Who is AVAN Mobility?

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Finding the right mobile medical van manufacturer can be a daunting task. Some of the challenges your organization might run into while looking for one are: 

  • Limited options: You might find it difficult to find a manufacturer that will meet your specific needs.
  • Quality concerns: Finding a manufacturer that consistently and reliably meets safety and medical standards can be tough.
  • Budget: Budget constraints can sometimes get in the way of getting a customized mobile medical van.


At AVAN Mobility, we’re all about making healthcare accessible to everyone. We do this by manufacturing mobile medical vans with in-house engineering and our skilled team of technicians. We’ve been in the business for over a decade. We have manufactured hundreds of mobile medical vans for our customers. We’re all about helping organizations like yours help people.

In this article, you’ll learn:

  • Who we are at AVAN Mobility
  • How we started
  • Organizations we work with
  • Our process
  • Mobile medical vans we offer
  • Customer success stories


Who is AVAN Mobility?

Is your program or organization on a mission to bring healthcare and support to those who need it most? At AVAN Mobility, that’s exactly what drives us. We design and build vehicles that bridge gaps and bring healthcare closer to people.

Imagine being able to reach even the most remote communities and save lives with essential medical services. That’s our vision at AVAN Mobility. We create vehicles that create possibilities that will improve people’s health all over the U.S.  

Picture this: A mobile medical van pulling into a neighborhood, equipped to provide medical care right in the community of a sick family in a remote area of the United States. That’s just a glimpse of the power of the vehicles we design and manufacture. We’re dedicated to breaking down barriers that stand in the way of healthcare and transportation.

Innovation: Think of our team at AVAN Mobility as a close-knit family of creative minds. We’re a bunch of talented individuals who work together to turn ideas into reality. Our values aren’t just words on paper; they’re the heartbeat of our company. We thrive in a workplace that’s supportive and positive and where innovation is encouraged. The status quo? Not for us. We’re always striving for more, pushing boundaries with our “we can” spirit.

Facing challenges, creating solutions: Have you ever encountered a challenge that seemed impossible? We have, and we’ve learned that with determination and creativity, there’s nothing we can’t overcome. Our clients can attest to our “can-do” approach. Challenges might arise, but they’re simply opportunities for us to shine.


How we started

AVAN Mobility is the result of years of innovation and a passion for making a difference. Let’s take a little journey back in time to where it all began. 

Envision a place where innovation thrives and accessibility takes center stage. That’s the story of our company.  For over a decade, we’ve been at the forefront of manufacturing mobile medical vans that help organizations transform lives.

We’re located in the U.S. and emerged from the shared dreams of two countries, each with the goal of spreading accessibility, innovation, and healthcare. It’s a story of collaboration that crosses borders, a story that emphasizes how the drive to make a difference knows no bounds.


Who we work with

At AVAN Mobility, we manufacture mobile medical vans for organizations that provide support to: 

  • Impoverished communities 
  • People with drug addictions
  • Uninsured individuals who can’t afford healthcare
  • Communities without access to healthcare and modern amenities


Here are some organizations and communities that use our mobile medical vans:

Native Reservations: Patients in Native reservations and communities face the challenge of distance. This makes access to basic healthcare a struggle. That’s where mobile medical vans come into play. They bring care to patients’ doorsteps, ensuring that no one is left behind. Some examples of Native Reservations where our mobile medical vans can be utilized are:

  • Hopi Reservation
  • Navajo Nation Reservation


Housing and homeless societies: Consider the efforts of organizations dedicated to ending homelessness. Their clients require more than just a roof over their heads; they need care right where they are. Mobile medical units can offer the support they need. 

They also provide safe spaces for social workers and healthcare workers to provide much-needed care. It’s about more than just medical care; it’s about restoring dignity and providing hope.

Addictions services: There is a stigma that often surrounds addiction services. Traditional clinics might deter those in need from seeking help. Enter mobile medical units – private, approachable, and stigma-free spaces. Here, individuals can receive the support they deserve, without judgment or fear. It’s a step towards healing, acceptance, and a brighter future.

Non-emergency response services: Mobile medical units open doors to services like:


It’s about convenience, accessibility, and providing a safety net for those who need it most.


