What Are the Payment Options for Mobile Medical Vans?

Learn about the payment options for mobile medical vans at AVAN Mobility. There are electronic payment, leasing, and financing options available.
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Are you trying to figure out payment options for mobile medical vans? Not knowing the payment options upfront can lead to:

  • Lack of trust in a mobile medical van manufacturer
  • Frustration about how your organization should pay for its mobile medical van
  • Potential errors in managing payments


At AVAN Mobility, we manufacture mobile medical vans and try to be as transparent as possible in our pricing and payment options. As you’re in the purchasing process for a mobile medical van, you’ll be assigned an account executive that will answer any questions you have along the way.

In this article, you’re going to learn about the common payment options for mobile medical vans. You’ll also learn about how payment works with a grant and more.


Common payment options for mobile medical vans

At AVAN Mobility, we offer a couple of payment options to make the process smooth and convenient for you.

When purchasing our mobile medical vans, the common payment options available are:

Electronic payment: At AVAN Mobility, electronic payment stands as the most popular and widely used payment method. Customers frequently opt for this convenient and secure option to complete their transactions with ease.

Check payment: We accept payments through cheques. You can write a check for the required amount and send it to our designated address. 

Wire transfer: Another payment option available is through wire transfer. You can transfer the funds directly from your bank account to our designated bank account. Our team will provide you with the necessary details to complete the transfer securely.

It’s important to note that we have a deposit requirement of $50,000 to initiate the order.


Can I pay for my mobile medical van with cash?

We don’t recommend cash as a payment method for mobile medical vans. Electronic payments are preferable for a variety of reasons:

Easy and quick: Electronic payments, like using a credit/debit card or digital wallet, are easy and fast. 

Safe and secure: Encrypted technology makes your money and personal information safe when paying electronically. This technology is used to keep data protected from being stolen or compromised. 

Get instant receipts: When you pay electronically, you get instant receipts and confirmations. There’s no waiting around for a receipt to be sent to you.

Trackable: Electronic payments make it easy to keep track of when you’re paying for your mobile medical van. 


Can I pay with a mobile platform or app?

Right now, we don’t have any specific mobile payment apps that we commonly use for payments for our mobile medical vans.

Why don’t we use them?

We like to keep things easy for everyone. Using specific payment apps can make things complicated for those who aren’t familiar with them. Not everyone will have the same apps on their phones. Some apps only work on certain devices and can require an internet connection, and that can cause issues. We want to avoid any troubles you might face while paying.


Are there any legal rules for payment options for mobile medical vans?

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There are no official laws or rules from the government about payment options for mobile medical vans. 

All you need to know is:


1. Deposit first

When you decide to get a mobile medical van from us AVAN Mobility, we’ll ask for a deposit upfront. This is like a down payment.

The down payment is only refundable under specific circumstances that are reviewed by management and the customer. 

It requires two documents that need to be signed: 

Sales agreement: The sales agreement has all of the legal terms and conditions of the new mobile medical van.

Proforma invoice: The proforma invoice shows the build specifications, including pricing.


2. Final payment before shipping

Before we ship the van to you, you’ll need to make the final payment. This means paying the remaining amount for the van.

That’s it!

No need to stress about any complicated regulations. 


Leasing and financing options for mobile medical vans

There are leasing and financing options available for your mobile medical van. Let’s take a closer look at that.



Leasing refers to renting a mobile medical van until you buy it outright or return it to the leasing partner after the lease period. If you’re considering leasing, discuss this with your account executive at AVAN Mobility.

There are several benefits of leasing a mobile medical van:

Lower upfront costs: When you lease a mobile medical van, you don’t need to pay the full price upfront. Instead, you make smaller monthly payments, making it easier on your budget.

Preserve cash flow: Leasing helps you preserve your cash flow. You can use the money you save for other important things, like getting medical equipment or expanding your services.

Upgrade flexibility: With a lease, you have the option to upgrade to a newer model or a different van after the lease period ends. This means you can keep up with the latest advancements in medical technology.

Tax advantages: Lease payments can be tax-deductible as a business expense, giving you potential tax advantages and reducing your overall tax burden.

Depreciation: When you own a van, its value decreases over time due to depreciation. With a lease, you don’t have to worry about the van’s resale value, as you return it at the end of the lease term.

Repairs and maintenance: Lease agreements include maintenance and repair coverage, saving you from unexpected expenses and ensuring your van stays in top shape.

Try before you commit: Leasing gives you the chance to try out the mobile medical van before committing to a long-term purchase. If you love it, great! If not, you have other options.



Financing means getting a loan. Your account executive will help you connect with a third-party financing party, who will explain everything in simple terms.

There are a couple of benefits to financing a mobile medical van:

Equity: As you make regular monthly payments towards the van’s purchase, you build equity in the asset. Over time, the van becomes an asset for your organization, increasing your net worth.

Long-term investment: Financing allows you to spread the cost of the van over a longer period, making it a manageable investment for your program or organization.

Flexibility: With ownership, you have the freedom to use the van as you wish, without any limitations or restrictions (such as those on mileage) imposed by a lease agreement.

Customization options: Since you own the van, you have the flexibility to customize it to your client’s specific medical needs, ensuring it’s perfectly equipped for your purposes.


How does payment work with a grant?

If you have a grant to acquire a mobile medical van from AVAN Mobility, rest assured that the payment process is designed to be smooth and hassle-free. 

Here’s how it works:


Grant funding from the government or other entity

The grant funds will be provided by the government or the entity supporting your organization as the end user. These funds are specifically allocated to help you purchase the mobile medical van.


Filtering down to the end user

Once the grant is approved, the funds will filter down from the funding entity to you, the end user. This means you’ll have access to the money allocated for the mobile medical van.


Payment to AVAN Mobility

With the grant money now in hand, you can easily pay AVAN Mobility for the mobile medical van. You’ll use the funds you received through the grant to cover the cost of the van, making the payment process seamless and straightforward.


Your next steps


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In this article, you learned more about the various payment options at AVAN Mobility. 

At AVAN Mobility, electronic payment methods are the most straightforward and suitable option, ensuring security and a swift transaction process every step of the way. If you still have any questions on payment options for your organization’s next mobile medical van, talk to an expert today.

Alternatively, take a look at some of our other articles for more information.


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