Who Are the Best Mobile Medical Van Manufacturers in New York City? (Review/Ratings)

Mobile Medical Van Manufacturers in NYC

Is your organization in the midst of trying to start a mobile medical program? Sooner or later, you’ll reach the stage where you start researching mobile medical unit manufacturers. Finding the best mobile medical van manufacturers in New York City will prevent you from dealing with issues like:

  • Quality concerns
  • Limited customization options
  • Patient dissatisfaction


Our company, AVAN Mobility, manufactures mobile medical vans and has over a decade of experience in the industry. The last thing we want is for your organization to make the error of choosing the wrong manufacturer. We hope this article will help you make a more informed decision about which manufacturer will work best for your medical program.

In this article, you’re going to learn about 5 of the best mobile medical van manufacturers in New York City. Keep in mind that many manufacturers with the capability to produce such specialized vehicles are often located outside of New York City but serve the NYC area through dealerships, partnerships, or direct client relationships.

We should also highlight that the details mentioned in this article are based on publicly available information sourced from the official websites of each company.

If you have any questions before we dive in, feel free to talk to a commercial mobility expert for more information. 

Mobile medical van manufacturers in New York City

Many mobile medical van manufacturers serve New York City. Let’s take a closer look at some of the popular ones.

1. Craftsmen Industries, Inc.

Let’s start with Craftsmen Industries, Inc., a top player in the world of mobile medical vehicles. They started back in 1982 on Howard Street in St. Louis, MO, mainly selling trailers in the Midwest.

As time went on, Craftsmen Industries noticed their customers wanted more than just trailers. They wanted special changes to make their vehicles stand out for different purposes. So, Craftsmen expanded its services to do everything in-house – designing, engineering, and making modifications.

In 1994, they moved to a bigger facility in St. Charles, Missouri. Seeing their growth, Craftsmen decided to build an even larger 127,000 sq ft facility. Now, based at Elm Point Industrial, they have everything in one place – operations, fabrication, and a team of 200 dedicated members.

Craftsmen Industries focuses on crafting mobile medical vans, coaches, trucks, and trailers. Their products are designed to address many different types of needs, including healthcare. This is especially important for places like New York City, where unique challenges require custom solutions.

Beyond manufacturing vehicles for healthcare, Craftsmen Industries is also involved in crafting:

  • Promotional vehicles
  • Mobile showrooms
  • Mobile kitchens
  • Mobile billboards
  • Mobile water filtration


2. Summit Bodyworks

Summit Bodyworks is another mobile medical van manufacturer that crafts vehicles for organizations in New York City. With over 30 years of experience, they focus on giving their customers top-quality, practical, and creative solutions. 

They’re based in Colorado and work from a big 170,000-square-foot facility where they create, build, and take care of all kinds of specialty vehicles, truck bodies, and custom designs.

Summit Bodyworks is serious about supporting its customers. Their service continues from the beginning of designing the vehicle to long after organizations get it. Like Craftsmen Industries, they’re another company that makes all sorts of different mobile vehicles. Whatever the vehicle, Summit Bodyworks makes sure it’s well-made and pays attention to every detail.

Summit Bodyworks creates platforms, flatbeds, and other truck bodies. They use materials like aluminum rivets and DuraPlate® panels to get the job done. They’re always trying new things but stick to great craftsmanship, smart design, and top quality.

Some of the different vehicles you can get manufactured from Summit Bodyworks include:

  • Mobile classrooms
  • Bookmobiles
  • Dive/rescue trucks
  • Mobile command vehicles
  • Mobile crime labs
  • Mobile DUI vehicles
  • Swat/RDV vehicles
  • Bloodmobiles
  • Mobile eye clinics
  • Mobile imaging vehicles


3. Odulair

With Odulair, you can buy, rent, or lease their vehicles all over the world. They’ve got over 40 types of medical specialties covered with their medical vehicles. They manufacture trucks that convert into hospitals, trailers that become dental clinics, and buses that turn into medical clinics. 

They make everything from mobile field hospitals to mobile family clinics, mobile dialysis units, to mobile ebola stations. Governments around the world trust them for medical vehicles, and organizations like universities and non-profit agencies turn to Odulair for mobile clinics and health vans.

Odulair’s tech is top-notch, and what’s cool is that it’s made by medical professionals for medical professionals. Expect comfy spaces, nice designs, and a smooth traffic flow of patients in their vehicles.

Some of the other vehicles Odulair manufacturers include:

  • Mobile audiology clinics
  • Mobile crisis units
  • Mobile CT vehicles
  • Mobile dialysis unit
  • Mobile emergency rooms
  • Mobile mammography clinics


4. La Boit Specialty Vehicles, Inc.

La Boit Specialty Vehicles Inc. was started by Gil Blais. He used to work in sales in the pharmaceutical industry but switched gears after vets kept inquiring about storage for vehicles during farm calls. So, Gil got creative and handcrafted products for the equine industry. People loved it, and that’s how La Boit Specialty Vehicles Inc. began.

Continuing to listen to small animal vets and supplying products for the equine industry, Gil started making solid vehicles for vet house calls. La Boit began crafting mobile veterinary and spay/neuter clinics, making sure they were tough enough for daily use, not like the recreational RVs. People loved the quality, and the demand grew fast.

Dentists and doctors started to see the sturdiness of La Boit vehicles and wanted in. Gil designed the first 35’ dental clinic, and it was a hit. Orders poured in, and La Boit had to grow to keep up.

After 9/11, law enforcement noticed La Boit’s vehicles being more than they expected. They were at ground zero and La Boit stepped up, creating their first law enforcement command center.

Highlighted La Boit vehicles:

  • Mobile dental vehicles
  • Bloodmobiles
  • Mobile veterinary vehicles
  • Mobile spay/neuter clinics
  • Mobile command centers


Which mobile medical van manufacturer should you choose in New York City?

Are you still puzzled about who the best mobile medical van manufacturer in New York City is? Finally deciding which manufacturer to go with is a tough decision. It involves:

  • Defining your needs
  • Doing research into manufacturers
  • Evaluating customization options
  • Looking at the quality of craftsmanship
  • Budget considerations
  • Considering customer support and warranty
  • Timeline for delivery
  • Service plans
  • Transparent communication


If your industry isn’t solely focused on mobile healthcare, many of the options we’ve talked about above are good choices. If mobile healthcare is the only thing you’ll be offering, then another option to consider is our mobile medical vans at AVAN Mobility

At AVAN Mobility, mobile medical vans are all we specialize in. We manufacture 4 types of mobile medical vans that organizations like yours can use for many purposes. The question you have to answer for yourself is if you’re looking for a manufacturer that’s a jack of all trades but a master of none, or a manufacturer that is a master of one.


Your next steps in finding the right mobile medical van manufacturers in New York City


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Transparency is important to us at AVAN Mobility. Even if you don’t end up choosing a manufacturer like us, we want you to make the right decision. If you have any questions regarding our mobile medical vans, don’t hesitate to click the button below to contact one of our experienced commercial mobility experts today.

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