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Are you wondering about the differences between CGS Premier and AVAN Mobility? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what each company offers.
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Is your organization looking for a mobile medical van and trying to compare the differences between manufacturers like CGS Premier and us at AVAN Mobility? When you’re in the research phase of looking for a mobile medical van, the wide range of different vendors can make it confusing. All manufacturers do things differently, and CGS Premier is no exception to that.

At AVAN Mobility, we manufacture four different types of mobile medical vans that organizations use for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Providing healthcare to vulnerable communities
  • Providing transportation for clients who don’t require an ambulance
  • Outreach services like housing, mental health, and addiction

In this article, we’re going to highlight some of the differences that set CGS Premier and AVAN Mobility apart. By the end of reading this article, you’ll have a better idea of which mobile medical van manufacturer to consider for your organization’s needs.

Who is CGS Premier?

CGS Premier has been creating custom mobile event trailers and experiential trucks for around 30 years. They’re all about helping companies take their operations on the road. The products manufactured by CGS Premier are mostly used for events and outings for businesses. 

To give you a better idea of where their focus is, CGS Premier has 17 different truck and trailer options. Some of the different types of truck and trailer options they offer are:

  • Box trucks
  • Gooseneck trailers
  • Food trucks
  • Bumper pull trailers
  • RV/coach

Aside from these options, CGS Premier also offers temporary pop-up shops that are geared toward events and marketing; additionally, the company does have a focus on mobile health clinics. Let’s take a closer look at some of the clients that might use their products.

Who uses CGS Premier’s products?

Customers who are looking to pick their advertising up a level will find that CGS Premier will meet their needs. Some of the different uses include:

Exhibitions and events: CGS Premier has what it takes to design vehicles that stand out in populated exhibitions. They design branded exhibits for all types of events.

Vaccinations: Large vaccination sites can use semi-trailers to accommodate people, streamline logistics, and reach different communities.

Retail: Organizations looking for a trailer for a retail pop-up shop will find CGS Premier’s trailers will work for that.

What products does CGS Premier offer?

CGS Premier offers a wide range of different types of mobile health clinics, and this is where they’re a little similar to us at AVAN Mobility. The main difference is that they focus on medical trailers, RVs, and box trucks.

Mobile medical drop trailer: CGS Premier’s medical drop trailer is an all-in-one unit that takes about 20 minutes to set up. The trailer requires a heavy-duty pick-up truck to haul around, and it can be customized depending on client needs. 

Medical EXT: This option is similar to the mobile medical drop trailer that can be customized with exam rooms, sinks, restrooms, and cabinets.

Architect series container: The architect series container is a 12’ x 20’ or 12’ x 40’ shipping container that they can customize with restrooms, sinks, cabinets, and a reception area.

Medical sprinter van: This mobile medical van can be customized depending on the needs of healthcare providers. It includes space for lab work, exams, and it can reach patients in need of care in remote areas.

Mobile box truck: The mobile clinic box truck is a mobile clinic with tall ceilings, lots of storage space, and is customizable to fit the specific needs of organizations. 

RV medical clinic: CGS Premier’s RV medical clinic is another large, customizable medical unit that can be taken on the road to remote communities. It’s ideal for screenings, telehealth, audiology, dental, and general medicine needs. Their RV-style mobile clinics are available in three different options, including a diesel one.

Mobile medical office trailer: CGS Premier customized 53’ semi-trailers into full mobile health clinics that are ideal for drive-thru testing, vaccinations, and other healthcare needs.

Who is AVAN Mobility?

Mobile medical van

At AVAN Mobility, our focus is on helping organizations help their clients by manufacturing mobile medical vans. We have a team of talented people that do their best to design these vans to reduce barriers to healthcare. 

We offer a start-to-finish experience for our clients. The process begins with a discovery phase where we determine if we’re a good fit for your needs. Then, we take a closer look at your organization’s requirements and figure out exactly what features you need in the vehicle. Let’s take a look at who uses our products.

Who uses AVAN Mobility’s products?

Some of the different organizations that can benefit from our mobile medical vans include:

Native reservations: A lot of these communities are located quite far from healthcare centers. We use our mobile medical vans to help organizations provide care right in these communities.

Housing and homeless societies: We work with organizations focused on providing medical attention to the homeless population.

Addictions services: Our mobile medical vans provide an approachable and safe solution for those dealing with addiction. In addition, they avoid the attached stigma of visiting a clinic.

Non-emergency medical transportation: Mobile medical vans are perfect for organizations providing first aid, bloodwork, physical exams, and other non-urgent medical needs.

Industrial safety companies: We also customize mobile medical vans for organizations responding to workplace accidents.

What products does AVAN Mobility offer?

We’re excited to provide you with four different types of mobile medical vans that we can tailor to your needs.

Mobile Clinic Van: Our Mobile Clinic Van is a moving medical clinic that’s built on the Ram Promaster 2500 159″ Wheelbase High Roof model. These vans bring healthcare to faraway and underserved areas. Inside, the setup is like a doctor’s office, with a bed for patients with storage space underneath, and even options for a sink and fridge. The van has a wipe-clean surface and is easy to use, making it a great way to help people who have limited access to healthcare.

Mobile Response Van: Our Mobile Response Van is like an ambulance but is focused on non-urgent medical needs. It has storage areas for medical equipment, flexible seating areas, and an organized layout.

Mobile Outreach Van: Our Mobile Outreach Van is used for organizations providing counseling for mental health and addiction. The van has cabinets that stretch to the ceiling, and mobile office desk space. It also has a sink and a fridge.

Mobile Mitigation Van: The Mobile Mitigation Van is for organizations that provide overdose prevention services. It includes a supervised consumption site, promotes safe injection practices, and helps to prevent overdoses.

What are the biggest differences?

At AVAN Mobility, we offer distinct products and serve specific clients compared to CGS Premier. Our primary focus revolves around mobile medical vans catering exclusively to healthcare needs, while CGS Premier serves a wide array of industries, including those interested in marketing at events. CGS Premier also places a strong emphasis on leasing in comparison to us at AVAN Mobility. 

If you’re looking to market your company at an event, CGS Premier will be the best choice. If the main goal of your program or organization is mobile healthcare, rest assured that we at AVAN Mobility are the right choice.

What’s next?

Mobile Outreach Van

You came to this article wondering what the differences are between CGS Premier and AVAN Mobility. 

The biggest takeaway is that we at AVAN Mobility have a much stronger focus on mobile healthcare in comparison to CGS Premier. Consider us a great choice if your organization focuses on providing mobile healthcare to remote areas in exceptional vehicles.

If your goal is to run a retail pop-up shop or a larger-scale vaccination clinic out of a semi-trailer, CGS Premier is the choice to go with.

Got any more questions on mobile medical vans?  Talk to an expert today.

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