Mobile Medical Van Customization: What Is It All About?

Are you curious about customizing mobile medical vans and the costs involved? Read this article to find personalized solutions and insights.
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Are you trying to figure out what’s possible with mobile medical van customization? Or, are you wondering how much it all costs? If your organization is on the fence about taking the leap in buying one, it’s important to know some of the challenges you might face in customizing a mobile medical van:

  • Limited space to store all of your medical equipment
  • Possible design modifications that allow you to do your job while still providing safety and accessibility
  • Budget constraints


At AVAN Mobility, our vision is to manufacture mobile medical vans that are accessible to everyone. We’ve been doing this for over 10 years, and we offer a lot of mobile medical van customization options that cater to your organization’s specific needs. 

In this article, you’ll learn:

  • What mobile medical van customization options you can get done
  • Common customization requests
  • Different types of equipment that can be installed in mobile medical vans


What is mobile medical van customization?

Mobile medical van customization is the process of making special changes to medical vans so they can provide healthcare services on the go. These vans are like small clinics on wheels and can reach people in remote areas or places where medical facilities might be far away.


Why customize medical vans?

Customizing medical vans allows your organization to take your healthcare services directly to the target community. Some people can’t easily visit hospitals or clinics due to distance, lack of transportation, or other challenges. With a customized medical van, you can bring healthcare right to their doorstep.


How mobile medical van customization helps people

Customized medical vans have many benefits:

Timely medical care: In emergencies, medical vans can quickly respond and provide essential care before reaching a hospital.

Preventive care: Medical vans can also offer preventive services like vaccinations and routine check-ups to keep communities healthy.

Community outreach: These vans help build a strong bond between healthcare providers and the community by showing that they care and are ready to help.

Convenience: Mobile medical vans are very flexible when it comes to their schedule and where they go. 

Mobile Medical vans can go to: 

  • Schools
  • Workplaces
  • Community centers
  • Places where people gather


All of this makes it easy for people to get healthcare without traveling very far.


Possible mobile medical van customization options

Mobile Clinic Vehicle
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There are many mobile medical van customization options available. It’s important to keep in mind that everything comes with a price as well as a space claim because space in mobile medical vans is limited. If your organization has the budget and it doesn’t affect the integrity of the vehicle or the safety of the patient, we can create a design for you.


Medical equipment

You can customize mobile medical vans with a variety of medical equipment, including Welch Allyn thermometers, otoscopes, and blood pressure monitors. This enables your organization to perform a wide range of tests, such as fever measurement, ear tests, and heart checks, right at the patient’s location. With these tools, your team can quickly and accurately diagnose medical conditions, leading to timely and appropriate treatment.


Adjustable lights

Having the right lighting during medical procedures is essential. That’s why our mobile medical vans have adjustable lights. These lights give the best possible illumination for different medical exams and treatments. They can be changed to focus on specific areas, making it easier for doctors and nurses to do their jobs well.


Adjustable exam beds 

In our mobile medical vans, we have special exam beds that can be adjusted to fit each patient’s unique needs. These beds come with useful features like:

  • Stirrups
  • Steps for easy access
  • Trays for medical instruments
  • Tissue rolls for convenience 


The beds are super versatile, making patients feel more comfortable and ensuring medical procedures go smoothly.


Medical transport devices

A lot of our mobile medical vans are equipped with medical transport devices to ensure safe patient transportation. Among these devices are stretchers and stairchairs. These are designed to safely transport patients with mobility challenges.


Glove box holders

Keeping things clean and germ-free is paramount in medical vans. That’s why our mobile medical vans have glove box holders. These holders make it easy for your team to grab disposable gloves when they need them. It helps prevent infections and makes medical procedures cleaner.


Common mobile medical van customization requests

Here are some common mobile medical van customization requests that we receive at AVAN Mobility:



When organizations set up their mobile medical vans, sometimes they want to change the cabinets. They might ask for different cabinet styles with more shelves or drawers to keep medical supplies organized. Some clients also prefer moving the cabinets around inside the van to make everything easier to reach.


Adding locks and solid doors

Safety is essential for mobile medical vans. That’s why many clients request locks for cabinets and solid doors. These locks keep sensitive medical equipment and supplies safe and secure. Solid doors also give privacy during medical procedures and consultations.


Adding medical devices

To provide top-notch healthcare services while on the move, medical practitioners need special equipment. Clients often ask to include more medical devices in the vans that are specific to their organization’s needs. For example, if your organization requires a stretcher in your van, we can secure it right into the floor for added stability and safety.


Interior and exterior lighting

Having good lighting inside a mobile medical van is important. Sometimes clients ask for different interior lighting styles to make the space bright and comfy for both medical staff and patients. They might also want exterior lighting to see better during nighttime operations. For example, if your team is working in a remote area in the middle of the night, better exterior lighting will help you see clearly and work safely.


