Magnum Mobile Specialty Vehicles vs AVAN Mobility: Product Comparison

Having trouble choosing a mobile medical van for your program or organization? Here, we compare Magnum Mobile Specialty Vehicles to AVAN Mobility.
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Have you been trying to find a mobile medical van for your organization and are researching companies like Magnum Mobile Specialty Vehicles or AVAN Mobility? Finding a mobile medical van for your program or organization can be a frustrating process.

There are various mobile medical van manufacturers in the country, and deciding on one takes research, which also takes time. Each manufacturer does things a little differently, and it always helps to have a guide to help you with your research process.

At AVAN Mobility, we manufacture mobile medical vans and work alongside organizations like: 

  • Native reservations
  • Healthcare providers
  • Outreach support organizations
  • Centers for Independent Living


We know of the frustrations in finding a mobile medical van that fits your exact needs. We’re also aware that there are other companies that provide these vehicles besides us. In this article, we’re comparing Magnum Mobile Specialty Vehicles vs. AVAN Mobility.


What is Magnum Mobile Specialty Vehicles?

Magnum Mobile Specialty Vehicles manufactures vehicles for medical and animal institutions. Some of the products they offer are:

Mobile medical clinics: These are semi-custom mobile medical clinics that come in a wide range of sizes. Some of the size options include:

  • 19 feet
  • 23 feet
  • 25-foot trailer
  • 26 feet
  • 37 feet


Mobile veterinary clinics: Magnum Mobile Specialty Vehicles manufactures various mobile veterinary clinics. These are suitable for preventative health exams and can also double as a full-service clinic for animals.

Some of the size options include:

  • 19-foot veterinary clinic
  • 23-foot veterinary clinic
  • 25-foot veterinary trailer
  • 26-foot veterinary clinic


Mobile spay-neuter mobile workplaces: Magnum Mobile Specialty Vehicles manufactures mobile spay-neuter clinics to get a better grip on animal overpopulation.

The three options available are:

  • 25-foot spay-neuter trailer
  • 26-foot mobile spay-neuter clinic
  • 37-foot mobile spay-neuter clinic


Mobile adoption units: Lastly, Magnum Mobile Specialty Vehicles offers mobile adoption units. These units are used for bringing animals to the public.

  • 26-foot mobile adoption trailer

If you need a van that can handle our furry friends, Magnum is the place for you. However, if you’re doing mobile outreach support for patients of the human variety – AVAN is going to be your one-stop shop.


What is AVAN Mobility?

The goal of our team at AVAN Mobility is to manufacture mobile medical vehicles that are accessible to everyone. These vehicles reduce barriers to healthcare and transportation. Some of the vehicles offered at AVAN Mobility include:

Mobile Outreach Van: The Mobile Outreach Van is a vehicle used by outreach programs to help people in need. It has a unique layout and a clinic inside. The van has cabinets for storage, a desk for office work, a sink, and a fridge. You can change the seating arrangement to fit different needs. The van is a great way to reach and help people who need support in their communities.

Mobile Response Van: The Mobile Response Van is like an ambulance but for less urgent medical needs. It has a stretcher, a power supply, cabinets, and a comfortable space for patients. There are storage areas for special medical equipment and quick access.

Mobile Clinic Van: Our Mobile Clinic Van provides healthcare to people in remote areas. It has a “doctor’s office on wheels” layout and cabinets that stretch to the ceiling. There’s a patient bed, sink/fridge options, and rear heat/air conditioning. 

Mobile Mitigation Van: The Mobile Mitigation Van is designed for programs that offer services like overdose prevention and counseling. The van provides a safe space with clean equipment for supervised consumption, so people can use substances safely. It has private desk areas, storage cabinets, and power outlets. Optional features like sinks and awnings can be added. The van is used to offer supervised consumption services in a safe and controlled way.


What is Magnum Mobile Specialty Vehicle’s process?

The process to get started with your vehicle from Magnum Mobile Specialty Vehicles includes three steps.

