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Are you looking to start a mobile healthcare program in Jacksonville? One of the most important things you need to know is the cost of a mobile medical vehicle.
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Is your organization interested in starting a mobile medical program in Jacksonville? Not having a clear understanding of the mobile medical vehicle cost in this city can cause a few issues. Your organization will deal with budgeting challenges, procurement delays, and will run the risk of overspending. Additionally, knowing the cost is important for comparing quotes from vendors.

As an experienced vendor with over a decade in the field of manufacturing mobile medical vans, we at AVAN Mobility know how important transparent pricing is. We want all of our business transactions based on trust. Knowing some of the upfront costs involved in the purchase of your mobile medical vehicle can help increase that trust.

In this article, you’ll learn about the mobile medical vehicle cost in Jacksonville. You’ll also learn why mobile medical vehicles are so important in this city.


6 reasons why a mobile medical vehicle is important in Jacksonville

Jacksonville residents can benefit from a mobile medical vehicle for several reasons. Let’s take a look at some of the common ones.


1. Helping to close healthcare gaps

In Jacksonville, some neighborhoods have limited access to healthcare, and this is a big problem. A study by the Florida Department of Health found that these gaps are real and resulted in many people going without prompt or reliable healthcare when in need.

Some of the neighborhoods with the worst access to healthcare include Arlington, Springfield, Eastside, and Moncrief. This is due to socioeconomic disparities and transportation challenges.

Your organization can use a mobile medical vehicle to provide services for these at-risk locations right there on the ground.


2. Making healthcare easier to reach

Many people in Jacksonville, especially in places with lower incomes, have trouble getting to the doctor’s office because they don’t have a way to get there. Transportation to healthcare accounts for 1.8% of failed doctor visits across the United States, and if you live in one of these areas it’s easy to see why.

A mobile medical vehicle can bring the doctor’s office to them. This means people who can’t travel easily can still get important medical care.


3. Being ready for emergencies

Jacksonville is prone to hurricanes and other disasters. When these happen, there’s a need for medical help, and it needs to be fast.

The mobile medical vehicle acts like a mini-hospital during emergencies. It can give people medical care right away and take some of the pressure off hospitals.


4. Taking care of seniors

13.9% of people living in Jacksonville are over 65. They often need special medical care for things that happen as they get older, such as falling and breaking a hip. 86% of hip fractures occur in people over 65. Mobility issues can prevent them from easily visiting a hospital.

Your organization can use a mobile medical vehicle to provide this special care for seniors and go directly to their neighborhoods. You can help with things like vaccines and managing chronic illnesses, making sure they stay healthy.


5. Supporting the military community

12.1% of the local adult population in Jacksonville have a background connected to the military. Some have PTSD and combat injuries because of their service.

The mobile medical vehicle can give them the healthcare they need, like mental health support and services for veterans. This helps take care of the military community in Jacksonville, which is a cause we can all get behind.


6. Saving money with preventive care

Preventive healthcare, like check-ups and vaccinations, can actually save money in the long run by preventing bigger health problems in the future that cost more to resolve.

Your organization can use a mobile medical vehicle to focus on this kind of care, making sure people in Jacksonville stay healthy. This can keep healthcare costs lower in the future because when you catch problems early, it prevents them from turning into bigger, more expensive ones.


Mobile medical vehicle cost in Jacksonville


Mobile Medical Clinic Van
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The cost of a mobile medical vehicle in Jacksonville ranges between $125,000 to $225,000. The exact and final cost depends on what type of mobile medical vehicle you purchase and what customization options your organization chooses to get.

At AVAN Mobility, we offer 4 different types of mobile medical vehicles:


Other costs to consider are:

Taxes: The sales tax rate in Jacksonville is 7.5%. Assume that your organization chooses the base Mobile Clinic Van with a hypothetical price of $180,000. That means the total sales tax would be $13,500. Therefore, the total cost of the Mobile Clinic Van including sales tax would be $193,500.

Delivery fees: The average delivery fees for our mobile medical vans amount to around $6,500. These fees help ensure the safe and timely transportation of our vehicles to your organization.

Administration fee: There’s a $1,000 administration fee, which covers important things like paperwork for logistics and making sure everything we do follows the rules and regulations when you’re buying our vehicles.


