Top 5 Mobile Medical Unit Manufacturers in San Diego, California (Reviews/Ratings)

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Is your organization in California finally at the stage where you’ve secured funding and are ready to start looking for the best mobile medical unit manufacturers in San Diego? If you don’t choose the right manufacturer, it can jeopardize the well-being of patients and healthcare providers using the vehicle.

Subpar manufacturers might have a poor support and maintenance system that can result in operational downtime. You could potentially end up with a lackluster warranty package that could leave your organization vulnerable to unforeseen repair costs.

We don’t like seeing organizations run into issues like the ones we’ve mentioned above. At AVAN Mobility, we’ve been in the business of manufacturing mobile medical units for well over a decade. The last thing we want is for your organization to choose the wrong manufacturer, especially when the whole point of these vans is to help people and save lives. 

If your organization is located in San Diego and is struggling to find the right mobile medical vehicle manufacturer, you’ll want to keep reading. Keep in mind that even though the manufacturers highlighted in this article may not be directly located in San Diego, they do provide delivery to all over the U.S. 

Please note that we derive all the information in this article from publicly accessible details provided on the websites of each manufacturer.


1. LDV Custom Specialty Vehicles

LDV Custom Specialty Vehicles have been pioneers in designing a wide range of custom vehicles since 1977. They’re located in Wisconsin and in their history that spans over 40 years, they’ve earned an excellent reputation. They’ve manufactured more than 300,000 specialty vehicles, and this showcases their commitment to delivering top-tier solutions.

LDV recognizes that every organization is unique. The company excels at creating customized solutions for organizations with specific objectives. They do their best to understand your organization’s needs to craft the right vehicle for the job.

LDV’s expertise spans a wide spectrum. They have a lot of flexibility in their manufacturing and can meet the most demanding requirements.
They build each vehicle with the right balance of innovation, technology, and quality to ensure it lasts.

Vehicles offered by LDV Custom Specialty Vehicles include:

  • Tool trucks
  • Emergency response vehicles (mobile command centers, SWAT vehicles, DUI units)
  • Mobile medical vehicles (blood donation, vaccination, dentistry, mammography)
  • Bookmobiles


The customer is the center of everything at LDV. They have a responsive team that provides quick and efficient support. Great service and quality parts are behind everything LDV does.


2. Aleph Group, Inc.

If you’re looking for mobile medical unit manufacturers in San Diego and you’re also located there, you’re in luck. Aleph Group, Inc. (AGI) is located in Riverside, California, and is there to make a positive impact on lives with their mobile health clinics. The company was founded over 2 decades ago and has grown from a small operation to a well-known international manufacturer.

AGI is all about making a positive impact, and the company collaborates with organizations that serve society to achieve this goal. The CEO believes in taking proactive steps to address people’s needs. 

AGI is another company that understands each client is unique. That’s why they focus on efficiency, reliability, and customization while using top-notch materials.

AGI’s mobile medical clinics come in different designs, including cab & chassis, trailers, and containers of various lengths. These clinics range from 28’ to 45’ and meet high healthcare standards.

Types of vehicles by Aleph Group, Inc. include:

  • Mobile dental clinics
  • Mobile X-ray clinics
  • Bloodmobiles
  • Modular hospitals
  • Mobile education centers
  • Mobile command centers


3. Matthews Specialty Vehicles

Matthews Specialty Vehicles, Inc. has been a powerhouse in the industry since 1992. They design vehicles for public safety, education, and comprehensive mobile healthcare.

The company was founded over five decades ago by Robert E. and Justine Matthews. The company was initially a bus distributor. In 1992, they ventured into custom conversions and evolved into a global premier specialty vehicle manufacturer. Today, the company thrives with a wide range of vehicles and custom-built solutions to cater to San Diego’s unique needs.

Matthews Specialty Vehicles takes pride in offering an extensive selection of chassis. The featured heavy-duty 102″ wide body is a favorite amongst customers. Their vehicles range between 16 ft to over 45 ft in length and widths of 96 or 102 inches.

