Who Are the Best Mobile Medical Unit Manufacturers in the U.S.?

Best Mobile Medical Unit Manufacturers in the U.S.

Is your organization finally at the stage where you can begin researching the best mobile medical unit manufacturers in the U.S.? Reaching this milestone is an exciting place to be but you need to proceed with caution. Choosing the wrong manufacturer can result in poor-quality vehicles, regulatory compliance challenges, high maintenance costs, and a tarnished reputation. 

We realize that starting any type of mobile medical program is a tough process. That’s one of the reasons why our team at AVAN Mobility invests a lot of effort into compiling reliable information for organizations like yours. 

We’ve been manufacturing state-of-the-art mobile medical units for over 10 years. We know how important it is to partner with an organization you can trust. Our Ford QVM accreditation shows that we abide by strict standards in the manufacturing industry. 

In this article, you’re going to get a closer look at some of the best mobile medical unit manufacturers in the U.S. If you have any questions along the way, don’t hesitate to scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the button to talk to a commercial mobility expert. 

Let’s look at some of the manufacturers.


Summit Bodyworks

Summit Bodyworks is a company based in Colorado that’s been making special vehicles for over 30 years. They’re really good at turning vans and trucks into mobile medical centers and tool trucks. They have a big facility with 170,000 square feet of space where they work on these projects.

The difference between Summit Bodyworks and other manufacturers is that they also sell tool truck parts. On their website, you can find things like:

  • Grab handles
  • Garment hangers
  • Cash drawers
  • Camera mounts


Here’s a bit more about the types of vehicles they offer:

Mobile clinics: These are like doctor’s offices but on wheels. They can go places where it might be hard for people to get medical care.

Bloodmobiles: Setting up these vehicles ensures people can donate blood safely and comfortably, regardless of their location.

Public safety & law enforcement vehicles: These are specialized vehicles for police and public safety work.

Mobile stores: Imagine a shop that can move. Designing these vehicles enables organizations to directly sell items from them.

Custom solutions: Sometimes, your organization needs something very specific. Summit Bodyworks can make vehicles that fit exactly what’s needed. They make sure to use materials that last a long time and work well, so their vehicles can keep doing their job for years. 


LDV Custom Specialty Vehicles

LDV is located in Wisconsin and makes custom specialty vehicles like trucks and coaches for healthcare that can go almost anywhere. They’ve been building vehicles for over 45 years and know how to make them just right for doctors and nurses to use on the road. LDV has a manufacturing track record of around 30,000 vehicles. 

LDV builds many different kinds of health vehicles. This means they can help lots of different organizations take care of people in many ways. They make each vehicle to match exactly what the healthcare team needs. This is to ensure everything works just right for them.

LDV works with governments and organizations on an international scale. They deliver vehicles all over the world and are an ideal solution for large corporations looking for fully customized vehicles. 

Here is a condensed list of the types of vehicles LDV makes:

Mobile clinics: LDV manufactures a range of mobile clinics for healthcare, vaccination, and outreach.

Dental units: These have all the tools a dentist needs to take care of teeth anywhere.

Mammography and blood donation: These vehicles make it easy for people to get important health checks or donate blood, even if they live far from a hospital.

Bookmobiles: Bookmobiles are mobile libraries that bring books and other library services to communities without easy access to them.

LDV also  manufactures a variety of emergency response vehicles, including:

  • Mobile crime labs
  • DUI units
  • SWAT/rapid response units
  • Mobile command centers
  • Dive trucks 


La Boit Specialty Vehicles, Inc.

La Boit Specialty Vehicles has been making unique vehicles for 40 years. Their vehicles are about creating spaces where doctors, dentists, and vets can help people and animals no matter where they are. They build everything from clinics on wheels to mobile spay/neuter clinics for dogs. 

La Boit Specialty Vehicles makes their mobile units to be durable and easy to use. Let’s take a look at some of their features:

  • Sturdy floors: They start with strong floors made of thick wood and steel so the ride is smooth.
  • Tough walls and roofs: Metal frames on the sides and top ensure safety and regulate the temperature inside, preventing it from becoming too hot or too cold.
  • Easy to clean: Inside, everything is made so your organization can clean it easily and really well, which is important to keep germs away.
  • Quick to set up: The vehicles have special brackets and clamps to secure medical tools quickly.
  • Always powered: There’s a generator that’s easy to access in case of any power outages, so you always have electricity.
  • Help when you need it: If something breaks, you can call La Boit, and they’ll send parts fast. They also have a 12-year limited warranty on the exterior and 5 years on the interior.


Vehicles from La Boit

Mobile medical clinics: La Boit makes different sizes of medical clinics for all sorts of health care, from check-ups to eye tests and even surgeries on the go.

Dental clinics: The company manufactures mobile dental offices with everything needed for dental care in the U.S.

Bloodmobiles: These special vans are designed for safe and comfortable blood donation.

Veterinary clinics: Vet clinics are for taking care of pets and animals.

Command centers: Command centers are for when your organization needs a centralized location that can go anywhere and be ready for any emergency.

La Boit is all about building vehicles that make a difference, with a team that’s proud of helping communities get the care they need, wherever they are.



