Mobile Clinic Equipment List: What Can Be Installed in a Mobile Clinic Van?

Wondering if your organization’s mobile clinic equipment list can be customized into a mobile clinic van? Learn about what equipment can be installed here.
Mobile Medical Clinic Van with desk space and secured rolling chair.

Last updated: July 9, 2024

Does your organization have a mobile clinic equipment list and you’re trying to figure out if it can be installed in a mobile clinic van? Limited space, regulatory compliance, accessibility, and power supply are only a few of the potential roadblocks that need to be considered when you’re wondering what can be installed in these vans. 

At AVAN Mobility, we manufacture mobile medical vans so organizations like yours can serve your clients’ needs. We’ve been in the industry for well over a decade, so we know exactly what type of equipment will work and what won’t work for your future mobile clinic van. We do our absolute best to tailor each van according to our client’s mobile clinic equipment lists.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what type of equipment can be installed in mobile clinic vans. We’ll look at power requirements, equipment storage considerations, and the process of customizing a mobile clinic van that checks off each box on your mobile clinic equipment list.


What is a mobile clinic equipment list?

Imagine living in a place that’s far away from a hospital, or maybe the weather is a disaster, and the roads are blocked. That’s when a mobile clinic becomes so important. It brings medical help to people who need it the most, right where they are.

A mobile clinic equipment list is a list of equipment for a doctor’s office on wheels. It’s a list of all the most important things a medical team needs to help people when they can’t go to a regular hospital or clinic.


What type of equipment can you install in mobile clinic vans?

Mobile clinic vans can be equipped with important medical equipment to help your organization make sure people stay healthy. With the right equipment, most of what can be done in a typical doctor’s office can also be done in a mobile clinic van. Let’s learn about the different types of equipment you can find in these vehicles.


Welch Allyn: Precise and reliable medical tools

Welch Allyn is a well-known brand that makes medical devices to help your medical team examine patients better. In mobile clinic vans, you’ll find Welch Allyn equipment, such as:

Otoscopes: Medical professionals use these to look inside the ears and check for any problems.

Ophthalmoscopes: These tools help doctors check your eyes and make sure they are healthy.

Thermometers: They quickly measure your body temperature to see if you have a fever.

Blood pressure monitors: These devices check your blood pressure and make sure your heart is working fine.


Privacy curtains: Keeping things confidential and comfortable

You can get privacy curtains to boost privacy inside your mobile clinic. This helps patients feel more comfortable during check-ups and treatments. Privacy curtains are especially important when your medical team needs to do something sensitive or personal.


Additional spotlighting: Brightening up the clinic

Sometimes, the natural light inside the van is not enough for your medical team to see clearly. That’s why you can install extra lights to make sure everything is well-lit. This helps your team do its job better and take good care of their patients.



Blood and exam equipment: Checking and treating

There are also tools for checking blood and doing thorough exams. Some of this equipment includes:

Stethoscopes: They let your medical team listen to your patient’s heart and lungs to make sure everything sounds normal.

Glucometers: These measure the sugar levels in the blood, which is important for people with diabetes.

Nebulizers: If someone has trouble breathing, your medical team can use a nebulizer to give them special medicine that helps them breathe better.


Mini diagnostic equipment: Small but powerful

Since space is limited in a mobile clinic van, they use smaller versions of some medical tools. These mini diagnostic devices are just as good as the big ones but are easier to carry around. For example, there are small ultrasound machines, portable heart monitors, and compact X-ray machines.

Keep in mind that all of the above equipment is compact, lightweight, and there are no additional weight constraints to worry about.


Steps involved in customizing a mobile clinic van with a mobile equipment list


Mobile Medical Clinic Van


Manufacturing your mobile clinic van is a step-by-step process that gives you a fully functional healthcare facility that your organization can take on the road. Let’s explore how this transformation takes place to meet your needs and requirements.


Step 1: Understanding what you want

First, our commercial mobility experts will talk to you so you know exactly what you need in your mobile clinic van. We want to find out what medical services you plan to offer and what equipment you want inside.


Step 2: Preparing your van

Next, your vehicle starts the production phase as an empty cargo van. We add important things like wiring, insulation, and an air/heat system to make your van comfortable for patients and medical staff.


Step 3: Building the inside

After the preparations, we start building the interior of your van. We put up wall panels to make it look clean and professional.


Step 4: Adding cabinets, desk, and lights

Then, we install floor-to-ceiling wall cabinets to give your team room to store medical supplies and a desk for you and your team to work. We also put in lighting to increase the visibility of the workspace.


Step 5: Customizing your van

If you need special equipment or accessories, we’ll add those to make your van unique and perfect for your purpose.


Step 6: Final check

Before your van is ready, we check everything one last time. We ensure all the equipment is in the right place and your van works perfectly.


Safety and quality of equipment for mobile clinic van

Safety and quality play an important role in helping those in need. All the equipment used in mobile clinics is similar to what you find in your local doctor’s office. They’re certified medical-grade equipment, meeting high standards. Each device goes through strict checks by experts to ensure it works accurately and reliably. 

Power requirements for your mobile clinic equipment list


Mobile Medical Clinic Van


Our mobile clinic vans have an electrical system/inverter. In basic terms, an inverter in a mobile clinic van is like a magic box that turns the kind of electricity the van has (called DC) into the regular electricity we use at home (called AC). This helps the van’s medical equipment and devices, like lights and machines, to work properly and provide medical care on the go.


Equipment storage in mobile clinic vans

At AVAN Mobility, we prioritize the safe storage of medical equipment during transportation. We give special attention to high-value items to prevent damage or loss. We design our storage systems to keep your organization’s equipment safe, secure, and organized. 


What’s next?

You came to this article trying to figure out what types of equipment you can install in a mobile clinic van. 

You learned that you can customize a mobile clinic van can with many of the same types of equipment that a doctor’s office has. Other things you learned are some of the steps involved in customizing your van with the equipment.

At AVAN Mobility, our goal is to customize vans with your mobile clinic equipment list so that you can run your organization in a seamless and straightforward way. If you have any more questions about what equipment can be installed in a mobile clinic talk to an expert.

Alternatively, take a look at some of our other articles for more information. 

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