Top 6 Ways to Apply for Mobile Health Grants

Is your program or organization trying to start a mobile health clinic but doesn’t have the funding? If so, you can benefit from mobile health grants.
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Is your organization having challenges financing a mobile health clinic? Mobile health clinics can cost up to $290,000 depending on your customization requirements. For this reason, it makes sense to look for ways to afford it.

Trying to secure grants for mobile health clinics is one option, but how do you even know where to start? Not all organizations are aware of the availability of mobile health grants, and researching them can be a time-consuming process.

At AVAN Mobility, we’ve been manufacturing mobile health clinics for organizations for over a decade. We’re aware of the financial hurdles your organization might be facing because they’re the same ones we’ve helped countless others overcome. That’s why we’re giving you some direction on where you can start researching grants for mobile health clinics.

By the end of reading this article, you’ll know more about the top 6 ways to find mobile health clinic grant opportunities available to you. This will give you a better idea and a head start on where to start applying for mobile health grants. 


1. Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA)

The mission statement behind the HRSA is healthy communities and healthy people. Every day, 3,000 partners across over 90 programs at HRSA work hard to offer healthcare to tens of millions of Americans. These programs reach out to people who have trouble accessing healthcare due to where they live or their financial situation.

Some of the organizations that offer funding through the HRSA include:

  • Bureau of Health Workforce
  • Bureau of Primary Health Care
  • Federal Office of Rural Health Policy
  • HIV/AIDS Bureau (HIV/AIDS mobile clinics)
  • Maternal & Child Health Bureau
  • Office of the Administrator


What does HRSA do?

HRSA is all about fairness in healthcare. They make sure that people who live in remote areas far away from medical assistance or who might be struggling financially or health-wise can still get good care. 

They help out people dealing with HIV and other health concerns, soon-to-be mothers and their families, people with lower incomes, individuals in rural areas, and Native Americans. 

HRSA does more than just provide care directly. They help train healthcare workers and send them to places where they’re needed. They give money to healthcare providers and push for better ways to deliver care, like telehealth and mobile medical clinics

The organization also manages programs that provide discounts on medicine, ensure organ and marrow transplants occur, support individuals affected by vaccine issues, and monitor healthcare errors and payments.

HRSA periodically offers grants to organizations that have similar goals as them. For example, They recently launched the Rural Health Care Coordination Program grant. The Rural Health Care Coordination Program grant offered funding to promote healthcare outreach in rural areas. 

This is done by enhancing the delivery of services through comprehensive care coordination strategies. The grant provided initial seed funding for creative community-based health solutions, aiming to expand access and coordination of care in rural communities with the expectation of sustained programs after federal funding ends.

While the deadline for this grant to fund a mobile health clinic has been closed, your organization should keep a close watch on upcoming grants through the HRSA website. You never know when one just might pop up that suits your needs.


How to apply for HRSA grants for mobile health clinics

A few steps are involved in applying for HRSA grants for mobile health clinics. Let’s take a closer look at what they are.

Step 1: Complete mandatory registrations: The first step is completing the mandatory registration process as seen below.


Mandatory registration example


Click the + symbol on each step above and you’ll be guided to instructions to complete the registrations. 

Step 2: Figure out your eligibility: Once your registration has been approved, you need to figure out which grants your organization is eligible for

Step 4: Search for grants: After you’ve determined your eligibility, it’s time to start searching for grants. Visit the grant funding page and see which grants are compatible with your organization. 

Step 3: Prepare your application: Now that you’ve decided which grants to apply for, it’s time to go through the grant to fund mobile health clinic application process. HRSA has a section on its website where you can easily keep track of your mobile health grant application process. 


2. Grants.Gov is another source where your organization can find financial support to help you fund your mobile health clinic. You can search for grants that match your organization’s goals. When you find a grant that fits, you can apply for it by following the instructions on the website. 

If your application is chosen, you might get the money you need to make your mobile health clinic even more unique and reach more people who need medical help. Winning a grant from can make more people notice your clinic because you can use the grants for marketing and promotion, community engagement, and partnering opportunities. This can bring in more exposure from people who believe in your work. also connects you with other healthcare groups. This could lead to working together and sharing ideas to make healthcare better in your target area.


How to apply for grants for mobile health clinics has an easy-to-use, organized website that makes finding available grants very straightforward. 

Step 1: Go through the process: You can get started applying for grants in as little as 3 steps. From the homepage of their website, click on applicants.




After that, you’ll be greeted with a page that looks like this:


Applicants example


Step 2: Check your eligibility: Now,  start by checking your organization’s eligibility for grants by clicking on check your eligibility.

Step 4: Get registered: After you’ve determined your eligibility, click get registered as seen above to proceed to register for an account. 

Step 5: Search and apply for grants: Once you registered your organization, you can now start searching and applying for grants. Click on search grants right beside applicants at the top.


Search Grants example


After that, you’ll see a database where you can begin searching for grants that match your organization’s specific criteria. To make searching easier, you’ll see a search box on the left side of the screen where you can input more specific details about the grants you’re looking for as seen in the image below.


Search Grants Field example


If you’re having trouble during the application process, click on the apply for grants section under the applicants tab for more information.

Step 6: Track your application: allows you to keep track of 5 different applications at a time. From the applicants page, click on track your application.


Tracking Grants example


Input your tracking number in the box above and click on ‘track.’


3. The Rockefeller Foundation

The Rockefeller Foundation is on a mission to make the world better for everyone. They believe that each person deserves good health, enough food, and a chance to succeed. They do this by working with others to make big changes that benefit all of humanity.