1. First, you need to figure out what services you’ll offer and how many people will work in the mobile unit. This means deciding what you’ll do and how many team members you’ll need. You might write down the jobs and count how many workers are needed for each.

2. Next, you have to find out how big the mobile unit should be for your services and the team. To do this, you’ll consider the space needed for the services you offer and make sure there’s enough room for your staff to work comfortably. You can measure the space and see what size fits best. Take a look at some of the links in the section on products offered by Magnum Mobile Specialty Vehicles for more information on the layout and dimensions.

3. After figuring out the size and services, it’s time to create a floor plan. A floor plan is like a drawing that shows where everything will be inside the mobile unit. You’ll decide where each service will be located and where the staff will work. This will help you organize the mobile workplace and make it just right for your needs.


What is AVAN Mobility’s process?

Our process is similar to Magnum Mobile Specialty Vehicles, but there are a few differences along the way.

1. The first step is to learn if AVAN Mobility is the right choice for your program’s mobile medical unit needs. Your AVAN Mobility account executive will ask questions about your program’s goals and budget. This helps both of you decide if AVAN is a good fit for you. If it turns out we can’t provide what you need, that’s okay too.

2. Next, we thoroughly analyze your program’s vehicle requirements to make sure we offer what you need. During a meeting, either in person or virtual, you’ll get to see our AVAN Mobility vehicles and ask questions. We’ll show you various features, like custom medical equipment and accessible floor plan layouts.

Your account executive will recommend the best vehicle for your program, and together, you’ll decide on the configuration that suits your needs. After getting the necessary approvals, you’ll receive a detailed quote to decide if you want to proceed. If you do, you’ll pay a deposit of $40,000 USD and sign paperwork to confirm your order.

3. Once you confirm your order, we’ll build your vehicle according to your specifications. After it’s ready, you’ll make the final payment, and we’ll deliver the van to you. Our customer care team will then provide resources for training and vehicle service to help you get the most out of your AVAN Mobility van.


Key takeaways on Magnum Mobile Specialty Vehicles vs AVAN Mobility

You came to this article because you were undecided on choosing Magnum Mobile Specialty Vehicles or AVAN Mobility for your program or organization’s mobile medical van. 

Finding the perfect mobile medical van for your organization can be a tough job. Let’s take another quick look at what each company offers:


AVAN Mobility

  • At AVAN Mobility, we make vans that are easy for everyone to use, making healthcare more accessible.
  • We have different types of vans like the Mobile Outreach Van, Mobile Response Van, Mobile Medical Van, and Mobile Mitigation Van. Each one is made for different medical needs.
  • Our team works with native reservations, healthcare providers, outreach groups, and centers for independent living.
  • We offer a personalized evaluation to see if our vans fit your goals and budget.
  • Our vans have special features like a clinic inside, storage cabinets, a desk, and sinks/fridges for patient care.


Magnum Mobile Specialty Vehicles

  • Magnum Mobile Specialty Vehicles makes vehicles for the medical and veterinary fields, with options like adoption units, spay/neuter clinics, mobile medical clinics, and veterinary clinics.
  • They have many choices, but some may not be as specific for medical programs as AVAN Mobility’s vans.
  • Magnum Mobility Specialty Vehicles offers many different sizes of vehicles, with some ranging up to 37 feet.



If your organization needs a mobile medical van for any of the following services, choose AVAN Mobility:

  • Overdose prevention
  • Harm reduction
  • Counseling 
  • Non-urgent medical needs
  • Health outreach
  • Supervised consumption


Mobile Clinic Van


Our vans, like the Mobile Mitigation Van for supervised consumption services, are made for specific and focused medical needs.

Magnum Mobile Specialty Vehicles could be good if you need medical or animal services vehicles or want customized clinics or trailers in different sizes.

If you’re still feeling confused about which manufacturer to go with, talk to an expert.

Alternatively, take a look at some of our other articles to steer you in the right direction. 

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