A Complete Breakdown of the Cost of Wheelchair Accessible Vans in the U.S.

In this article, you'll learn how much a wheelchair accessible van costs, and what factors can drive that cost up or down.
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Budgeting for replacing or adding a new accessible vehicle can be a difficult process. Even more when you are not familiar with how much a Wheelchair Accessible Van cost.

An accessible van isn’t cheap (and if it is, that should raise some alarm bells). You need to know a price range to budget for if you want to afford a new wheelchair accessible van in 2024. 

But, there isn’t much information online about the process of buying and converting a van, which makes it hard to find out how much a wheelchair accessible van actually costs. 

The truth is, it’s a tough question to answer. 

Wheelchair accessible vans are available in many different options (such as full size vans, minivans, or even conversion buses) that may or may not be right for your community or organization. 

And that’s why you’re here. When you’re in the market for a wheelchair accessible van, you need to understand what factors can affect the cost. 

This is because the more educated you are, the easier the decision-making process will be. You’ll be more likely to end up with a vehicle that suits your community or organization’s needs. 

In this article, you’ll learn the answers to 3 major questions: 

  • How much do wheelchair accessible vans actually cost?
  • What drives the cost of a wheelchair accessible van up?
  • What keeps the cost of a wheelchair accessible van down?

Read on to learn how much a wheelchair accessible van costs. 

How much do wheelchair accessible vans cost?

Below is a list of the ballpark costs for different types of wheelchair accessible vehicles used commercially. 

VehicleBudget range
Full size wheelchair accessible van$130,000 – $235,000
Wheelchair accessible bus (not available through AVAN Mobility)$120,000 – $300,000+
Wheelchair accessible minivan (not available through AVAN Mobility)$75,000 – $100,000

Please note: we provided these budget ranges for informational purposes only, and they are subject to change depending on your organization’s unique needs. We determined these price ranges based on information collected from AVAN Mobility industry experts. 

Now that you know the average prices for wheelchair accessible vehicles, you’re probably wondering why some wheelchair accessible vans are more expensive than others. 

Read on to find out. 

What drives the cost of a wheelchair accessible van up?

There is one major factor that can have a large impact on the cost of the wheelchair accessible van: the chassis. 

The chassis

The actual vehicle frame or body is known as the chassis. 

Sometimes, the cost of the chassis and the actual vehicle conversion are similar. Depending on what chassis your wheelchair accessible van is built on (we use Ram), your wheelchair accessible van will be more or less expensive. 

Aside from the cost of the vehicle itself, the conversion modifications–and how many of them you make–will also drive up the cost of your van. 

The conversion & components

When you convert a van, you can add components to your conversion that will drive up the overall cost. These include: 

  • Conversion type
  • Lighting systems
  • Safety equipment
  • Custom medical equipment
  • Wheelchair securement restraints
  • Entry and exit assists (grab poles)
  • Heating and air conditioning systems
  • Interior paneling, insulation, and finishing
  • Wheelchair access equipment: lift or ramp
  • Whether the van has a flexible floor track system for seating and wheelchairs

Now that you know what factors can drive the cost of a wheelchair accessible van up, you may be wondering what drives the cost down. 

What drives the cost of a wheelchair accessible van down?

While there are ways to save money when purchasing a wheelchair accessible van, this can sometimes compromise the functionality or features that make your van fully accessible for your passengers. 

For example, some communities opt to have a manual wheelchair ramp instead of a powered ramp to save a few thousand dollars. 

With a manual ramp, you have to manually operate it each time it’s used–meaning that your workers manually lower and lift the ramp to deploy it (and if your passengers use manual wheelchairs, your workers will have to push the wheelchairs up the ramp). 

This works very well for communities where powered or electrical systems don’t operate reliably in a cold climate, but if you have only one worker, they may struggle to use a manual ramp because of physical exertion. 

When you decide to invest in a wheelchair van, you have to know what is most important for your organization: providing the highest level of accessibility and flexibility your passengers need long term, or finding the most budget-friendly wheelchair accessible van option available. 

Are there any “hidden” fees?

Hidden fees are additional charges you may not be aware of when you choose to buy something. 

At AVAN Mobility, we have no hidden fees. 

We are transparent about our prices because we know how important honesty is when building a relationship with an organization like yours. 

Are wheelchair accessible vans under warranty?

Yes, AVAN Mobility van conversions are under warranty for 3 years or about 40,000 miles. 

The warranty covers defects in workmanship and materials. 

Your next steps to budget for a wheelchair accessible van

You came to this article to learn how much a wheelchair accessible van costs in the U.S. 

Now, you know how much a wheelchair accessible van costs and why that number can climb up or down. 

Curious to know what kinds of customizations you can get in your wheelchair accessible van? Talk to an AVAN Mobility expert now. 

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