or nearby locations.

Housing and homeless societies

Initiatives that work to end homelessness need a way to address their clients’ needs right where they are. 

Mobile medical units give these programs a safe working environment. Social workers can have an on-demand treatment space, with supplies and personnel to best serve their clients.

Addictions services

Addictions services are often offered in traditional facilities. However, mobile medical units provide a safe, private, approachable space for persons in need to get addictions help without the stigma of going into a clinic.

Non-emergency response services

Mobile medical units offer a medical space for non-urgent medical needs. Services such as bloodwork, physical exams, first aid, and stretcher transportation are all possible in a custom mobile medical unit.

Industrial safety companies

Industrial safety companies that respond to workplace accidents require a mobile treatment unit that carries the supplies, equipment, and personnel needed.

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