Exterior upgrades: Full vehicle wrap and awnings

Clients like to make their mobile medical vans look professional and stand out. They do this by choosing a full vehicle wrap that displays their branding and contact information on the van’s exterior. 

Awnings are also popular because they provide shade and shelter during outdoor medical events, such as a pop-up health clinic or vaccination drive in a parking lot.


How do mobile medical van customization options differ between manufacturers?


Mobile Medical Clinic Van


Each mobile medical van manufacturer you look at does something a little bit differently. Some use the Winnebago and Thor Industries chassis, while we use the Ford Transit and Ram Promaster chassis. Both of these units are different sizes. 

That means your headroom and customization options will be dependent on their size. Each chassis also comes with different features from the factory. This plays a role in what we can do with it.


Costs involved with mobile medical van customization

The costs involved with mobile medical van customization are influenced by a few factors. 

These costs encompass:

  • The time needed for customization
  • Changes needed beyond the standard package


The cost of customizing a mobile medical van doesn’t have a fixed starting price because everyone wants something a bit different. 

At AVAN Mobility, our standard van packages are:


The cost of these vans ranges between $125,000 and $225,000. Keep in mind that this pricing varies and is subject to change.

The price for mobile medical van customization depends on what your organization wants in your van. If you need more medical devices or accessories, it will make the price go up. 

If there is a lot of customization required to the van’s chassis or if complete outfitting is required, the final cost will be on the higher end of the spectrum.

For more information on mobile medical van cost, read our article on how much a mobile medical unit costs in the U.S.


How long does mobile medical van customization take?

The time it takes to customize a mobile medical van can vary. If your organization has a starting point or a basic idea of what you want, the customization process can range between 6 – 8 months. Our experience with multiple chassis allows us to quickly determine if the requested changes are feasible. 

The most time-consuming part is when a custom design needs engineering work. The time it takes can also depend on our ongoing production schedule. Currently, for fully customized medical vans that need engineering and design work, the build time is around 6 to 8 months. 


Does mobile medical van customization impact functionality?

Customizing mobile medical vans doesn’t impact their functionality. We build them using pre-painted lightweight aluminum. This material doesn’t change how they work, it just adds a little more weight. We make sure not to change the chassis of the van to the point that it affects the operation of the vehicle.

The material we use is all medical-grade approved for the best functionality. It’s easy to clean and sterilize, and it’s designed to resist soaking up moisture.


What is the mobile medical van customization process?

Curious about how we customize medical vehicles? Let’s break it down into steps. Many of the vehicles we sell follow standard build packages. 

Needs analysis: The first step is talking to an account executive. Based on that conversation, we figure out if it’s going to be a standard build or something more unique. We’ll learn more about your program’s vehicle requirements and make recommendations on the best vehicle for your program. During this process, you’ll get a better idea of how our recommended features can improve your program’s operation.

Layouts and design: Once we’ve figured out the style, design, and necessary parts involved, we create floor plan layouts and examples to see what configuration best fits your needs. Think of a floor plan layout as a map inside a mobile medical van that shows where things are placed. It’s similar to arranging furniture in your room to make sure everything fits nicely and is easy to access and use.

We also provide you with a price quote for the package you want. 

Decide: At this point, it’s up to you to decide if you’re happy with it or if you want to make more changes. 

Deposit: If everything looks good, you’ll sign off on it and we’ll require a $40,000 deposit before beginning the work.

If your organization needs some guidance on starting your program, read our article on 5 helpful steps to starting a mobile clinic program.


Advice for customizing your mobile medical vehicle

The best advice is to look at our standard packages first to see if they might work for you without many changes. Sometimes, our pre-designed options can match your needs, saving you time and money. Many clients start with custom ideas, but when they learn about our standard units and what’s included, they’re often won over.

Choosing an off-the-shelf design can save you lots of time and costs. Our medical devices and accessories can be added to any chassis, making customization easier. Plus, it’s good to think about whether the things you want are really necessary or just nice features to have.

So, before diving into a fully customized van, exploring our standard packages and thinking about your actual needs is a smart move.


Your next steps to mobile medical van customization


Mobile medical van
Interior of a mobile medical van


You landed on this article trying to figure out some of the customization options for mobile medical vans. 

One thing you learned is that there are many options available for mobile medical van customization. You also learned that the final costs can vary depending on what your organization needs.

At AVAN Mobility, we’ll work with you to figure out what your organization needs for the services you provide. We know how complicated it can be to decide what options to get, and you’ll find our transparency to be a breath of fresh air. We help organizations help people, and our goal is to see yours succeed with the customization options that will help you on your mission.

Your next step from here is to start comparing different mobile medical van manufacturers and looking at payment options for mobile medical vans

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