Their vision is all about fairness and success for everyone. They want to make sure that people, communities, and systems have what they need to do well in life.

The foundation is a group of innovators who want to make real, meaningful changes. They’re focused on things like a healthier planet, equal opportunities, and creating new and better ways to solve tough problems in the world. 

They follow a plan that includes four important things:

  • Equal treatment: They believe everyone should have a fair chance to succeed.
  • Using facts: They use science and data to make smart choices.
  • Thinking outside the box: They’re not afraid to try new ideas to solve big challenges.
  • Teamwork: They work together with partners from different areas to make a bigger impact.


How to apply for Rockefeller Foundation grants for mobile health clinics

The big difference between The Rockefeller Foundation and HRSA and is that they do not accept unsolicited grant proposals unless your organization has been requested to do so. If you’re interested in learning more about grant opportunities, you can visit the website and take a look at what grants are available. 

Alternatively, you can contact them for more information. 


4. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation believes that when people come together to make sure everyone has a fair chance at good health, they’re building what’s called a culture of health. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation works with organizations to make sure every person has a chance to do well, no matter where they’re from or how much money they have.

The foundation focuses on four important areas to make health fair for everyone:

  • Health systems: They combine health systems with the goal of helping everyone being healthier.
  • Healthy children and families: They support research and programs to help kids and families stay healthy.
  • Healthy communities: They help communities become healthier and reach their potential.
  • Leadership for better health: They help leaders all over the country deal with health challenges.


How to apply for Robert Wood Johnson Foundation grants for mobile health clinics

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation listens to voices that might not receive enough attention and actively works to dismantle barriers that hinder everyone’s access to healthcare. Periodically, you might notice grants for mobile health clinics popping up on their website.

Step 1: Grant process: The first step to getting started in securing a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is taking a closer look at the grant process. The grant process starts by inviting competitive proposals that outline the problems to be tackled, the actions to be funded for achieving goals, and who can apply.

Step 2: Grant application: To apply for specific grants, head over to the active funding opportunities page. From here, you can decide which grants to apply for.


Grant Application example


5. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

If your program or organization is geared toward providing overdose prevention or mental health services in a mobile clinic, you’ll be interested in SAMHSA.

SAMHSA is a part of the U.S. government that helps people who are struggling with substance abuse and mental health problems. They give support that can help individuals, families, and communities. SAMHSA’s main objective is to make sure all Americans are staying mentally healthy.

The organization gives out information, tools, and funding for programs to help people who are having a hard time with their mental health and substance abuse issues. SAMHSA believes in the importance of seeking help early, utilizing proven treatments, and focusing on the unique needs of each person.


How to apply for SAMHSA grants for mobile health clinics

Because SAMHSA is a government agency like, they make it easy to apply for grants. You can get started applying for mobile health grants in as little as 3 steps.

Step 1: Getting started: The first step to getting started applying for mobile health grants through SAMHSA is visiting their grants page. From here, click on how to apply for a SAMHSA grant.


SAMHSA Grant example


This page will give you resources on everything you need to know to start applying for grants, including:

  • How to register your organization
  • Writing an application
  • Submitting an application


Step 2: Search for grants: After you’ve finished step 1 and registered your organization, click on the grants dashboard and start searching for grants for mobile health clinics. To simplify the search, enter specific keywords related to the grants that interest you. For example, “grant to fund mobile health clinic.”


Grants Dashboard example


Step 3: Apply: Each grant you click on will include the following information:

  • Description of the grant
  • Eligibility criteria
  • Award information
  • Contact information
  • Application materials you need to fill out
  • Additional useful information that can help your application process


6. Rural Health Information Hub (RHIhub)

The Rural Health Information Hub is like a big library for rural health information. It gets funding from the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy to help address health issues in rural areas.

The RHIhub does a few things:

  • Planning: It helps your organization find ways to make health programs work in rural areas. 
  • Development: The RHIhub has lots of helpful resources and tells you about funding opportunities from different organizations.
  • Learning: The RHIhub informs you about problems that affect rural regions. Every day, it shares news and regulations about rural health. You can also find new reports and changes from organizations and the government.
  • Connecting: It helps you connect with others in your state regarding rural health issues.


How to find grants for mobile health clinics with RHIhub

While RHIhub doesn’t actually provide its own grants, it does advertise a detailed list of available funding opportunities from other organizations. Keep in mind that all of the funding opportunities are related to rural healthcare.

Step 1: Visit the funding page: Finding grants on RHIhub is simple. All you have to do is visit the funding page and start browsing for opportunities that align with your organization’s goals. If you see one that does, click on it.

Step 2: Grant details: After clicking on a funding opportunity, it’ll bring you to a page that talks more in-depth about it. You’ll see eligibility requirements, the amount of funding available, and the application process.

Step: Apply:  Under each application process, there will be instructions for how to apply for the grant. Make sure to follow the instructions precisely to ensure your application reaches the grant deadline.

For example:


Grant Application Example


Your next steps to starting a mobile health clinic

You landed on this article because your organization was looking for alternative ways to fund your mobile health clinic.

At AVAN Mobility, we’re glad to know there are many grant opportunities available out there for organizations like yours that are trying to make a difference. By following the advice we’ve listed above, you’ll be one step closer to acquiring mobile health grants for your next mobile clinic.

Now that you know about the top 6 ways to find grants for mobile health clinics, you should start exploring some of the different manufacturers. Take a look through some of our comparison articles to find the right mobile health clinic manufacturer for you:


In addition, once you do end up successfully receiving grant funding, you should read our article on payment options for your mobile clinic so you’re aware of the next step.

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