Matthews Specialty Vehicles has a straightforward core value passed down from Robert Matthews – “any job big or small, do it right, or not at all!” The company ensures customer satisfaction through planning, keeping promises, and delivering consistent, reliable service.

Matthews Specialty Vehicles has a variety of mobile units, including:

  • Mobile medical vehicles (coaches, motorhomes, trucks, vans)
  • Mobile vaccination vehicles
  • Mobile dental clinics
  • Mammography clinics
  • Behavior therapy clinics
  • Mobile eye testing clinics
  • Bloodmobiles
  • Mobile classrooms
  • Bookmobiles
  • Mobile command centers (SWAT, DUI, prison transportation)


4. La Boit Specialty Vehicles, Inc.

Over four decades ago, the president of La Boit Specialty Vehicles had a big idea. That was to create a strong vehicle to bring healthcare and other services to communities. Today, La Boit Specialty Vehicles Inc. is a leader in the industry that caters to America’s need for mobile medical units.

They originally focused on storage for veterinarians serving the equine industry. After a while, they shifted gears and began crafting mobile veterinary clinics. Later, they expanded into building mobile medical and dental units.

In response to 9/11, the versatility of their vehicles found a new role as law enforcement command centers. Each La Boit vehicle is carefully crafted by hand, ensuring attention to detail, quality, and safety.

All of the company’s vehicles are built to last. They use sturdy all-aluminum cages that provide the strength needed to haul equipment and cabinetry in the vehicles. The interiors are spacious and offer comfort for medical professionals working in the field. 

The designs are proven and time-tested, ensuring a safe and efficient layout. Custom-made cabinetry, constructed with 11-ply marine-grade plywood, is designed specifically for mobile use. 

The medical-grade materials make the surfaces easy to clean. The doors are heavy-duty and are designed using the same materials as the walls.

Some of the mobile medical clinic options include: 

  • 22ft mobile medical sprinter van
  • 26ft mobile medical clinic
  • 31ft mobile medical clinic
  • 34ft mobile medical clinic
  • 36/37ft mobile medical clinic
  • 40ft mobile medical clinic


Aside from the 40 ft mobile medical clinic that has options for 3 exam rooms, the rest of these clinic options feature 2 exam rooms. 

Beyond medical clinics for San Diego, they also manufacture: 

  • Mobile dental clinics
  • Mobile veterinary clinics
  • Spay/neuter clinics
  • Mobile command centers


5. Armor Mobile Systems

Armor Mobile Systems has been in the industry of manufacturing specialty vehicles for over 7 decades. The designs of their vehicles are all about functionality, and they have a well-equipped team and facility to get the job done.

Armor Mobile Systems has a total of 475,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space. They’re spread across Asia, Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio. At their facility in Ohio alone, they have over 250 employees who work to bring organizations’ vehicle dreams to life. 

Some of the different types of vehicles that the company manufactures are:

  • Mobile coaches: The mobile coaches are tailored for mammography, dental, and general healthcare needs.
  • Trailers: Their trailers are built for many different types of organizations, including those using PET, CT, and MRI scans.
  • Custom mobile trailers: Their custom mobile trailers are crafted to meet the unique and specific requirements of organizations.


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Mobile Medical Vehicle Manufacturers in San Diego
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You came to this article looking for the best mobile medical unit manufacturers in San Diego, California.

We hope this list of manufacturers has given you some more insight into which one might be right for your organization. 

After reading this article, you can see that none of the manufacturers solely dedicate themselves to crafting mobile medical vans through the vehicles they offer. At AVAN Mobility, we’re not into making tool trucks, bookmobiles, command centers, or anything of the sort. We specialize in mobile medical vans, and that’s all we make. 

Rest assured, we design our vehicles with the utmost care to meet your patient’s healthcare needs in a way that works for both them and your healthcare team. If you have any questions about our vehicles, click the button after this article to speak to a commercial mobility expert.

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