Mobile medical vehicle customization costs in Jacksonville

Our team at AVAN Mobility strives to ensure your mobile medical vehicle is tailored to your organization’s needs. We offer many different customization options for our vehicles. Let’s explore some of the common customization features and their costs.


Extra windows – $2,000 per window

Adding extra windows to your mobile medical vehicle will cost $2,000 for each window installed.

Florida is known as the Sunshine State, and Jacksonville gets its fair share of sunshine. Extra windows bring in more natural light, creating a brighter and more welcoming environment inside the vehicle.

Jacksonville can also get really warm and humid. This can make the inside of mobile medical vehicles feel stuffy. But when we add more windows, it helps the air flow better, making it feel more comfortable and refreshing for both patients and the medical team inside. Extra windows also allow patients to see the outdoors. This can reduce feelings of confinement or anxiety during medical procedures, particularly if you’re providing mental healthcare as we mentioned earlier.


Medical equipment – $2,500 – $75,000

Jacksonville’s healthcare needs go beyond the basics. The city’s active lifestyle, including sports and outdoor activities, can lead to injuries that require more advanced medical equipment like X-ray machines, ultrasound devices, and specialized monitors. These advanced tools, which start at $2,500 and range up to $75,000, are vital for accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.

Jacksonville’s proximity to the coast also exposes it to natural disasters. Having advanced medical devices, particularly imaging equipment like X-rays, is crucial for disaster response and ensuring the well-being of the community during emergencies.

This is one area where the costs really start to vary greatly. It’s important that your organization have a generalized idea of what you truly need before you begin the buying process. $2,500 and $75,000 are vastly differing numbers.


Locks and medicine cabinet tinting – $2,000

Jacksonville’s warm climate means a lot of sunlight, which can be harsh on medications and medical supplies. Tinted medicine cabinets not only protect these essentials from the sun’s rays but also keep them at the right temperature, ensuring their effectiveness. This $2,000 investment helps maintain the quality and safety of your medical inventory.

Jacksonville, like many cities in America, has its share of security concerns. The crime rate in this city is higher than in the rest of Florida. Having locks on your medicine cabinets is essential to prevent unauthorized access. It ensures the safety and integrity of medications, which is crucial for compliance with regulations and the well-being of patients.


Awning – $5,000

In Jacksonville, customizing your mobile medical vehicle with an awning for $5,000 is a smart decision.

The sun in Jacksonville can get intense, especially during the summer months. An awning provides much-needed shade, protecting both patients and medical staff from the sun’s harmful rays. This keeps the interior of the mobile medical van cooler and more comfortable.

When patients visit your mobile medical vehicle, they may have to wait outside or stand in line. Having an awning provides a shaded area where patients can wait comfortably, which is especially important for elderly or vulnerable individuals.


Extra lighting – $1,500

Customizing your mobile medical vehicle with extra lighting will cost $1,500.

Even though Jacksonville enjoys its fair share of sunshine, having extra lighting in your mobile medical van is important for those early morning or late evening appointments when natural light is limited. The extra lighting makes sure healthcare professionals can work effectively and patients can feel safe and comfortable no matter the time of day.

Furthermore, sometimes Jacksonville experiences sudden storms. Extra lighting is important to make sure your medical services can continue without interruption. It reduces the risk of accidents or falls and ensures everyone, regardless of their physical condition, can navigate your mobile medical vehicle safely.


Individual seating options – $1,500

If your organization wants individual seating options in its mobile medical vehicle, it will cost $1,500. Having separate seats in the medical van is important because it provides privacy. Sometimes, patients need to talk about personal health matters.

With individual seats, they can have private conversations with healthcare professionals. This helps build trust and makes it easier to talk openly about their health. Lots of families live in Jacksonville. When there are individual seats, it’s easier for parents to be with their kids during appointments. This makes the healthcare setting more family-friendly.


Barred windows – $1,500

The cost to customize your mobile medical vehicle with barred windows is $1,500.

Just like in any city, Jacksonville has times when safety is a concern. Some neighborhoods simply have more crime than others. Putting barred windows in your mobile medical vehicle adds extra protection. It keeps patients and the medical team safer.

Barred windows act as a deterrent to stop people from stealing or damaging things in your mobile medical vehicle. These bars send a clear message that the vehicle is secure. It makes the vehicle less tempting for anyone thinking about breaking into it.

Keep in mind that all prices in this article vary and are subject to change.


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