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Looking for more information on the differences between Mission Mobile Medical vs. AVAN Mobility? In this article, learn all about these two manufacturers.
Mobile Medical Clinic Van

Is your organization on the search for a mobile medical van, and you’re not sure which company to go with? Comparing the differences between Mission Mobile Medical vs. AVAN Mobility can be a frustrating task if you don’t know much about this industry. Not knowing the differences can also potentially cause your organization to make the wrong choice, which can be costly.

At AVAN Mobility, we manufacture mobile medical vans for organizations that want to help people by providing mobile healthcare services. We offer a start-to-finish process that starts with a simple phone call, all the way to delivering a mobile medical van to your doorstep and handing you the keys. Our company’s commitment is to explain every part of the industry, ensuring customers can choose the right course of action for themselves.

In this article, you’ll learn about the differences between Mission Mobile Medical vs. AVAN Mobility. By the end of the article, you’ll have a better idea of which mobile medical van manufacturer will suit your needs the best. Keep in mind that information presented in this article is based on publicly available information from competitor websites and its objective is just to inform you, not provide an opinion.


What is Mission Mobile Medical?

Mission Mobile Medical is a company that’s dedicated to improving access to healthcare for the most vulnerable populations. They have the goal of closing healthcare gaps in an easier, faster, and better way than it’s currently being done. Mission Mobile Medical focuses on connecting organizations with grant-makers in order to get their mobile clinic designs up and running.


What options does Mission Mobile Medical have?

Mission Mobile Medical focuses its efforts on manufacturing mobile medical vehicles on the Winnebago and Thor Industries chassis. They have three specific mobile medical clinic options that you can choose from.


Example of mobile medical Winnebago
Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay


Single-Exam mobile medical clinic

The Single-Exam mobile clinic by Mission Mobile Medical is a small, portable medical facility designed to provide essential healthcare services conveniently and efficiently. It’s built on a 24-foot platform, which is just a little longer than a sprinter van.

Quick setup for immediate care: With the Single-Exam mobile clinic, the company mentions that it takes just 60 seconds to set up this mobile clinic. 

Spacious rooms for comfortable care: Even though it’s compact, the Single-Exam mobile clinic offers some fairly large-sized rooms. 

Optimized layout for efficiency: The mobile clinic is designed smartly to make the most of its limited space. It has a small lab area and plenty of storage for medical equipment and supplies. 

Full bathroom: The Single-Exam mobile clinic is equipped with a half bathroom, complete with a sink and a toilet. This is great for both patients and medical staff, as they have access to essential facilities during medical visits, keeping things clean and comfortable.

Modern: The Single-Exam mobile clinic has a modern look with contemporary finishes.


Dual-Exam mobile medical clinic

The Dual-Exam mobile medical clinic has all of the same features listed above in the Single-Exam mobile medical clinic. The biggest differences are that it’s much larger, standing at 38 feet in length. With the extra room in this mobile medical clinic, it’s geared toward serving twice as many patients as the Single-Exam one.


Flex Single-Exam mobile medical clinic

The Flex Single-Exam mobile medical clinic is 29 feet long and is a combination of both of the above clinics in one flexible package. Due to its smaller size, it’s easier to drive than the Dual-Exam mobile medical clinic. It also comes with a medical fridge and freezer, and the same spacious rooms, bathrooms, and finishes that the Single-Exam and Dual-Exam options come with. 


What is AVAN Mobility?

At AVAN Mobility, we also manufacture mobile medical clinics to help the vulnerable populations around the U.S. The main difference between us and Mission Mobile Medical is in our approach. We use four different types of vans that are built on the Ram Promaster 2500 159″ Wheelbase High Roof model. Each of our van options is a little more focused and specialized depending on your organization’s needs. Let’s take a look at the mobile medical van options we offer.


Mobile Outreach Van

The Mobile Outreach Van is an outreach vehicle that can help your organization provide important services to people in need. In this van, your organization can offer services like:

  • Overdose prevention
  • Mental health support
  • Harm reduction
  • Addictions counseling

The van is designed with various features, such as storage cabinets, a desk area, a sink, and a fridge. It also has removable seats to make space for wheelchairs or different layouts as required.

The Outreach Van is flexible and can be adapted to transport both your staff and clients comfortably. The seats are easy to clean and suitable for medical use. The van also comes with a mobile office space, equipped with a rolling chair, desk, and storage for records and equipment. The interior is kept clean and organized, making it easier for healthcare professionals to work efficiently.


Mobile Response/Non-Emergency Van

Our Mobile Response/Non-Emergency Van is like a simplified ambulance designed to help with non-emergency medical needs and transportation. The goal of these vans is to provide non-urgent medical needs and transportation.

It has features such as aluminum cabinets, designated storage for medical equipment, and a flexible floor system.

The van can be set up to carry a stretcher and has custom seating arrangements for attendants. It also has special storage areas for quick access to medical equipment like first aid kits, oxygen bottles, and defibrillators.

