5 Prospecting Strategies for Your Mobile Medical Unit

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Is your organization currently looking to purchase a mobile medical unit and you’re wondering how to make sure it reaches the right people? Missed opportunities in prospecting can lead to people not even knowing your mobile healthcare solutions exist. 

That means your program won’t be operating at full capacity.  Every missed connection could mean a missed chance to make a life-changing impact.

We’ve been manufacturing mobile medical units for over a decade here at AVAN Mobility. We know how important it is for your program to reach the right people after you purchase one of these vehicles. That’s why we’re here to provide you with some useful advice on prospecting strategies for your mobile medical unit.

After reading this article, you’ll have a better idea of how to reach the right market with your mobile medical unit. This will give you a good sense of direction after you finalize your purchase and receive one of these innovative mobile healthcare vehicles.


What is market prospecting with mobile medical units?

Market prospecting with a mobile medical unit is like searching for the perfect match between your healthcare solutions and the people who need them the most. Let’s break it down:

Think about this: Your organization finally has this fantastic, impactful mobile healthcare vehicle. Market prospecting is about figuring out who would benefit most from it. 

Once you identify potential users, it’s time to learn about them. What do they need? Where are they? Market prospecting involves digging into details to understand the communities that could benefit from your mobile medical unit.

Prospecting isn’t just about finding the right people; it’s about connecting. Imagine you have a map of the U.S. in front of you. After that, you mark the spots where your mobile medical unit can do the most good. Prospecting helps you build relationships with the people in those spots and connect your healthcare solutions with them.

Prospecting makes sure your mobile medical unit doesn’t just stay in the garage and collect dust. Effective prospecting ensures it hits the road and reaches the neighborhoods where your healthcare team can save lives. It’s about making a difference where it matters most.

In the next sections, you’ll learn about 5 prospecting strategies for your mobile medical unit.


1. Collaborate with the community

Collaboration is one of the most useful prospecting strategies that can put your mobile medical unit in the spotlight. This approach involves teaming up with local organizations, clinics, or community centers.

Why community collaboration?

Targeted reach: Partnering with local organizations allows you to tap into established networks. It helps you reach those who may benefit the most from your healthcare services.

Trust building: Communities often trust organizations they’re familiar with. Relationships help to build trust in your mobile medical units. 

More visibility: Associating with respected community partners boosts your visibility. Trusted partners can introduce your services to the community.


How do you get started with community collaboration?

Identify potential partners: Seek out local clinics, community centers, or non-profit organizations that align with your mission.

Build relationships: Connect with key individuals within these organizations, such as CEOs. Share your vision and discuss how your mobile medical unit can complement their efforts.

Joint outreach initiatives: Plan and partake in joint outreach events. This could include health fairs, informational sessions, or collaborative healthcare programs.

Utilize shared platforms: Use social media, newsletters, and community events to highlight your message. The combination of these things helps to expand your reach.


2. Use digital outreach to market your mobile medical unit

Another effective prospecting strategy for your mobile medical unit is digital outreach. This means using online tools and platforms to connect with the right people.

Why go digital?

Wider reach: The internet connects you to people all over the world. Digital outreach helps spread the word about your mobile medical unit and reach more individuals, even those in remote areas.

Quick information: In most cases, people search online for healthcare information. When you have an online presence, it ensures people can find your mobile medical unit when they need it.

Engaging content: Using websites and social media lets you share engaging content. This could be stories, videos, or helpful information about your healthcare services.


How to make digital outreach work

There are a couple of ways to get started with this prospecting strategy.

Create a website: Have a simple website that explains what your mobile medical unit offers. Make it easy for visitors to find essential information.

Be social: Use social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, or X (formerly known as Twitter). Share updates, stories, and details about your healthcare services. 

Use online ads: Consider using online ads to target specific groups. This ensures your message reaches those who will benefit the most from your mobile medical unit.


