Cabot Coach Builders vs. AVAN Mobility

Are you having trouble deciding which manufacturer to go with for your mobile medical van? In this article, we compare Cabot Coach Builders vs. AVAN Mobility.
Mobile overdose prevention interior layout

Are you having trouble deciding which mobile medical van company to do business with? Choosing the wrong company can lead to issues with your vehicle, such as:

  • Frequent breakdowns
  • Lack of customization
  • Poor interior design layouts


These issues can result in delays in your organization being able to offer medical assistance to those in need. It can also cause financial losses due to increased maintenance costs, and end up wasting your valuable time.

At AVAN Mobility, we understand that the process of finding the right mobile medical van company can be frustrating. We have a rich history of innovation and have helped hundreds of clients find the right mobile medical vans for their needs. We do this by fully customizing each van with the right equipment and layout that’s specific to the organization. 

Additionally, we understand that we might not be the right choice for everyone. That’s why we’re committed to showing you all the available options.

After reading through the comparison between Cabot Coach Builders vs. AVAN Mobility, you’ll have a better idea about:

  • The vehicles that Cabot Coach Builders offers
  • Our vehicles at AVAN Mobility
  • Which company is better for what purpose


Who is Cabot Coach Builders?

Cabot Coach Builders is a company that specializes in building custom vehicles, particularly luxury limousines and other high-end transportation solutions. The company was founded in 1983 and has been recognized for its technical innovation in the transportation industry. They’re known for being the first to develop various types of vehicles, such as the purpose-built Hybrid Electric Livery Vehicle and a Cadillac XTS limousine running on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). 

They have a strong focus on:

  • Luxury RVs
  • Limousines
  • Mini Coaches
  • Specialty vans


Vehicles from Cabot Coach Builders

Cabot Coach Builders offers four different categories of vehicles that are geared toward different purposes. 



You’ll find three types of Mercedes-Benz Sprinters from Cabot Coach Builders: The TravelAll 19, 21, and 24. These RVs are for those looking to travel in luxury. 

The RVs come with:

  • Fully equipped kitchens
  • Hardwood cabinetry
  • Upgraded suspension
  • Smart integration system



Example of limo


Cabot Coach Builders offers Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and Ford Transit limousines. Both of these limousines include features that are designed to provide a luxurious driving experience for up to 14 passengers in the Ford Transit limousine and 16 passengers in the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter limousine.

The company also offers 9 legacy limousines that range between 70 and 120 inches in length with varying features to meet the needs of the luxury transportation market.


Mini coaches

There are a total of 9 mini coaches that Cabot Coach Builders has available for customization and purchase. 6 of them are Mercedes-Benz Sprinters, and 3 of them are Ford Transit Vans. 

Their mini coach line of vehicles is ideal for 

  • Airport transfers
  • Sightseeing tours
  • Sports teams and events
  • Corporate transportation
  • Commuter services


Mobile specialty vans

Another category of vehicles that Cabot Coach Builders offers is mobile specialty vans. They offer 9 types of mobile medical vans, 3 different public safety vans, 2 mobile workspace vans, and 4 community outreach vans.

Here is a closer look at the vans they offer:


Mobile medical vans Public safety vans Mobile workspace vans Community outreach vans
Sprinter Medical Lab Sprinter Swat Rapid Deployment Custom Sprinter Van Sprinter Community Outreach
Sprinter Exam Sprinter Mobile Vip Command Custom Transit Van Transit Community Outreach Retreat
Sprinter Walk-Up Vax Transit Mobile Communication   Community Outreach Mobile Hub
Transit Community Outreach     Transit Wic Outreach
Transit Mobile      
Transit Mobile Medical Lab      
Sprinter Medical Lab + Staff      
Transit Wic Outreach      
Custom Mobile Medical Vans      


Two of the specialty vans from Cabot Coach Builders that are most similar to ours at AVAN Mobility are the Transit WIC Outreach and Custom Mobile Medical Vans.


Transit WIC Outreach

The Transit WIC Outreach Van is designed to provide women, infants, and children (WIC) services. It has an organized layout, a good power system, and offers the assistance that women, infants, and children need.


Custom Mobile Medical Vans

The Custom Mobile Medical Vans from Cabot Coach Builders are built using either the Mercedes Benz Sprinter or Ford Transit, tailored to suit specific regional and operational needs. 

These vans come with various customizable features, such as:

  • Workstations
  • Rear lifts
  • Easy entry doors
  • Awnings
  • Refrigeration
  • Tested seating
  • Video and data communication systems
  • Remote power supplies to run equipment during field operations


Who is AVAN Mobility?

Mobile Medical Van


At AVAN Mobility, we want to help organizations like yours help others. After over a decade in the industry and having customized hundreds of mobile medical vans for our clients, it’s fair to say we’re a leader in the industry. 

We’re a friendly and supportive team that loves to tackle challenges and improve our processes every day. 

Our main focus is on mobile medical vans and we offer four specialized options:


Vehicles from AVAN Mobility

We’ve got fewer vehicles than Cabot Coach Builders in total, but the ones we do have are hyperspecialized to healthcare.

