How Do You Ensure Patient Comfort in Mobile Medical Clinic Vans?

Mobile Medical Clinic Van

It’s normal for patients to experience anxiety when they go to the hospital for any type of medical test or procedure. It can even cause negative emotional and physical symptoms like pain, discomfort, embarrassment, irritability, and stress. It’s important to ensure patient comfort in mobile medical clinic vans so your patients don’t experience these things.

At AVAN Mobility our goal over the past 10+ years has always been to break down barriers to people receiving healthcare with innovative mobile medical vans that are comfortable, secure, and reliable. 

By the end of reading this article, you’ll have a clearer idea of how to make sure patient comfort in mobile medical vans is of the highest caliber. 


Why is patient comfort in mobile medical clinic vans important?

Making sure patients feel comfortable in mobile medical clinic vans is important for a number of reasons. 

Caring environment: The more comfortable the van is, the more patients will feel cared for. A cozy atmosphere puts patients at ease, lowers their stress levels, and relieves their anxiety. 

Positive experiences: A comfortable mobile medical clinic van leads to a more positive experience for patients. The more positive of an experience that a patient has, the more likely they’ll be to seek medical care in the future. Regular and ongoing health checkups are all part of preventative care and they help to detect health issues before they turn into more serious ones. 

Builds trust: Patient comfort builds trust between healthcare providers and patients. When patients trust their healthcare providers, it leads to better communication and more effective healthcare delivery.


How do you balance medical equipment needs with comfort and accessibility?

In the world of healthcare vans, it’s sometimes like putting together a puzzle. You want to make sure you have all the medical gear needed, but you also want the space to stay comfortable and easy to use for both healthcare providers and patients. Let’s dive into the details.


Smart storage solutions

Inside mobile medical vans, patients will find an exam bed where they can relax, and underneath it? That’s where you can store the larger medical equipment. It’s like having a useful compartment that keeps everything ready for action when healthcare providers in your van need it. This way, the important tools are close at hand, but they don’t take up all the space in the van.


Adjustable rear cabinets

But what if your healthcare team needs to reach the end of the exam bed, and those tall cabinets at the back are blocking the way? No problem. Those can be taken out to create some additional space. 

From here, you can get a removable seat installed instead. If healthcare providers prefer a simpler setup, it can just be left open, and they can use a stool. It’s all about giving options and making the van work for different situations.


Privacy curtains

Another nice addition to make patients feel more comfortable are privacy curtains. Privacy curtains can turn the van into two separate compartments. One section could be where healthcare providers do their work, and the other could be for patients’ privacy. These curtains act like a friendly divider, ensuring everyone has their own space to do what they need to do.

Finding the right balance between patient comfort and your organization’s medical equipment needs is about making sure all the pieces fit snugly together. You want your medical gear ready to go, but you also want the space to feel welcoming and comfortable. 


Designs for comfort in mobile medical vans

Ensuring the comfort and accessibility of both healthcare providers and patients within the space of a mobile medical van is at the core of our design philosophy at AVAN Mobility. Here’s a closer look at how you can achieve this.


Multi-functional exam bed layout


Storage unit, exam bed and office space inside Mobile Medical Clinic van


The exam bed in the mobile medical van isn’t just for medical check-ups; it’s a versatile space that serves multiple purposes. Patients can use it as a bench, and it’s also large enough to fit 2-3 individuals sitting down at the same time. This layout maximizes the use of limited space while fostering a social and inclusive atmosphere in the van. 

To boost comfort even more, there are custom cushions that turn the exam bed into a cozy seating area. These also enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the interior van space.


Efficient entry and exit points


Back of a Mobile Clinic Van
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During clinics or busy periods, the mobile clinic design ensures a smooth flow of people. Entry points are through the side doors, while the back doors serve as the exit point. This strategic arrangement reduces any congestion and makes it easy for both healthcare providers and patients to navigate within the confined space. 

The end goal is to maintain an organized and accessible environment. This is especially the case when there’s a continuous influx of people during peak clinic hours.


Clever cabinet utilization

Space optimization is key in a mobile medical van. Floor-to-ceiling cabinets provide healthcare providers with organized storage for important items. When you efficiently use the available space, you ensure that the interior remains clutter-free and functional. This enhances the working environment for healthcare providers and contributes to a seamless and effective healthcare delivery process.



How do you make patients feel more comfortable in mobile medical clinic vans?

Your patients should always feel welcome and comfortable in your mobile medical clinic van. Your team needs to go the extra mile to make the experience positive and inviting because, at the end of the day, it’s all about the health and well-being of your patients. Here are 5 ways you can do that:


1. Inviting atmosphere

Consider making your mobile health van inviting by playing soothing music. Some clinics even set up booths outside to draw people in. These two things help to create a friendly space from the moment patients approach your van.


2. Safety

Mobile medical vans should feel like a safe haven. Nurses don’t need to worry about entering patients’ homes, and this ensures everyone’s safety and privacy. With mobile health vans, healthcare is brought directly to the neighborhoods of your patients in a secure way.


3. Clutter-free and necessary items only

To maintain a comfortable space, keep the floors free of clutter. Only necessary items should be on board to eliminate any unnecessary distractions. It’s all about simplicity and ease.

At AVAN Mobility, the medical-grade aluminum we use in our vans is durable and safe against any chemical being used on it. This guarantees a clean and sterile environment for all users, contributing to a sense of well-being.


4. Customizable for positivity

Our engineering team collaborates with healthcare providers to tailor the van’s interior for the most inviting effect. This includes:

  • Vehicle decal wraps
  • Curtains
  • Speakers
  • Wifi
  • Different color options


5. Safe and comfortable consultations

The layout of our Mobile Clinic Vans allows for easy one-on-one consultations. This ensures that patients can discuss their health in a private, secure, and comfortable setting. 


Your next steps with AVAN Mobility

You most likely made it to this article while researching different mobile medical clinic vans on the market. 

If you’ve made it this far, you now have a better idea of how patients’ comfort levels are maintained while receiving healthcare in these vehicles. 

Our team at AVAN Mobility is constantly striving to improve our mobile medical vehicle solutions. We’re currently developing two different designs that will increase patient inclusivity even further. If you’d like to learn more about the interior of our mobile medical vans, click the button at the end of this article to reach out to us.

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