3. Get involved in local events and bring your mobile medical unit



Getting involved in local events with your mobile medical unit is a great prospecting strategy. It helps you figure out who’s interested in your healthcare services. This involves actively participating in local community events.

What’s the value of local connection?

Direct interaction: Attending local events lets you have face-to-face connections. It’s a chance to engage with the community, answer questions, and establish trust.

Focused: Involvement in events creates a more focused outreach. For example, there’s a local event going on and your mobile medical unit offers health screenings. People attending it will give you some insight based on how many people visit your unit.

How do you get started with local events?

Identify local events:  Seek out community gatherings, health fairs, or local festivals. After that, bring your mobile medical unit to some events. These events offer a platform to showcase your mobile medical unit. Make sure to connect with attendees at these events. Try to share insights about your healthcare services. Emphasize the positive contributions your mobile medical unit can make.

Educate through sessions: Offer informative sessions during local events. This raises awareness about your mobile medical unit. It also promotes health consciousness within the community. Always make sure to provide details about your mobile medical unit at these sessions so people know you exist.


4. Build trust in your mobile medical unit through testimonials and referrals

Encouraging satisfied clients to share their positive experiences creates trust. It also attracts new patients to your mobile healthcare services. Testimonials and referrals from happy patients save you a lot of work in having to market your services on your own.

Why focus on referrals and testimonials?

Word-of-mouth impact: People trust recommendations from friends or family. Encouraging referrals taps into this trust and creates a strong foundation for attracting new clients.

Real-life experiences: Testimonials provide real-life accounts of the positive impact of your mobile medical unit’s services. This authenticity resonates with potential clients while showcasing the genuine benefits of your services.

Community connection: Referrals and testimonials strengthen your ties within the community. It’s about creating a network of satisfied clients who become advocates for your healthcare services.


How do you get started with getting testimonials and referrals as a prospecting strategy?

While getting that first testimonial might take some effort, it has somewhat of a chain-link effect. One satisfied patient will spread the good news to their friend who will then visit your medical unit. That friend will then spread the positive experience to their family members who will also visit your medical unit, and so on. Here are a few ways to get testimonials:

Encourage feedback: Actively seek feedback from clients about their experiences. Make sure to encourage both positive and constructive input.

Share success stories: If you created a website, as we discussed in the second prospecting strategy on this list, you can showcase success stories through your website. Try to highlight the positive outcomes and impact on individuals’ lives.

Reward referrals: Implement programs that reward existing patients for recommending your mobile medical unit’s services to others in their network.


5. Use local news to prospect new markets with your mobile medical unit

The last prospecting strategy on this list is connecting through local news. This means teaming up with local or online news companies. You can also try radio stations or community websites to spread the word about your mobile healthcare services.

Why get on the local news?

Reach: Local news reaches lots of folks in a specific community. Getting on the local news in your target market allows more people to get to know about your mobile medical unit and what it offers.

Trust: When your mobile medical unit is talked about in local news, it builds trust. People tend to believe and trust information from sources they know well.

Strengthening ties: Using local news helps your mobile medical unit bond with the community. It shows that you’re active and making a difference in local healthcare.


How to work with local news

While working with the local news might not be as straightforward as some of the other prospecting strategies on this list, it’s still very useful. Here’s how you can get started:

Make connections: Try to get to know local reporters or people working in media. Share updates about your mobile medical unit’s activities and achievements with them.

It could be successful events, partnerships, or stories about how your services have helped people.

Use public service announcements: Reach out to a local news station and share public service announcements. These short messages can talk about your mobile medical unit’s services and raise awareness about health.

Join interviews: Offer chances for interviews or features to discuss your mobile medical unit’s mission and impact. This personal touch helps the community connect with what you’re doing.


What’s next?


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Our vast experience manufacturing mobile medical vehicles for over a decade at AVAN Mobility has enabled organizations to save countless lives. Following some of the prospecting strategies we discussed above will make sure you’re bringing your healthcare to people who need it most.


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