What is a Mobile Maternity Clinic?

Mobile Medical Clinic Unit interior with storage, bed, and office space

Pregnant mothers often face challenges when it comes to getting the healthcare they need. Soon-to-be mothers without reliable transportation might miss their appointments and important tests. Those who live in remote areas without obstetricians have to travel long distances for specialized care. Some of these barriers can lead to stress and anxiety for pregnant women. A mobile maternity clinic can solve these problems.

We don’t like seeing barriers like these at AVAN Mobility. That’s why we’ve spent the past decade manufacturing mobile medical vans for organizations to provide better access to healthcare for people around the U.S. We have an in-house engineering team that works hard to create innovative solutions to solve our clients’ unique challenges.

As you read this article, you’ll get a better idea of what a mobile maternity clinic is. You’ll also learn about our Mobile Clinic Van and how your organization can use it to provide healthcare to pregnant mothers. 


What do the statistics say on maternal mortality in isolated areas?

The latest information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) tells us that between 2011 and 2016, in the quietest, less crowded places (with fewer than 50,000 people), more moms-to-be sadly passed away. It was 23.8 mothers for every 100,000 babies born in these areas. In comparison, in big cities with over a million people, the number was lower, with 14.6 mothers passing away for every 100,000 babies born.

The CDC data also revealed differences based on a person’s race and background. In those quiet, less crowded areas, Black women faced a higher risk, with 59.3 mothers passing away for every 100,000 babies born. White women in the same areas had a lower risk, with 19.7 mothers passing away for every 100,000 babies born. 

This lines up with a 2020 report from the U.S. Government Accountability Office on mothers’ deaths. The report looked at the whole country and found that black women were more than three times as likely to die from pregnancy-related problems compared to white women.


Mobile maternity clinic: What is it and how does it work?

A mobile maternity clinic is also commonly referred to as a mobile OB-GYN clinic. It’s a helpful service for expectant mothers, and it’s all about bringing essential prenatal and postnatal healthcare right to the neighborhoods and communities of pregnant women across the country. It makes this care more accessible and convenient.

There are over 2.2 million women of childbearing age in nearly 1,160 counties across the United States that live in maternity care deserts. Maternity care deserts are areas where pregnant women find it really tough to get the healthcare they need during pregnancy and childbirth. In these areas, there are:

Lack of medical services: There are no hospitals or healthcare centers nearby that can give them the special care pregnant women require. This means they have to travel far to see a doctor because these areas don’t have specific places for women to safely have their babies.

No pregnancy specialists: There aren’t any specialized doctors or nurses who are experts in taking care of pregnant women in maternity care deserts, so they don’t get the best advice and care.


5 benefits of a mobile maternity clinic

A mobile maternity clinic offers a helping hand that simplifies the journey of pregnancy. Here, we’ll delve deeper into the benefits, making sure you understand how it can make a real difference for expectant mothers:


1. Meeting people where they are

Mobile maternity clinics are all about bringing healthcare to people who don’t otherwise have it. Imagine how much time and energy it saves. Pregnant mothers won’t need to travel long distances for check-ups or appointments. Instead, the medical team comes to them, ensuring they receive the care they need without the hassle of a long trip.


2. Personal attention

With mobile maternity clinics, women aren’t just another patient in a crowded clinic. They receive personalized care from a team of experts, including doctors and nurses who specialize in pregnancy and childbirth. They focus on their unique needs and concerns. This personal attention can make a big difference, making them feel more comfortable and well-taken care of during this important time in their life.


3. Less time waiting

We all know how waiting rooms in regular clinics can be frustrating, especially when you’re pregnant. Mobile maternity clinics are designed to keep things moving smoothly. This means patients spend less time sitting around in waiting areas. Appointments are often quicker and more efficient, so patients can get back to their day without unnecessary delays.


4. Help in remote areas

For those living in far-off places where hospitals are few and far between, mobile maternity clinics are a lifeline. It ensures that everyone, no matter how remote their location, can access quality healthcare. This is especially crucial for those who don’t have easy access to transportation. Mobile maternity clinics bridge the gap, ensuring that every pregnant woman receives the care they need.


5. Customization

Your organization can customize its mobile maternity unit with advanced medical tools, including portable ultrasound machines. These tools allow for early detection of potential issues during pregnancy. When problems are identified early, they can be addressed promptly, preventing them from becoming more serious. This proactive approach to healthcare ensures that the patients you serve and their babies are safe and well throughout the pregnancy journey.


6 ways the Mobile Clinic Van can bring mobile maternity care to every corner of the U.S.

In the United States, Mobile Clinic Vans play a crucial role in making sure maternity care reaches everyone. These special vans are built to give healthcare to people who are far away from regular clinics, reducing barriers to healthcare access. Let’s look at what makes these vans special and how they help with maternity care:


1. No more long trips

Mobile Clinic Vans saves patients from going on long trips to the clinic. This is really important in the U.S., where some pregnant women live far from hospitals. These vans bring the doctor’s office to them, making sure they get the care they need without the stress of travel. 


2. Designed for care

These vans are like a doctor’s office that can move around. They have a comfortable setup with an examination bed, medical storage, and a desk. Plus, they have air conditioning to keep patients comfortable. All of this is perfect for maternity care. The design will make pregnant women feel at ease during their check-ups and even when it comes time to give birth.


3. The examination bed

The examination bed in these vans is not just for check-ups; it also has storage underneath. This is super helpful for pregnancy check-ups and post-pregnancy care. The bed’s storage helps to keep everything organized.


4. Clean and safe

Keeping the space clean is a must. The vans are designed to be easy to clean with wipeable surfaces, durable flooring, and bright lights. This is really important during pregnancy to keep you and your baby safe. A clean environment is a healthy environment.


5. Power for equipment

These vans have power outlets to run medical equipment like ultrasounds. This helps doctors do all the tests they need to during maternity care. Having the right power supply ensures that patients get all the necessary check-ups without any interruptions.


6. Fridge and sink

For pregnancy care, a fridge for medicines and a sink are a must. They’re important for vaccinations and check-ups. Good hygiene during pregnancy is helpful for the health of both the mom and the baby. With a fridge and sink, patients can be sure that everything is clean and safe for themselves and their baby’s well-being.

For more information on costs, read our article on how much a mobile medical unit costs in the U.S.


Step into the future of maternal health with AVAN Mobility


Mobile Medical Clinic Unit interior with storage, bed, and office space


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