Buying a Mobile Medical Van-Your Process with AVAN Mobility

In this article, you’ll learn what the buying process looks like with AVAN Mobility, from beginning to end.
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Buying a mobile medical van can be a lengthy process. 

This is because a mobile medical van from AVAN Mobility is customized to your specific needs.

Choosing the right vehicle for your organization takes time. You need to make sure the van suits all of your program’s needs. 

What happens if you cut corners and purchase a medical van as quickly as possible? You may end up with a van that’s not right for your clients. 

For example, if you choose a medical van with seats when you should have gone with a model with an exam bed, you may not be able to offer all of the personal services (i.e. full medical exams, health checkups, etc.) you need to. As a result, you could limit the potential of your program.

At AVAN Mobility, we take the time necessary to find the right van for you. 

In this article, you’ll learn 2 things: 

  • What your buying process will look like
  • How we determine which van is right for you

Read on to learn all about the process of buying a mobile medical van from AVAN Mobility!

Buying a mobile medical van from AVAN Mobility-what process will you go through?

When you decide to go with AVAN Mobility for your mobile health vehicle, there are 11 steps we will take you through from the initial phone call to your van being in your driveway. 

1. You call us/we call you

The process begins with a phone call. 

Either you can connect with us here and fill out the information to receive a phone call, or you can call 612-284-3177 to set up a meeting with a Mobile Health Unit Consultant. 

During this initial phone call, your Mobile Health Unit Consultant will provide you with a “needs analysis” by asking you a variety of questions to narrow down what van you need. 

2. We book a meeting

Following the first phone call, your Mobile Health Unit Consultant will book a time to meet with you over Zoom to further discuss your organization, your passengers, and your accessibility needs. 

Other medical vehicle companies may try to sell you a medical van over the phone, but we find a “face-to-face” format allows us to get to know you and your needs better. 

3. You have a Zoom meeting and remote van tour

At this point, your Mobile Health Unit Consultant will help you narrow down the type of van you need. 

Once they’ve narrowed down the van you need, they will give you a remote “tour” of the van you’ve chosen so that you can see what it looks like inside and out. 

overdose prevention van rear opening

4. We send you articles, pricing, and other resources to help answer all of your questions about buying a mobile medical van

Following your Zoom meeting and van tour, your Mobile Health Unit Consultant will send you a list of articles and other resources to give you a deeper understanding of the equipment you will be using in the van.

When you’re ready, your Mobile Health Unit Consultant will provide you with pricing. Prices fluctuate over time, so it’s important to remember that if months pass between you receiving a quotation and you confirming your order, the price of your van may change.

All of our articles can be found on our Learning Centre.

5. You choose your van

With the helping hand of a Mobile Health Unit Consultant, you’ll find the van that’s right for you. 

At this stage, you may be wondering if you can choose your van’s colour. Van colour options vary based on what is available at the time of placing your van order. White is the standard vehicle colour, however on rare occasions, other colours may be available.

Many organizations choose to add full decal wraps or decal designs to their vans to improve their visual appeal. This is especially popular for outreach programs. We can assist you with decal design packages.

Once you’ve decided on a van, your order will be entered into our system. 

6. You sign paperwork and provide a deposit

After you choose your van, our Customer Care Team will be in touch with the paperwork to sign and will start the process of gathering your deposit information. What does this process look like? 

  • The paperwork is sent to you electronically, via email
  • The documents can be signed electronically or you can print and sign if you need signatures from others
  • The signed paperwork and deposit are required to confirm your order (this means your order is not confirmed until we have the paperwork and deposit)
  • If you’re buying a mobile medical van, your deposit will typically be $50,000.

Once we have your deposit, your vehicle will be put into our production schedule. 

7. You get a VIN number and we start building your van

Once your deposit and signed papers are received,  you will be assigned a VIN number. Then, we’ll put your van into our production schedule. 

This is where the process will slow down on your end.

While it only takes about two to three weeks for us to convert a van, we will likely have other conversions scheduled ahead of yours. 

Our Customer Care Team will provide you with a delivery timeline which can take between two to eight months, depending on how busy our schedule is. 

8. Final payment before delivery

As your van gets closer to being completed, our Customer Care Team will reach out to you to arrange the final payment. Your van will be paid for in full before it leaves our facilities. Delivery to you will not be arranged until final payment is received.

This is an important step in the process as it can delay your van’s delivery. It’s important to begin working on arranging the final payment early so that you can receive your van as quickly as possible.

9. Once payment is received, we deliver your van to you

The process of delivering your accessible vehicle to you consists of 3 main steps: 

  • Step 1: Your van is secured on a truck or a trailer
  • Step 2: Your van will be delivered to the location agreed upon at the time of sale
  • Step 3: Once it arrives, your van will be unloaded and you’ll be given the keys

*If you live in a remote location, we may not be able to deliver your van to your exact location. Instead, we will deliver it as close to you as we can get. 

10. We provide you with resources on how to operate all the components in your van

Sometimes, your driver will need training to be able to operate our vehicles safely. We can provide you with links to tried and true training courses we trust. 

We also provide training on how to secure a wheelchair into a van and how to use mobility equipment properly.

11. You get access to maintenance and repair resources

We offer maintenance and repair resources through our Customer Care Team. 

If you’ve purchased a vehicle or van conversion from us and there seems to be an issue with the vehicle, reach out to our Customer Care Team.

They will help you determine what the issue is and how it happened. From there, they can help put you in touch with a mechanic–or, we can troubleshoot the issue over the phone or via Zoom together. 

While this system isn’t the same as visiting a traditional service center, our Customer Care representatives are professionals in their field.

They are subject matter experts when it comes to accessible vehicles, and are always ready to help you figure out an issue remotely or through a repair facility.

Buying a mobile medical van from AVAN Mobility: Your next steps

You came to this article to learn what process you’ll go through when you partner with AVAN Mobility for your mobile medical vehicle. 

Now, you know the 11 steps we’ll take you through. 

At this point, you should take a look at the different types of mobile medical vans we offer. Each one has a different purpose, and knowing their purpose will steer you in the right direction as to which one to consider for your organization.

Do you have a question about our process? Talk to a Mobile Health Unit Consultant today.

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Kylie Jones

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