The interior is kept clean and organized, making it efficient for medical professionals to work. The van also has power outlets, air conditioning, and heating controls at the rear.

There are additional options available, like oxygen bottle holders and a cab divider for patient privacy, to tailor the van to your program’s specific needs.


Mobile Medical Clinic Van


Mobile medical van
Interior of a mobile medical van


The Mobile Medical Clinic Van is like a moving doctor’s office that brings healthcare to places where people have a hard time getting medical help. It’s meant to help those who live far away or in vulnerable situations, such as:

  • People living in remote rural areas without nearby medical facilities
  • Individuals residing in isolated communities with limited transportation options
  • Homeless individuals who lack access to regular medical care


Our company designs the van with everything needed for medical services, including cabinets for supplies, a bed for patients, and even a sink and fridge. It’s like having a small office on wheels for one-on-one consultations and counseling.

Our engineers ensure the van is clean and welcoming, with easy-to-clean surfaces and bright lights inside. It’s also equipped with power outlets to allow your medical team to use equipment.

There’s a fridge for storing medicine and vaccines, and a sink for hygiene purposes during checkups.


Mobile Mitigation Van

The Mobile Mitigation Van is a vehicle that helps people with overdose prevention, harm reduction, and counseling. It has a safe and private space with clean equipment for injections, promoting safety and preventing infections.

There are desk pods for client privacy and an office area for healthcare workers. The van has cabinets for medical supplies, and everything is easy to clean and well-lit.

There are also options for extra power supply and features like a sink, a divider for privacy, and an awning outside the van.


AVAN Mobility Mission Mobile Medical
Mobile Outreach Van Single-exam mobile medical clinic
Mobile Response/Non-Emergency Van Dual-exam mobile medical clinic
Mobile Medical Clinic Van Flex-single exam mobile medical clinic
Mobile Mitigation Van  


What clients does Mission Mobile Medical work with?

Mission Mobile Medical has a variety of clients they work with, including:

  • Hospitals
  • Behavioral health centers
  • Federal and state agencies
  • Clinical trial networks
  • Not-for-profit organizations
  • Academic institutions


What clients Does AVAN Mobility work with?

At AVAN Mobility, some of the clients we work with are:

  • Indigenous and Native reservations
  • Housing and homeless societies
  • Addictions services
  • Non-emergency response services
  • Hospitals
  • Behavioral health centers
  • Not-for-profit organizations


What is the process to get started with Mission Mobile Medical?

Step 1: Find a group of leaders who want to help your organization’s mission and cares about making a positive difference. They’ll work together selflessly to support your cause.

Step 2: Talk to Mission Mobile Medical to learn about buying or leasing equipment, getting services, hiring staff, and getting technical help. They have valuable information and can assist you.

Step 3: Pick the clinic program that suits your organization’s goals. You will receive help from Mission Mobile Medical experts to initiate the process, enabling a smooth start to your mission.

Step 4: Start your mission with the help of Mission Mobile Medical. They provide support and resources, so you can focus on serving your community and making a positive impact.


What is the process to get started with AVAN Mobility?

Step 1: Begin by exploring if our team at AVAN Mobility is the right choice for your organization’s needs. It helps to share your program’s goals and budget with an account executive during this step. This helps you both determine if our services align well with your organization. 

Step 2: Move on to a thorough needs analysis for your program’s vehicles. We want to ensure that the options we discuss fit your specific needs. You’ll have the opportunity to see our vehicles in person or virtually and ask questions. 

You can discover the unique features of our AVAN Mobility vehicles, such as custom medical equipment, ramps, and accessible floor plans. After getting approvals, you’ll receive a detailed quote from us. It’s your call to move forward or not. If you choose to proceed, a deposit of USD $40,000 secures your order.

Step 3: Once you confirm your vehicle order, we’ll start building it for you. When the vehicle is ready, we’ll request the final payment, and then it’s time for delivery. Your van will be on its way to you! After receiving your van, our customer care team will be in touch with resources for training and vehicle service to support your journey.


Mission Mobile Medical vs. AVAN Mobility: Who to choose?


overdose prevention van rear opening


As you can see, there are a variety of similarities and differences between us at AVAN Mobility and Mission Mobile Medical. After reading this article, remember to keep in mind the types of vehicles offered as the biggest difference. Mission Mobile Medical uses the Winnebago or Thor Industries chassis, while we use the Ram Promaster. 

Additionally, our mobile medical vans at AVAN Mobility are more focused and specialized on certain healthcare services instead of just a one-vehicle-fits-all type of solution. Their smaller size also makes them work better for navigating remote areas and crowded cities. 

If your organization needs a specialized and customized mobile medical van to serve a target group of vulnerable people, AVAN Mobility is the choice to go with. 

If your organization requires an RV-style mobile clinic that focuses on space more than anything else, Mission Mobile Medical is a good option.

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