Our process

Our vehicles are crafted with precision. Across North America, these exceptional vehicles find their way to clients through a well-connected network of local partners. 

From that first spark of research and vehicle design to the moment you drive off and the years beyond, we’re here. We offer a seamless start-to-finish experience. To us, it’s about being a reliable partner in your organization’s mission to make a difference.


Step 1: Discovery

The first step of your journey with AVAN Mobility is all about discovery. It’s a chance for us to get to know you, your needs, and how we can best support your mobile medical unit requirements.

You’ll have a dedicated account executive by your side, ready to listen and understand your organization’s requirements. In this phase, we’re not just about selling vehicles; we’re about creating a partnership that’s built on understanding and collaboration.

Think of the discovery phase as a conversation, not a sales pitch. It’s a chance for you to gauge if we at AVAN Mobility align with your organization’s vision and needs. Are we a good fit? Does our approach resonate with you? It’s about making a decision that feels right for both sides.

Your objectives take the spotlight. We’ll ask questions like:

  • What are your goals? 
  • What do you envision for your organization’s mobile medical vehicle needs? 
  • Budget expectations are on the table too – no surprises, just open dialogue


As you step into this discovery phase, know that you’re not just exploring a purchase; you’re exploring a partnership. Your story matters to us, and we’re here to ensure our solutions work for you. Let’s move on to the second step.


Step 2: Needs analysis & vehicle demonstration

In step two, we’ll take a closer look at your needs and objectives. It’s a thorough analysis that ensures we’re on the same wavelength. The vehicles we discuss aren’t just random. They’re customized and tailored to your organization’s unique needs.

Consider step two as your front-row seat to discovery. It’s more than a meeting; it’s an experience. Whether in person or virtually, you’re given the opportunity to ask questions, see the vehicles up close, and understand the possibilities they hold.

You can see some of the various features of our vehicles, including:


Your AVAN Mobility account executive will walk you through these features and explain how they’ll improve your operations. They’ll offer recommendations based on their expertise. It’s a collaborative effort, where you explore floor plan examples and work together to create a mobile medical van configuration that seamlessly aligns with your organization’s goals.

Once you’re equipped with all the information you need to get started, it’s decision time. This is where you weigh everything we’ve discussed. Once you get the green light from your organization, you’ll receive a detailed quote from us.

At this point, if you choose to move forward, a deposit of $50,000 seals the deal. You’ll then fill out two documents:

Sales agreement: This document includes the terms and conditions of your new mobile medical van.

Proforma invoice: A proforma invoice is an estimated invoice that’s used to request payment from a committed buyer. The proforma invoice includes all of the mobile medical van specifications and pricing.

If you’re concerned about meeting the financial obligations of a custom medical vehicle, we have a full article on payment options for mobile medical vans


Step 3: Vehicle build and delivery

Once you’ve given us the thumbs-up, paid the deposit, and filled out the paperwork, the magic begins. Our team rolls up its sleeves and gets to work on crafting your custom mobile medical vehicle.

When your mobile medical vehicle is built, you’ll submit a final payment, and then we’ll deliver it to you. After that, we don’t just leave you in the dark. Our customer care team will be in touch to provide you with useful training resources, support, and vehicle service.


How long does the process take to get a mobile medical van?

At AVAN Mobility, we understand the importance of efficient timelines when it comes to meeting the needs of our clients. When you choose one of our standard, non-customized mobile medical vans, you can expect a delivery process that strikes a balance between quality and speed.


Delivery timeline: 4 to 6 months for standard builds

Our streamlined production and delivery process ensures that you receive your standard mobile medical unit within a reasonable timeframe. On average, it takes between 4 to 6 months from the initial order placement to the delivery of your vehicle. This duration includes the 3 stages we mentioned earlier. Keep in mind that custom builds can take longer if our engineering team needs to be involved.


Ensuring quality while meeting deadlines

While we prioritize timely delivery, we never compromise on the quality and reliability of our mobile medical units. Each vehicle undergoes meticulous engineering, manufacturing, and testing processes to ensure it meets our high standards before it reaches your organization’s hands. This commitment to excellence remains the same, regardless of the delivery timeline.