Odulair is another mobile medical unit manufacturer that specializes in mobile clinics. They started in 1983 because their founder wanted to help people in remote areas see a doctor. Odulair’s president noticed that many of her patients hadn’t seen a doctor in years. Because of the lack of preventative care, a lot of the patients had late-stage disease.

Odulair gets global recognition for aiding in delivering healthcare to people in remote areas. They have a special program in Africa to ensure clinics can travel on rough roads and handle hot weather.

Medical professionals make up Odulair’s team, with many of them delivering healthcare directly from the clinics. Because of their medical background, it has helped them customize the mobile clinics to be more suitable for their patients. 

Odulair also teaches organizations how to start their own health programs. They provide training on how to design specific programs for mobility and clinical needs in communities. 

Here are some of the mobile medical units Odulair makes:

Mobile dialysis units: These units are for providing mobile kidney dialysis treatments. They can be sold, rented, or leased. 

KioskTM clinics: Kiosk clinics are perfect for healthcare programs that don’t need to be changed around often. 

Modular clinics: These are big, stationary clinics for when a community needs a permanent health spot with lots of services.

Disease testing units: Disease testing units can be set up to check for serious diseases like Ebola and Zika Virus.

Mobile surgery units: Doctors can do surgeries right inside these units, helping people get better without them having to travel far.

Mobile behavioral health clinics: These units are all about mental health. Psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, and social workers use them. 


Mission Mobile Medical

Mission Mobile Medical is doing its part in the quest to make sure more than 46 million Americans who have poor access to healthcare are being served. The company is a medical vehicle manufacturer that’s making it easier for healthcare leaders to improve their communities. 

Mission Mobile Medical is also focused on helping the Earth. They use a special process called remanufacturing, which is good for the environment. Each time they fix up a mobile clinic, they stop 26,000 pounds of new materials from being used. They care about saving energy, reducing waste, and working with organizations to give people high-quality healthcare that lasts.

Here are a few of the different types of vehicles that Mission Mobile Medical manufactures:

Mobile medical exam vehicles: These are built with modern finishes and large exam rooms.

Mobile dental clinics: Their mobile dental clinics feature a bathroom, and only take 20 minutes to set up. 

Medication clinics: These come with a safe and secure system that’s designed for people dealing with substance abuse.

Mobile behavioral health clinics: These are special units for mental health needs.

Mobile support vehicles: The support vehicles are for patient transportation, supply runs, and community tours. 


Matthews Specialty Vehicles

Matthews Specialty Vehicles has been manufacturing specialty vehicles for over 30 years. Some of the organizations that use their vehicles include dental clinics, schools, public safety, blood collection organizations, mammography clinics, and healthcare agencies. 

The company offers vehicles that range between 16 ft to more than 45 ft and widths between 96 to 102 inches. They focus on safety, reliability, and durability. When the company was first started, the founder used to fly out customers so they could see the vehicles. This level of customer service has continued to this day in how they customize vehicles for their clients. 

Matthews Specialty Vehicles believes in doing every task correctly or not doing it at all. Sometimes they have an inventory of stock units that can be modified quickly for customers. These units usually sell out very quickly. 

Some of the specialty vehicles they manufacture include:

Mobile medical vehicles: Their mobile medical vehicles come in truck, van, motorhome, or coach format. They can be used for vaccines, dental needs, mammography, behavioral therapy, and vision care. 

Bloodmobiles:  Bloomobiles come in truck, bus, and coach format. They’re for organizations that offer blood donation procedures.

Education vehicles: The education vehicles come in van, truck, coach, and bus format. They can be used as mobile classrooms and libraries.

Public safety vehicles: Lastly, the public safety vehicles are only available in coach and bus format. They can be used as mobile command centers, DUI testing, prison transportation, and for tactical purposes.


Mobile Concepts Specialty Vehicles

Mobile Concepts Specialty Vehicles traces its roots back a few decades to 1956. John Serro had a vision of a compact trailer that seemed to resonate with consumers. The concept was backed by his son-in-law and they grew into a household name.

It wasn’t until 1990 that the company expanded into the fire department industry with its trailers. This enabled the departments to take fire prevention and education to communities. While the company has a strong focus on trailers, it also manufactures specialty vans. 

The company manufactures a variety of vans that organizations can use for:

  • Healthcare
  • Social services
  • SWAT
  • Computer crime
  • Surveillance
  • Communications
  • Transportation


They also manufacture trailers that can be used for:

  • Decontamination
  • Fire prevention/arson
  • Recruitment/marketing
  • Hazmat


Your journey ahead with AVAN Mobility

You most likely landed on this article while searching for the best mobile medical unit manufacturers in the U.S. We hope this information has helped steer you in the right direction.

Keep in mind that at AVAN Mobility, we also specialize in manufacturing mobile medical units. We design and customize 4 different types of mobile medical vehicles that organizations like yours can use for providing top-notch healthcare around the U.S. Take a look at the video below for a sneak peek at how one of our past clients is using the Mobile Clinic Van they purchased from us.



If you’re at the stage where you’re looking for mobile medical unit manufacturers, you’re probably also interested in the cost of these vehicles. Check out our mobile medical van cost article for more information on that. 

You should also take a look at some of our comparison articles to get an even better idea of how some of the manufacturers compare to us. 


Lastly, if you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to click the button below to speak to a commercial mobility expert.


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