How Much Does a Mobile Medical Van Cost in Washington, D.C.?

Figuring out the mobile medical van cost in Washington, D.C. is one of the most important things to consider if you’re starting a program here.
Mobile medical van cost in Washington, D.C.

Has your organization been trying to figure out the mobile medical van cost in Washington, D.C.? 

If you’re in the dark about expenses, you’ll run into financial surprises and challenges in budgeting. You’ll also run the risk of not being able to secure the right funding for grant opportunities

Washington, D.C. is one of the healthiest cities in the U.S. Despite that, healthcare disparities still exist. These typically occur between people of varying income levels, races, and geographic locations. Another surprising fact is that the area of Washington, D.C. you live in has an impact on how long you’ll live. Residents living in parts of the city exposed to air pollution face a higher risk of diseases.

At AVAN Mobility, we manufacture four different types of mobile medical vans. Organizations like yours can use them to overcome barriers people face to getting healthcare. Each one comes at a different cost, and we believe in being transparent and upfront about pricing.

By the end of reading this article, you’ll have a better idea about the costs involved in purchasing a mobile medical van in Washington, D.C. 

Keep in mind that all costs in this article are based on publicly available information and are subject to change.


What are the different types of mobile medical vans and how much do they cost?

There are a variety of different mobile medical vans that are all designed for different purposes. Let’s take a closer look at what they are and the mobile medical van cost in Washington, D.C. 


Mobile Outreach Van


Mobile Outreach Van
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In Washington, D.C., the Mobile Outreach Van is perfect for organizations that provide services like:

  • Overdose prevention
  • Harm reduction
  • Mobile health housing
  • Mental health and addictions counseling
  • Referral services


Diverse communities, unique needs: D.C., with its mix of neighborhoods like lively Adams Morgan and historic Anacostia, deserves mobile healthcare that understands its diverse beat.

Privacy in the capital: In a city that values privacy, the MO Van ensures discreet care. No judgments, just support, from Foggy Bottom to Capitol Hill.

Homelessness: Homelessness is on the rise in Washington, D.C. In January 2023, nearly 5,000 people were experiencing homelessness. That’s 512 more than the number it was a year previously. The Mobile Outreach Van is a great tool your organization can use to address this issue.

Mental health: Around 125,000 adults in Washington, D.C. have a mental health condition. Many people also face stigma to getting help for mental health. This reveals the need for stigma-free mental health counseling. Fortunately, the Mobile Outreach Van provides complete privacy for that.

Overdoses: In 2021 alone, there were 2,264 deaths caused by an overdose in Washington, D.C. Drug users who are looking for a safe space to find help with their addiction can find it in the Mobile Outreach Van.


Mobile Response Van


Patent pending


The Mobile Response Van is a cutting-edge solution designed for non-emergency medical care and transport. This van has a wheelbase of 159”. The wheelbase refers to the distance between the back wheels and the front wheels. It means that it’s nimble and can navigate through D.C.’s busy streets without any problems. 

The MR Van is useful for a variety of different applications:

Swift transfers: In D.C.’s traffic, the MR Van ensures quick and comfy patient transfers, saving emergency services for those who really need them.

D.C. traffic: The city ranks 2nd in the U.S. for traffic congestion, making speedy transfers a must. Compared to a mobile medical bus, this van is quite maneuverable. 

Reaching every corner: D.C.’s diverse neighborhoods can benefit from the MR Van, bringing non-emergency medical aid where traditional services might struggle. With over 700,000 people in and around the city, many people face healthcare challenges and barriers that this van can assist with.

Supporting the vulnerable: The MR Van provides on-the-go help for D.C.’s homeless and those battling addiction, respecting their privacy and unique situations.

Safety on the job: On remote job sites, the MR Van acts as a quick-response hub, ensuring immediate care for injured workers. With various industries, from government to tech, D.C. has a diverse job scene with workers needing on-site medical support.


Mobile Clinic Van


Mobile Clinic Vehicle
Patent pending


In Washington, D.C., the Mobile Clinic Van is a tool used to tackle health disparities. They’re a great solution to reach vulnerable and remote populations. These vans serve as a lifeline when transformed into mobile medical treatment spaces. They help those facing barriers to traditional healthcare.

Mobility barriers: With various neighborhoods and traffic challenges, mobility is a hurdle for many in D.C. Mobile clinic vans eliminate this barrier, bringing healthcare directly to nearby communities and neighborhoods.

Transportation challenges: Over 35% of households in D.C. don’t own a car. Mobile clinics fill the gap for those lacking transportation, ensuring healthcare reaches every corner.

Remote locations: Mobile Clinic Vans don’t have to just serve the bustling city of D.C. You can take these vehicles to the outskirts and reach remote locations where traditional healthcare struggles to tread.

Financial restraints: D.C. is a city with varying income levels, and mobile clinics offer cost-effective healthcare solutions, eliminating financial barriers to access.

Language barriers: With a rich diversity, language can be a barrier for some people. Mobile clinics offer personalized services, and your organization can bridge linguistic gaps for effective healthcare.

Wait times: D.C.’s healthcare facilities face high demand, leading to long wait times. Mobile clinics provide instant relief and reduce the burden on traditional centers.


Mobile clinic vans in D.C. go beyond basic healthcare, offering services such as:

Addiction treatment: Substance abuse affects diverse populations. Mobile clinics provide a stigma-free space for addiction services, reaching those hesitant to enter a clinic.


Mental Health Counseling:

Cultural sensitivity: You can get a mobile clinic to offer culturally appropriate health programs to Native Reservations, ensuring sensitive care.


Mobile Mitigation Van


overdose prevention van rear opening
Patent pending


Overdose concerns are rising in D.C. and your organization can use the Mobile Mitigation Van as a frontline defender to prevent overdose deaths and reduce public drug use. This van is also commonly referred to as the Mobile Overdose Prevention Van. You can also use it to connect clients to health services right where they need them.

The best part about the Mobile Mitigation Van is that it offers individual desk pods to ensure client privacy in public spaces. If anyone is feeling a bit hesitant to visit a brick-and-mortar clinic about their drug use, this van is a great way to address that.


Other features of the Mobile Mitigation Van include:

Safe injection practices: The MM van is equipped with sterile injection equipment to promote safe practices and reduce needle sharing while preventing infections.

Efficient mobile office: In a city always on the move, the MM Van serves as a mobile office space for healthcare or social workers, ensuring administrative tasks are performed efficiently.


Preventing overdoses:

Partition for privacy.: With a secure partition to increase privacy, the MM Van actively prevents overdoses, contributing to the city’s health and safety. 


The cost of these mobile medical vans in Washington, D.C. ranges between $125,000 – $225,000.


Your next steps with AVAN Mobility

You came to this article wondering about the mobile medical van cost in Washington, D.C.

If you’ve made it this far, you’ve learned about the different mobile medical vans we offer at AVAN Mobility and how much each they cost. 

We like being upfront about what we offer at AVAN Mobility. If you’re still looking for further information on pricing at this point, read our article on mobile medical van customization

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