What Is the Trail Edition Upgrade for Mobile Medical Vans?

Does your mobile healthcare program travel on gravel or snow to reach your patients? If so, you’ll want to know about the Trail Edition Upgrade.
Trail Edition Upgrade

Does your organization provide rural mobile healthcare services that require travel on rough gravel roads and snow routes in the winter? With winter, also comes snow and ice. This makes roads slippery and harder to control in a regular mobile medical van. It can compromise the safety of your healthcare team and the patients you serve, leading to a higher risk of accidents.

At AVAN Mobility, our goal is to help organizations like yours reduce barriers to healthcare for individuals around the U.S. One common barrier that people in rural areas face is not having access to nearby hospitals. Many people also don’t have reliable transportation to the hospitals, and for the ones who do, winter travel can be unsafe.

Fortunately, there’s a solution for that: Our Trail Edition Upgrade. In this article, you’ll learn more about how the Trail Edition Upgrade can make winter and rural travel on gravel roads safer and more effective. 


What is the Trail Edition Upgrade?

The Trail Edition Upgrade is a rugged package and heavy-duty solution for your Ram Promaster van from AVAN Mobility. It’s made for communities needing a strong and dependable van. This upgrade gives you the durability required for both regular roads and rough terrain in all seasons of the year. Let’s explore what this off-road van upgrade brings to your mobile medical vans.:

Extreme-use suspension package: For a comfy ride, the off-road Extreme Use suspension package that the Trail Edition Upgrade comes with is your answer. It includes rear progressive SumoSprings® for durability and a smooth ride. The shocks and struts adjust to road conditions for stability and comfort.

Heavy-duty suspension lift kit with rollover protection: Conquering rough terrain is easier with the heavy-duty suspension lift kit. It provides a 1.5-inch lift while still maintaining the factory ride quality. Steel front strut spacers with a rear block system enhance stability.

Off-road wheel & tire package: The aggressive off-road wheel and tire package helps you conquer snowy roads. It features 245/70/R16 10-ply wheels and tires designed for challenging conditions.

Off-road underbody steel protection package: Overcome the cold conditions with the off-road underbody protection package. It shields your engine and transmission, ensuring optimal performance. The use of powder-coated steel maximizes protection.

Front grille guard: Prevent downtime due to wildlife encounters with the front grille guard. It’s a solid shield grille guard kit with a 4-point tubular steel frame system for maximum strength and durability.

The Trail Edition Upgrade equips your Ram Promaster van to handle any challenge, ensuring safe and comfortable journeys, no matter where your organization takes its healthcare program.


What types of mobile medical vans is the Trail Edition Upgrade compatible with?

The Trail Edition Upgrade is compatible with all four of our mobile medical vans at AVAN Mobility. 

They include: 


Rural regions in snowy states: ideal for the trail edition upgrade


Tires on the Trail Edition Upgrade


In the U.S., several rural regions in snowy states could greatly benefit from the Trail Edition Upgrade in mobile medical vans. These regions often face challenging weather conditions, making durable and dependable vehicles essential for providing healthcare services. 

Let’s take a closer look at an example of 5 of the states where mobile medical vans could benefit from this upgrade.


1. Alaska

Alaska is known for its vast and remote rural areas, with over 82% of the state classified as rural. Many communities in Alaska are not easily accessible by traditional means, making mobile medical vans crucial for healthcare delivery.

Alaska experiences heavy snowfall, especially in the northern and interior regions. Some areas receive more than 100 inches of snow annually.


2. Montana

Montana is one of the least densely populated states in the U.S., with extensive rural regions. These areas often lack easy access to healthcare facilities.

Montana’s winters can be severe, with heavy snowfall in many parts of the state. Some areas receive up to 300 inches of snow during the winter months.


3. North Dakota

North Dakota has a significant rural population, and healthcare services are limited in remote regions.

The state experiences cold winters with substantial snowfall, particularly in the northern parts. Snowfall averages range from 25 to 50 inches.


4. Maine

The extensive forests and coastline in Maine isolate some rural communities.

This region is known for its harsh winters, with coastal areas receiving around 50 inches of snow annually and inland areas receiving even more.


5. Vermont

Vermont’s picturesque landscapes are dotted with rural communities that require mobile medical services.

Vermont experiences heavy snowfall during the winter months, with some areas receiving over 100 inches of snow.

These states have both rural communities needing healthcare services in challenging snowy conditions. The Trail Edition Upgrade in mobile medical vans is a valuable upgrade to ensure your organization’s healthcare professionals can reach these remote areas safely and reliably, even in adverse weather conditions.


How can the Trail Edition Upgrade help those in need?

Let’s look at an example of how the Trail Edition Upgrade can help those in need.

Emily is a compassionate nurse serving a small rural community tucked away in the snowy hills of Vermont. For years, Emily has dedicated herself to providing mobile medical care to her neighbors. Her commitment to helping others is unwavering, but she has encountered her fair share of challenges, particularly during the harsh winter months.

One snowy morning, Emily received an urgent call. An elderly resident, Mr. Johnson, had fallen and needed immediate medical attention. The catch? His home was situated in one of the most secluded areas of their town, accessible only via a winding, snow-covered road. Emily knew that reaching him promptly was crucial, but it was also a daunting task during the winter.


The difference the Trail Edition Upgrade made

However, this time was different. Emily’s mobile medical van had recently been equipped with the Trail Edition Upgrade. As she navigated the snow-covered roads, she could feel the difference. The upgraded suspension made the ride smoother, ensuring that Mr. Johnson, who was already in pain, wasn’t jolted around during the journey.

The heavy-duty suspension lift kit gave her van the extra height it needed to clear the deep snow drifts that often obstructed the path to Mr. Johnson’s home. It felt like the van had grown taller legs, ready to conquer the snowy terrain.

The off-road wheel and tire package provided the traction required to navigate the icy roads with confidence. Emily no longer had to worry about slipping and sliding as she rushed to Mr. Johnson’s aid.

Upon arriving at his home, Emily couldn’t help but feel grateful for the Trail Edition Upgrade. It had made her journey safer and more comfortable, benefiting not only herself but also her patients. Mr. Johnson received the prompt medical attention he needed, and Emily knew that this upgrade had played a huge role in ensuring his well-being.

This experience is just one example of how the Trail Edition Upgrade can make a real difference in the lives of people living in rural communities. It’s not just about equipment; it’s about enabling dedicated healthcare professionals like Emily to reach those in need, no matter how challenging the weather or terrain. 

It’s about making sure that everyone, even in the most remote areas, has access to the care they deserve.


Ready to secure your Trail Edition Upgrade?

Trail Edition Upgrade


Some of you found this article while researching ways to make transportation in your mobile medical van safer. 

You learned that at AVAN Mobility, we offer a Trail Edition Upgrade that gives you better suspension, better tires, increased support, and overall greater safety in poor road conditions.

Our team at AVAN Mobility is all about reducing barriers, and gravel or winter roads shouldn’t be a barrier that prevents your organization from providing healthcare to people in need. If you want more information on our Trail Edition Upgrade, talk with a commercial mobility expert today. You can also take a look at our Trail Edition Brochure for more details about this upgrade package. 

If you’re ready to seal the deal on this package, you’ll be interested in reading our article on the payment options available.

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