Let’s take a closer look at the vehicles we offer at AVAN Mobility.


Mobile Outreach Van

The Mobile Outreach Van, built on the Ram Promaster 2500 159″ Wheelbase High Roof model, is an important tool for outreach programs. These programs offer vital services to those in need, like overdose prevention, healthcare, counseling, and housing support. The Mobile Outreach Van combines transportation and a clinic space which makes services more accessible.


Key features of the Mobile Outreach Van

Versatile interior: The Mobile Outreach Van is equipped with floor-to-ceiling storage cabinets, a mobile office desk space, a sink, a fridge, and overhead storage.

Flexible seating: The AutoFloor system allows seats and wheelchairs to be arranged in different layouts, ensuring comfort for all riders.

Clean and safe: The van’s wipe-clean seats and medical-grade storage ensure a tidy and hygienic environment.

Power supply: The van is equipped with conventional outlets, 12V plugs, and USB ports to keep devices charged.


Mobile Response Van

The Mobile Response Van is also known as the Mobile Response/Non-Emergency Mobile Medical Van. Like the Mobile Outreach Van, it’s also built on the Ram Promaster 2500 159″ Wheelbase High Roof model. It’s designed to offer medical care for non-urgent situations and transportation needs, similar to an ambulance but without critical life support equipment.


Key features of the Mobile Response Van

Aluminum cabinet layouts: The van comes with strong aluminum cabinets that are set up to meet the requirements of medical transportation. They have slider openings for easy access to supplies.

Stretcher and attendant seating: This van can be customized for stretcher transport with removable attendant seats on wheels. The stretcher can be securely attached to the floor, and the seating arrangement can be adjusted using the AutoFloor system.

Medical equipment storage: The van has special storage spaces for quick access to medical equipment, such as spine boards, first responder kit bags, first aid kits, AEDs, defibrillators, and oxygen bottle holders.

Clean and simple environment: The van offers a clean and organized space with access through both rear doors. There’s plenty of storage for equipment and enough room for a full-size stretcher and seating.

Power and air distribution: The rear of the van allows you to control air distribution and includes conventional outlets, light switches, 12V plugs, and a power control panel.


Mobile Clinic Van

Our Mobile Medical Clinic Van is designed to help reduce health disparities in vulnerable and remote areas by bringing medical services to the people who live there. Patients no longer need to worry about traveling to a clinic. The key to a successful health outreach program is having the right setup for the mobile medical clinic van.


Key features of the Mobile Clinic Van

Medical office on wheels: The mobile clinic van has a setup like a “doctor’s office on wheels” with floor-to-ceiling cabinets and a patient bed that has storage underneath.

Fridge/sink: It offers options for a sink and fridge, power supply, and rear heat & air conditioning, making it clean and comfortable.

Flexible layouts: The van’s layout can be customized to look like a real doctor’s office for one-on-one consultations and counseling.

Office space:  The mobile office space in the van has a rolling office chair, a desk, and overhead storage for equipment and supplies.


Mobile Mitigation Van

Mobile Mitigation Vans are important in programs that help with overdose prevention, harm reduction, and mobile health services. These vans provide a safe and private space with clean equipment. They act as mobile supervised areas where people can use drugs safely, preventing the spread of diseases and reducing the risk of overdoses. 

The vans have floor-to-ceiling storage for medical supplies, private desk areas for clients, and mobile office space for administrative tasks. 


Key features of the Mobile Mitigation Van

Privacy: Our Mobile Mitigation Van features private desk areas with chairs, privacy panels, and electrical outlets. It also has a secure partition between the driver and rear compartments for privacy.

Storage:  It has plenty of storage for medical equipment and supplies, with additional overhead storage.

Comfort: It has rear heat and air conditioning for a comfortable environment.


Which company should you choose?

When deciding between Cabot Coach Builders and AVAN Mobility, consider your organization’s specific needs. Cabot Coach Builders is perfect for those seeking luxury transportation with custom RVs, limousines, and specialty vans. Their vehicles have high-end features like fully equipped kitchens, making them great for upscale travel.

If your organization focuses on mobile healthcare solutions, we at AVAN Mobility are the way to go. We specialize in building medical vans for outreach, response, clinics, and overdose prevention. Our vans come with essential medical equipment and provide a clean and comfortable environment for patients in remote areas.


Need more help on making the right choice?

Outreach Van
Mobile Outreach Van


You found this article while researching the differences between mobile medical can companies.

Now that you know more about what Cabot Coach Builders and us at AVAN Mobility offer, we hope you’ll have an easier time deciding on what solution is best for your organization. 

Remember, if the goal of your organization is solely on mobile healthcare to vulnerable populations, then you can trust us at AVAN Mobility to provide vehicles for exactly that. 

If your goal is on a vehicle that emphasizes luxury more than anything else, then Cabot Coach Builders is a suitable option for you. 

If you’re still not sure what to pick, consider reaching out to an expert

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