Who Are the Top 5 Mobile Medical Vehicle Manufacturers in Brookhaven, New York? (Review/Ratings)

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Is your organization currently looking into the best mobile medical vehicle manufacturers in Brookhaven, New York? Choosing the wrong manufacturer can lead to a poor-quality vehicle that could damage the credibility of your organization. This could end up impacting your future partnerships and cause your clients and patients to lose trust in your healthcare team. 

At AVAN Mobility, we’re leaders in manufacturing vehicles that make it easier for everyone to get healthcare. We have over ten years of experience, and we’re all about using innovation to break barriers, save lives, and bring dignity to those who face issues accessing healthcare. Each vehicle we manufacture is a symbol of positive change in communities throughout the U.S.

We never want organizations like yours to make a mistake when you’re going through the buyer’s journey of purchasing a mobile medical vehicle. That’s exactly why we’re writing this article. After you’ve finished reading, you’ll have a better idea of who the top mobile medical vehicle manufacturers are in Brookhaven. 


Mission Mobile Medical

Mission Mobile Medical wants to help the 46 million Americans who don’t get enough help from our healthcare system. They believe in making healthcare fair and available for everyone, especially those who need it the most.

Starting mobile clinics can be hard for healthcare leaders. Mission Mobile Medical understands that and is there to help. They connect healthcare centers and partners to make it easier and faster to provide healthcare to communities in need.

Mission Mobile Medical also cares about the planet. They use a process called remanufacturing to make their mobile clinics. This process is like giving old but still decent products a new life. It’s good for the environment and reduces pollution.

Benefits of remanufacturing:

Uses less energy: Saves power during the making of mobile clinics.

Less waste: Stops 26,000 lbs of new materials from being used.

Saves money: Gives a high-quality product at a lower cost.

Mission Mobile Medical manufactures a few different types of mobile clinics:

  • Dual exam mobile medical clinic
  • Dental mobile clinics
  • Single-exam mobile clinics
  • Mobile medication clinics
  • Electric mobile clinics
  • Mobile clinic support vehicles


Some of the different organizations that work with Mission Mobile Medical include:

  • Organizations focused on clinical research
  • County health departments
  • Federally qualified health centers
  • Harm reduction programs
  • Hospital systems


Mobile Concepts Specialty Vehicles

Mobile Concepts Specialty Vehicles initially started off specializing in trailers. The company’s initial trailers were known as the SCOTTY trailers. They featured a 13-ft space with a sink, bed, dinette, and stove. 

Mobile Concepts Specialty Vehicles still have a strong focus on trailers. They’re ideal for organizations needing mobile medical solutions in Brookhaven. 

Here are some of the uses for their trailers below:

  • Recruitment and marketing
  • Hazmat
  • Healthcare
  • Decontamination


Mobile Concepts continued to grow beyond just offering trailers. They also offer motorized solutions for a variety of purposes, including healthcare. 

  • Social and support services
  • Troop transportation
  • Tactical response
  • Communications


Mobile Concepts does more than just make vehicles. They also make containers for living and water purification.


Matthews Specialty Vehicles

Around half a century ago, Robert E. and Justine Matthews kickstarted Matthews Specialty Vehicles in upstate New York. They started off with Thomas Built Buses, focusing on durability and safety. Fast forward to today, the company is now under Brad Matthews, and they have a knack for creating specialty vehicles.

In 1992, Matthews teamed up with Thomas Built Buses and began creating custom vehicles known for quality. Now, they’ve expanded to more than just buses. They’re your go-to for mobile medical solutions in Brookhaven, New York.

Matthews Specialty Vehicles offers several different types of vehicles that include:

Bloodmobiles: These are for blood donation procedures. 

Mobile medical units: Perfect for vaccines, dental care, behavioral therapy, mammography, and eye care.

Educational vehicles: Their educational vehicles include bookmobiles and mobile classrooms.

Safety solutions: They manufacture mobile command centers, DUI testing vehicles, and more.


Summit Bodyworks

Summit Bodyworks has 3 decades of experience in manufacturing specialty vehicles. They have a facility that’s 170,000 sq. ft. in size where they assemble, manufacture, install, and service all of the vehicles. 

They focus on quality and offer a wide range of vehicles that are tailored to different requirements. Some of their vehicles include:

  • Mobile stores
  • Public safety/law enforcement vehicles
  • Mobile medical units
  • Bloodmobiles
  • Mobile clinics
  • Tool trucks


The company stands out in constructing truck/van bodies with precision. They use materials like aluminum riveted sheets and DuraPlate® panels to withstand various environmental challenges. Summit Bodyworks thrives on innovation and is committed to always pushing boundaries and exploring new ideas. 

After you receive your vehicle, your experience doesn’t end there. Their Service department stays committed to ensuring the longevity and performance of your vehicle.


La Boit Specialty Vehicles, Inc.

Gil Blais, the founder of La Boit Specialty Vehicles, initially worked as a pharmaceutical sales rep. Veterinarians kept approaching him and asking for storage for their vehicles so they could perform house calls better. 

This is what prompted him to start building products for veterinarians. He stopped working in the pharmaceutical industry and focused all his efforts on La Boit Specialty Vehicles. While the company did spend most of its time manufacturing mobile vet clinics for that specific industry, it later branched out to making mobile medical and dental clinics. 

Word spread about these dental clinics and orders started to pour in. They also eventually started to branch out into mobile command centers after 9/11 shook the country. 

La Boit’s vehicles feature an all-aluminum cage with industrial strength. This allows healthcare organizations to secure equipment and cabinetry without worrying about it flying everywhere. 

Some of the different vehicles that La Boit manufactures are:

Mobile medical clinics: These range from 22 ft to 40 ft and the company advertises them as being suitable for general wellness, occupational health, mammography, audiology, COVID testing, vision testing, and medical training.

Dental clinics: Lengths ranging from 26 ft to 40 ft.

Bloodmobiles: Ranging from 26 ft to 40 ft.

Veterinary clinics: Ranging from 22 ft to 31 ft.

Spay/neuter clinics: Options in 26 ft and 34 ft.

Mobile command centers: Ranging from 26 ft to 40 ft.


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Mobile Medical Vehicle Manufacturers in Brookhaven
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You came to this article trying to figure out the top mobile medical vehicle manufacturers in Brookhaven. If you’ve read up until this point, we hope you have some more insight into which one you might consider for your mobile medical program. 

At AVAN Mobility, we focus only on one thing – creating mobile medical vans to save lives. After 10+ years of manufacturing one type of vehicle, you tend to get very good at it. It’s like an interior painter who has specialized in nothing but interior painting for a decade. They will typically have more expertise than a painter who does a bit of everything.

If you have any questions about our mobile medical vehicles or anything highlighted in this article, contact one of our commercial mobility experts.

If you’re still not sure which manufacturer to choose, we encourage you to read some of our other articles comparing us to other manufacturers. 

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