Top 10 Features of a Mobile Medical Clinic Van

Mobile Medical Clinic Van

If your organization is currently starting a mobile medical program or has plans to in the future, you should know about what features of a mobile medical clinic van to look for. Purchasing one with the wrong features could:

  • Leave your patients feeling uncomfortable
  • Result in a disorganized vehicle
  • Compromise the clinic’s ability to carry out healthcare appointments


At AVAN Mobility, we manufacture our mobile medical clinics to be fully customizable. This allows your organization to tailor which features you might need, and which ones you could do without. We want your program to succeed, and with our positive track record spanning over a decade in the industry, you can trust us when we say that the right features matter.

Based on our experience partnering with customers like you, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 features of a mobile medical clinic that we think you’ll appreciate the most. We’ll also provide a brief example of the use of each feature so you visualize things better. Let’s take a look at the first feature.


The mobile medical clinic van: what is it?

The mobile medical clinic van is a rolling health hub that goes to areas where people struggle to find proper healthcare. When organizations use a van like this to hit the road and bring people healthcare, it breaks down barriers so that nobody misses out on the care they need. Let’s take a look at some of its features.


What are the top 10 features of a mobile medical clinic?

Now that you know what a mobile medical clinic van is, let’s explore some of its top features.


1. Doctors office on wheels setup


Mobile Medical Clinic Van


Mobile medical clinic vans offer a unique “doctor’s office on wheels” setup, resembling a regular doctor’s office but with the added benefit of mobility. This feature brings healthcare directly to communities and has a huge impact on those with accessibility and mobility concerns.

Just like a traditional doctor’s office, the mobile clinic is equipped with medical tools and a welcoming space for consultations. The key difference? It travels where it’s needed most. It’s a game-changer for rural areas, tight-knit neighborhoods, or events where immediate healthcare is needed. 

Example: Imagine a remote town in the U.S. that’s hours away from a medical facility. The mobile clinic can be used to provide on-the-spot check-ups and consultations. It’s a solution that ensures healthcare reaches every corner of the U.S.


2. Rear heat and air conditioning


Rear cooling and heating


Your mobile medical clinic van should prioritize the comfort of your patients. The vans manufactured at AVAN Mobility include rear heat and air conditioning to make sure everyone inside feels just right. 

The rear heat and air conditioning systems are integrated right into the vehicle so the temperature is suitable no matter how cold or hot it is outside. This design creates an optimal atmosphere for medical examinations and treatments.

Example: Think of a blazing hot summer day down in the southern U.S. With the air conditioning system, patients will experience a cool and comfortable space where medical professionals deliver care. And when winter brings a chill up north, the heating keeps things toasty. 


3. Floor-to-ceiling cabinetry


Floor-to-ceiling cabinetry


When you first step into the mobile medical clinic van, you’ll notice a smart solution – floor-to-ceiling cabinetry. The cabinetry reaches from the floor to the ceiling and provides ample storage for medical supplies, equipment, and more. 

The nice thing about this cabinetry is that it’s right up against the exterior walls of the van. This makes sure the interior of the van stays organized without cabinets poking out in places they shouldn’t be. What’s more, the cabinet doors have slide-to-open functionality. That means no doors are flinging outward and getting in the way of the space.

Example: Try to picture a healthcare team having a busy day in a mobile clinic, with patients coming in and out. Thanks to the smart cabinetry, medical staff can easily access supplies without any fuss. Everything has its place, keeping the space organized and making sure healthcare providers can focus on what they do best – taking care of patients.

Floor-to-ceiling cabinetry keeps things neatly tucked away, creating a smooth and organized environment for medical teams to deliver top-notch care.


4. Power supply with conventional outlets and USB ports


Mobile Medical Clinic Van


The van is powered up for your team’s convenience. You’ll get a versatile power supply, complete with conventional outlets and handy USB ports. You can easily plug in all of your devices or medical equipment using these ports.

Example: Picture a medical team on the road, needing to charge devices or run essential equipment. With the power supply, conventional outlets cater to various needs, and USB ports ensure quick and easy charging for smartphones, tablets, or other devices. It’s a mobile powerhouse that keeps everything running smoothly.


