A Mobile Medical Unit Success Story of Community Health Transformation

Community Health Transformation

Ready for a success story of community health transformation?

Imagine living in an area so remote that getting to a doctor for healthcare feels like an endless journey. Unfortunately, many people living in isolated areas struggle with finding reliable access to healthcare. This can lead to delayed or missed diagnoses, worsening health conditions, and preventable hospitalizations.

Overcoming barriers and saving lives is what keeps us going at AVAN Mobility. We manufacture 4 types of mobile medical units so organizations like yours can help people dealing with some of the problems we mentioned above. 

In this case study, you’re going to get a glimpse of a community that transformed its healthcare programs and services with a mobile medical unit.


The Blood Tribe community’s challenge with healthcare

The remote location of the Blood Tribe community made it a real challenge for people trying to access healthcare services. In their community, not everyone has a car or a bus to hop onto for a quick visit to the clinic. That’s where Kash Shade, the health director at the Blood Tribe’s health department, saw a gap that needed filling. 

He stated:


“Our community, the Blood Reserve, is the largest geographical reserve in our country, so transportation is obviously a major barrier for a lot of our clients. A lot don’t have access to transportation.”


The birth of a brilliant solution: The mobile medical van


Mobile Medical Clinic Van


So, what do you do when folks aren’t able to find transportation for healthcare? You bring healthcare to them! Kash chatted with our team, and together we explored the idea of a mobile medical unit. The mobile medical unit is a clinic on wheels that’s ready to zip across the community to where it’s needed most.

In 2020, Kash Shade added accessible medical transportation to their community. From that point forward, it was there to:

  • Safely transport people to medical appointments
  • Nurse them at home
  • Provide emergency transportation
  • Offer sexual health support
  • Deliver COVID-19 vaccines


Kash shared the excitement:


“This is really where the Medical Van has been a great benefit to have for our community. Without getting into too much of those other programs, it really does complement those services nicely.” 


The confidentiality of a mobile medical unit

One of the great qualities of a mobile medical unit is privacy and confidentiality. This is especially important when you live in a tight-knit community. A mobile medical unit prevents you from having to go to a busy and crowded clinic where other people in the community can recognize you. 

A mobile medical van provides an extra layer of discretion when you need to go to a clinic for help with something of a more personal nature. “The sexual health program is very stigmatized for anyone having to go into a sexual health clinic and be visible. Especially being a tight-knit community, even though we are so widespread,” Kash pointed out.


Improved accessibility to medications

During times when gathering in groups was risky during the pandemic, the van showed its true colors. It safely carried medicines from place to place, ensuring that everyone got what they needed. 

Kash explained how important the van was for maintaining health and safety during this time:


“It is manned by a 3-nurse team. They use the medical van to deliver opioid therapy medication like from pharmacies on reserve and off-reserve partners. The nurses pick up the medicine and deliver it to community members who do not have access to transportation. With help from the Nursing team and the vehicle, we can offer that service to those clients.” 


The layout of the mobile medical van


Mobile Medical Clinic Unit interior with storage, bed, and office space


The mobile medical van is equipped to be like a mini-clinic. It allows health workers to perform tasks you’d usually need a hospital for, right in people’s communities. It changed the game for the Blood Tribe community, especially for those who found traveling tough, like the elderly or those with mobility issues. 

Kash pointed out: 


“Because of the awesome layout of the unit, they are able to add on extra nursing services that are not available through the home care program, such as phlebotomy and blood work. It is a big benefit for elders or anyone with mobility issues, on top of the transportation issues.”


Mobile medical vans are versatile vehicles for a healthy future

What makes the mobile medical van truly special is its flexibility. It quickly adapts to the community’s changing needs, like rolling out COVID-19 vaccinations. In the Blood Tribe community, the van was there, ready and equipped, to make sure no one was left behind. 

Kash mentioned, “They did give out COVID vaccines through the van to catch those groups that weren’t coming to our main clinic because of transportation and mobility issues.”


The road ahead: Expanding the van’s mission

The success story of the mobile medical van in the Blood Tribe community is far from over. Plans are in motion to extend its services to mental health and addiction, which are areas where the community feels a growing need. This expansion reflects the van’s potential to bridge gaps in care, providing a confidential space for those seeking support.

Kash’s advice is helpful for other communities who are also considering a mobile health solution.


“Really, we see it as an extension of our physician clinic and a treatment room. It’s really like you’re bringing the clinic to the client. I really feel it’s a tool for every single health service within our Health Department, just mobilized within the community.”


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Mobile Clinic Vehicle
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The Blood Tribe community health transformation success story with the mobile medical van is a story of innovation, care, and the power of community. After reading this case study, you learned how a simple idea can transform into a lifeline that makes sure healthcare reaches every corner of a remote community. 

With each mile that a mobile medical van covers, it weaves a stronger web of care and support, proving that where there’s a wheel, there’s a way to health and wellness for all.

At AVAN Mobility, we partner with communities and organizations all over North America to support their healthcare delivery needs. If you have any questions regarding our mobile medical units, feel free to click the button below to connect with a commercial mobility specialist. 

If you’re not at the point where you feel comfortable reaching out yet, we have some more articles that will introduce you to the world of mobile medical vans. 


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