Communication throughout the process

During the 4 to 6 months, our team will remain in close communication with you, providing updates on the progress of your mobile medical van. We believe in transparency and keeping you informed every step of the way, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of the process and timeline.


Planning for success

If you’re considering getting a standard mobile medical vehicle from AVAN Mobility, we recommend factoring in the 4 to 6-month delivery timeline into your planning. This ensures that you receive your vehicle when you need it most, and allows us to uphold the high standards of quality that define our brand.


Mobile medical vans from AVAN Mobility

Now that you know more about who we are, how we started, who we work with, and how our process works, it’s time to look at the mobile medical vans we offer. Each of the four mobile medical vans we offer can be customized to fit the needs of your organization. The first mobile medical unit we offer is the Mobile Clinic Van. 


Mobile Clinic Van


Back of Mobile Medical Clinic Van with doors open
Patent pending


Mobile medical clinic vans are vehicles that bring healthcare to people who might not have easy access. They go to places where regular healthcare cannot reach. These vans are like moving clinics, making sure that everyone gets the care they need.

Why Mobile Clinic Vans?: Not everyone has the ability to visit a hospital to get healthcare. Some of the reasons that can prevent people from making it to a hospital are:

  • Trouble moving around easily
  • No way to get there
  • Living in a remote place
  • Not having enough money
  • Difficulty speaking the same language
  • Dealing with healthcare waiting lists


When someone can’t go to the doctor when they need to, it can cause problems. Let’s say someone has a health issue, but can’t get help due to one of the issues mentioned above. Over time, their health problem might become worse. It’s like not fixing a small leak that ends up turning into a big flood. If you catch health issues early, it’s easier to treat and will cost less.

Learn more about the features of our Mobile Clinic vans or take a read-through of our article on the Mobile Clinic Van for more information. 


Mobile Outreach Van


mobile outreach van
Patent pending


Mobile outreach has been proven to build trust among vulnerable populations. 

Our Mobile Outreach Vans extend a helping hand to individuals without homes or those requiring additional support. For example, people living on the streets who are facing homelessness or addiction. Going to where these individuals are with Mobile Outreach Vans helps build trust. 

Unlike regular clinics, these vans are flexible and can go wherever they’re needed. They’re like a bridge between people in need and those who want to help. 

Why Mobile Outreach Vans?: Sometimes, communities that don’t get as much help can feel left out or judged when they need medical care. People dealing with things like not having a home or struggling with addiction might avoid going to regular clinics because they’re worried about what others might think. 

But that’s where our Mobile Outreach Vans come into the picture. Your organization can use these vans to show up to vulnerable communities regularly, so people get to know your team and trust them. This makes it easier for folks to ask for help and get it when they need it.

Unlike clinics that stay in one place, these vans can go to different neighborhoods, making sure everyone gets the help they need. With these vans around, communities that might not always get the help they deserve can finally feel understood and connected. The other nice thing about Mobile Outreach Vans is that they offer a discreet alternative to traditional clinics. 

Learn more about the features of our Mobile Outreach Vans or take a look at our article on the Mobile Outreach Van.


Mobile Response Van


Mobile Response Van
Patent pending


The Mobile Response Van is a full-size van that’s converted to a simplified treatment space where people can get simple medical help and a ride to the hospital if needed. This van might seem a bit like an ambulance, but it’s not exactly the same. The Mobile Response Van isn’t equipped to handle really serious, life-threatening cases. It doesn’t have all the fancy machines and tools that ambulances use to intervene in serious emergencies. 

While the Mobile Response Van can be super helpful for things that aren’t too urgent, it’s important to know that it’s not the right choice for patients who need life support devices and critical care equipment.

Why Mobile Response Vans?: A Mobile Response Van is a flexible healthcare solution. It’s often used as an alternative to ambulances for patient transfers and non-urgent medical help. It’s not limited to just one role, though. It can adapt to various situations and organizations.

  • Urgent care on wheels: Your Mobile Response Van can transform into an urgent care clinic. It can provide immediate medical services without overwhelming busy emergency rooms.
  • On-site medical aid: Your organization can use the van as a mobile medical treatment center on remote job sites. It becomes a lifeline that offers initial treatment to injured workers before formal emergency response arrives.