5. Patient bed with under-bed storage


Mobile Medical Clinic Van


Comfort meets practicality in mobile medical clinic vans. There’s a firm vinyl patient bed with a nice addition – under-bed storage. The patient bed gives your patients somewhere to sit while your healthcare team performs checkups. The storage space underneath the bed gives your team room to store medical equipment, supplies, blankets, or even your patient’s belongings.

Example: Imagine a student from school coming into your mobile clinic van with an extremely sore leg. The under-bed storage ensures they can safely store their backpack under the bed while they rest on the bed as you analyze the injury.


6. Optional sink


Sink in the Mobile Medical Clinic Van


Convenience is key in the mobile medical clinic van. That’s why the sixth feature brings you an optional sink, turning the clinic into a self-contained space for cleanliness.

If you opt for the optional sink, you’ll have a water source right in the clinic. It’s perfect for quick hand washes or cleaning medical tools. This thoughtful addition ensures hygiene is at the forefront of every healthcare interaction with your patients.

Example: A medical professional just met with a patient and now needs to clean their hands before the next appointment. With the optional sink, it’s a breeze. The under-sink water supply makes the mobile clinic a self-sufficient hub for cleanliness.


7. Optional fridge


Mobile Medical Clinic Van fridge


In addition to the choice of an optional sink, you also have the choice of an optional fridge. When you opt for the fridge, you’ve got a dedicated cooling space right in the clinic. It can be used for various purposes, including:

  • Safeguarding the freshness of vaccines
  • Providing a cool spot for food and water bottles
  • Storing insulin, antibiotic liquids, or certain types of injections


Example: Think of a mobile medical clinic van that needs to transport vaccines to a remote location. The optional fridge ensures they stay fresh and effective. On the other hand, it’s also handy for keeping food or water bottles cool during the long drive. 


8. Mobile office space


Mobile Medical Clinic Van office space with upper cabinets, desk space, fridge, sink, and chair


Mobile medical clinic vans redefine productivity with this feature – dedicated mobile office space. This innovative addition transforms the clinic into a dynamic workspace. It allows your healthcare team to perform administrative tasks while on the move. 

When you step inside the van, you’ll find a well-designed area equipped with desk space and a secured rolling chair. This mobile office space is tailored for paperwork, scheduling, and any administrative duties that keep the healthcare mission on track. 

Example: A mobile healthcare team is heading to the next community and needs to coordinate schedules, handle paperwork, and plan upcoming activities. The mobile office space becomes the nerve center, offering desk space to take care of all of these tasks.


9. Wipe-clean surfaces


Mobile Medical Clinic Van cabinets


Hygiene takes center stage in the mobile medical clinic van. The van’s wipe-clean surfaces provide a simple yet effective solution for easy disinfecting between patients. It’s like having a clean slate for each healthcare encounter.

The surfaces inside the mobile clinic are designed to be easily wiped clean. It doesn’t matter if it’s after a medical examination or between patient visits, this feature ensures quick and efficient disinfection. This will help your team maintain a clean and sanitary environment.

Example: Consider a scenario where multiple patients receive care throughout the day. The wipe-clean surfaces of the bed, desk, cabinetry, and other areas make it easy for healthcare professionals to swiftly disinfect and prepare the clinic for the next patient. It’s a proactive measure that ensures a consistently clean and sanitary setting.


10. Bright LED interior lighting


Back of a Mobile Clinic Van
Patent pending


The cleverly placed and bright LED lights make sure the inside of the clinic is lit up just right. When doctors are checking patients, these lights create a bright and focused space, making it easier for them to see everything clearly and do their best work.

Beyond just being useful for patient exams, a brighter mobile clinic environment:

  • Improves safety
  • Enhances patient comfort
  • Exudes a professional image
  • Makes it easier to find medical equipment and other things


Example: Think about a healthcare team doing check-ups inside the mobile clinic in the evening hours when it starts to get dark. The bright LED lights act like a spotlight, making every detail visible so doctors do their job with accuracy and make sure patients get the best care.

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