The P5 Ram Promaster Wheelchair Van

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P5: Ram Promaster Wheelchair Van

The P5 Ram Promaster wheelchair van is built on the Ram Promaster 3500 159″ EXT Wheelbase High Roof model.

This van gives you flexibility to transport up to 10 riders, 4* wheelchairs, or a combination of both.

The P5 is available with Side Entry or Rear Entry ramp access. It is best suited for mobility transportation providers who are downsizing from a bus to a more flexible solution.

*Depends on wheelchair size and layout.

P5 Ram Promaster Wheelchair Van

P5 Ram Promaster Wheelchair Van
6 Passengers + 2 Wheelchair Layout
Dodge Promaster wheelchair van
8 Passengers + 1 Wheelchair Layout
Promaster wheelchair van
5 Passengers + 3 Wheelchair Layout

AutoFloor Flexible Floor and Seating System

AutoFloor is an innovative floor track and seating system that allows you to configure seats and wheelchairs in the vehicle in different layouts. Your organization can save time and money with an adaptable vehicle that meets any rider needs. AutoFloor is standard with the P4.

  • Wipe-clean transit grade seats
  • Lightweight and removable seats on wheels for easy moving
  • Operators can wheel seats in or out of the van using the ramp
  • Maximum flexibility and efficiency on every ride
  • Customize seating layouts to suit each passenger’s needs
commercial wheelchair vans

Side or Rear Entry Power Wheelchair Ramp

Experience enhanced accessibility with the P5 Ram Promaster Wheelchair Van featuring a side or rear entry power wheelchair ramp. Our heavy-duty transit ramp, supporting up to 1,000 lbs, ensures seamless entry, fostering inclusivity and mobility for all passengers, including wheelchair users.

commercial wheelchair van

Bus-Style Doors and Passenger Entry

The P4 van's unique bus-style door entryway makes it easy for drivers and passengers to enter the van. Drivers have a clear line of sight to the curb, so they can park where riders can load from the curb.

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Flexible Seat and Wheelchair Positions

With AutoFloor, you can customize the seat and wheelchair layout as often as you need. Whether your riders use large wheelchairs or walkers, you can accommodate them all.

Wheelchair restraints in floor track

Wheelchair Securement Systems

A variety of wheelchair securement systems are available. These are compatible with AutoFloor so that you can secure wheelchairs almost anywhere in the van.

P4 Ram Promaster Wheelchair Van

Removable Wipe-Clean Seats

Seats are easy to clean with their transit-grade leatherette material. With the pull of a lever, you can move seats around the van or wheel them out using the ramp.

commercial wheelchair van interior

No Lowered Floor for an Inclusive Rider Experience

The van's floor is not lowered. This means that all passengers sit at the same height, giving wheelchair users good window views. The small details can make a big difference.

Products shown may vary based on availability.

P5 Ram Promaster Wheelchair Van FAQs

No, the P5 does not have a lowered floor. Wheelchair passengers enjoy the view from large windows, instead of being seated below other passengers with limited visibility.

The P5 accommodates up to 4* wheelchairs, up to 10 ambulatory passengers, or a combination of both. Up to 10 persons can ride in the vehicle at one time. Wheelchair capacity depends on the size and layout.

AutoFloor is used in every AVAN Mobility full size van conversion. It provides you flexibility for seat and wheelchair positions. You can easily accommodate different mobility devices with the ability to move seats around within minutes. Without AutoFloor, you are not able to customize floorplans.

How to purchase this van for your organization

This vehicle is manufactured in Canada and distributed to organizations across the USA. Contact our team using the form to get started today.

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