Learn more about the features of our Mobile Response Vans or browse through our article on the Mobile Response Van.


Mobile Mitigation Van


overdose prevention van rear opening
Patent pending


A Mobile Mitigation Van is another type of van that we offer at AVAN Mobility. It’s designed to provide a safe place for supervised consumption services. Supervised consumption services provide a clean and safe space where trained professionals are there to help their patients. These services make sure patients are taking what they need in a way that won’t harm them.

Why Mobile Mitigation Vans?: Try to think of our Mobile Mitigation Vans as a safety net on wheels. These vans ensure that if something unexpected happens, like an accidental overdose, help is right there. But these vans do more than just react to emergencies. They work to prevent overdose deaths, making sure everyone stays safe. They also play a role in making public spaces cleaner and more pleasant, while also connecting individuals to important health services.

Some more benefits of Mobile Mitigation Vans include:

  • Emergency support
  • Reducing public drug use
  • Stigma reduction
  • Education


Learn about the specific features of our Mobile Mitigation Vans or read our article on the Mobile Overdose Prevention Van.

The prices of our mobile medical vans at AVAN Mobility range between $125,000 to $225,000. For more information on that, read our article on mobile medical van costs


Are there hidden fees for mobile medical vans from AVAN Mobility?

When considering purchasing a mobile medical van, it’s important to be aware of any hidden fees that might catch you off guard. Hidden fees are additional charges that might not be clearly communicated upfront. 

At AVAN Mobility, we’re committed to ensuring a straightforward and open pricing experience for our clients. We firmly believe that trust is the foundation of a strong partnership, especially when it comes to organizations like yours. 

Therefore, we want to assure you that:

  • We do not have any hidden fees associated with our mobile medical vans
  • We are dedicated to being transparent about our prices from the start


Why transparency matters: Transparency is important for building a strong and lasting relationship between us and your organization. We’re upfront about costs and we aim to provide you with a clear and reliable understanding of the financial aspects of acquiring a mobile medical van. This transparency helps you make informed decisions that align with your budget and needs.

At AVAN Mobility, we value the trust you place in us, and our commitment to open communication extends to every aspect of our partnership. 

Watch the video below to learn about the cost of a mobile medical van.



Customer success stories

Our team at AVAN Mobility takes immense pride in our commitment to providing exceptional service and innovative solutions that cater to the needs of organizations. We believe in creating success stories through our dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction.

1. The Cree Board of Health recently shared their positive experience with our team. They emphasized that effective communication and timely responses characterized their journey with us. We understand the importance of addressing questions promptly, and with our “we can” approach, we ensure that no challenge, no matter how small, goes unanswered.


2. Community Wheels also recently shared their positive experience with us, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. The heart of this success story lies in the valuable relationship they built with our account executive. Our team members, armed with a wealth of information, were more than just a point of contact; they became trusted partners on the journey to accessible solutions for Community Wheels.


3. The North of Superior Healthcare Group recently provided feedback that speaks to the core of our mission. They highlighted the seamless and rapid communication they experienced with us. In a situation where time was of the essence, our ability to provide easy and fast communication proved to be of tremendous value.

Our success story with the North of Superior Healthcare Group exemplifies how our solutions cater to real-world challenges. With a time restraint in place, we recognized the urgency of the situation. The efficient communication channels and prompt responses met the healthcare group’s needs within their timeframe.

Take a quick look at the video below to see how one of the organizations that purchased a Mobile Clinic Van from us is using it to save lives in Missouri.



What’s next?


Mobile Medical Clinic Van


You came to this article because you’re considering purchasing a mobile medical van for your program or organization. 

After reading it, you learned more about who we are, who we work with, our process, and the mobile medical vans we manufacture. 

We’ve been manufacturing mobile medical vans for various organizations for well over a decade. With our experience in manufacturing hundreds of these vehicles, you can trust our team to customize solutions that will work for your organization’s needs.

If you’re interested in getting more information about one of our mobile medical vans or getting the process started, talk with an expert

For more information on what to expect after you purchase a mobile medical unit, browse through these articles:


Alternatively, browse through more of our articles to learn all there is to know about mobile medical vans at AVAN Mobility.

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