How Easy Is It to Start a Mobile Medical Clinic?

Mobile Medical Clinic Van with desk space and secured rolling chair.

Some organizations and communities experience a negative knee-jerk reaction when considering the idea of starting a mobile medical clinic. They think about:

  • Financial constraints
  • Logistical challenges
  • Regulatory hurdles
  • The safety of the clinic
  • If they’ll be able to engage effectively with the communities they’re providing healthcare to 


Starting a mobile medical clinic isn’t rocket science and is actually a lot easier than you think. With some careful planning, a solid effort, and a good manufacturer, your organization will be able to get one up and running.

At AVAN Mobility, we manufacture mobile medical vans so organizations like yours can help communities bring healthcare where it’s needed most. We understand that we aren’t a fit for all customers, but we want you to know we have a comprehensive knowledge of how to build medical van solutions that fit your needs.

Starting a mobile medical clinic with us is fairly straightforward, so you can start saving lives ASAP. With over 10 years of experience in manufacturing these units, you can rely on us for vehicles that offer smooth operations and have big impacts on your target communities.

As you read this article, you’ll start to see that it’s not all that difficult to start a mobile medical clinic. We hope that you’ll feel a little more positive and hopeful about your organization’s decision to begin your life-saving project by the time you’re finished reading. 


What are the biggest obstacles in starting a mobile medical clinic?

While starting a mobile medical clinic isn’t as hard as you think, it does come with some obstacles. One of the biggest obstacles organizations face is securing the finances for these vehicles.



Here’s how to tackle financial obstacles with a little more confidence:

Plan wisely: Take the time to plan your organization’s finances toward getting a mobile medical clinic. Break down all of the costs involved and see what equipment you need for the services you’ll provide.

Check out our article on the cost of a mobile medical van for a better idea of what you can expect to be spending. Keep in mind that costs will vary depending on several factors, including what type of vehicle you get.

Explore funding options: Sometimes, it feels a little too easy to worry about funding. Remember, there are lots of ways to get support. Look into grants, sponsorships, crowdfunding, and partnerships with local businesses or healthcare providers.

Read through our articles on securing grants for mobile health clinics and how you can apply for mobile health grants to make this step easier. 

Team up with the community: Get the community involved! Share your vision and show them how the clinic will benefit everyone. People and local businesses might be eager to help out.

Celebrate success: Don’t forget to celebrate each step forward. Thank your donors and volunteers, and let them know how much their support means to you.

With a positive effort, a good attitude, the right connections, and creative thinking, your organization will eventually have the money it needs to make your mobile medical clinic dreams a reality.



The next hurdle you might experience some frustration with is navigating the world of regulations and permits. Here are a few tips to make this part a bit easier:

Understand the regulations: Take time to understand the rules for mobile medical clinics. This includes healthcare standards, transportation laws, and local requirements. Every state may have different rules and regulations, which leads us to our next point.

Get expert help: Ask legal experts or consultants for advice. They can guide you through the regulations and make this process a lot easier.

Make a checklist: Write down all the permits and licenses you need so you stay organized and on top of things. 

Start early: If the state where you’re operating requires certain permits, apply for them as soon as possible. Some of them can take a while to get, so it’s best to start early.

Check compliance: Make sure your clinic meets all the rules. Check things like medical equipment, cleanliness, and patient privacy. For example, if you’re running a mobile dental clinic in Louisiana, you need an emergency kit, portable oxygen, and a sterilization system on board.

Mobile dental and medical clinics have to follow the same rules as regular clinics. This means they need to meet state licensure requirements and guidelines. These rules ensure that they provide safe and high-quality healthcare to patients, just like regular clinics. 

This could involve things like:

  • Making sure the staff are qualified
  • Keeping things clean
  • Protecting patient privacy


To learn more about the specific rules for operating a mobile medical clinic in your state, check out the state regulations guide. This guide breaks down the rules for each state. It’ll make it easier for your organization to understand what you need to do to stay compliant with regulations. 




Mobile Medical Clinic Van
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Finding the right manufacturer for your mobile medical clinic is fairly straightforward. However, it can feel somewhat tedious if you’re not dealing with the right ones. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Research your options: Some manufacturers in the U.S. design and build all sorts of specialty vehicles. Because your goal is to start a mobile medical program, look specifically for manufacturers specializing only in building mobile medical vehicles. 

Figure out your needs: Consider the size, layout, and special features required for your clinic. Confirm with the manufacturer that they can customize your vehicle exactly how you envision it.

Check customer feedback: Ask other healthcare organizations about their experiences with manufacturers. Look for reviews online.

Ensure quality and compliance: Make sure the manufacturer follows industry standards and regulations. Check certifications and inspect sample vehicles if possible.

Consider support services: Choose a manufacturer that offers good customer support and maintenance services. Ask about warranty coverage.

Here are a couple of articles highlighting the differences between a few mobile medical unit manufacturers in the U.S.:



Are mobile medical clinics easy to set up?

Running a mobile medical clinic is much simpler than you might imagine. 

Ease of mobility: Mobile medical vehicles (vans specifically) are designed for convenience. They’re easy to drive and park, allowing you to effortlessly reach patients in various locations.

Simple licensing requirements: In many states, only a regular driver’s license is required to operate a mobile medical clinic. However, checking your state’s licensure requirements is essential to confirm this.

Features: These vehicles come fully equipped with everything you need. The Mobile Clinic Van from AVAN Mobility includes:

  • A sink for handwashing
  • Fridge for storing medications
  • Cabinets for supplies
  • Exam bed for patient examinations
  • Reliable power supply for medical equipment


Mobile clinics offer many of the amenities of a traditional brick-and-mortar clinic. With these features and ease of operation, setting up and running a mobile medical clinic becomes a straightforward and manageable task. You can provide quality healthcare services directly to those in need without the complexities often associated with traditional healthcare facilities.

Check out the video below from one of our clients that describes how basic the setup is for their Mobile Clinic Van. 



When you’re setting up a mobile medical clinic, it helps to create a checklist to help you make sure you’re not missing anything during the process. 


Get started with your Mobile Medical Clinic


Medical Medical Van interior


There’s a good chance you landed on this article while researching how to start a mobile medical clinic.

We hope this information has given you some more insight into the feasibility of starting one.

If you have any lingering questions about starting a mobile medical clinic, click the button below to reach out to one of our commercial mobility specialists for extra support. These vehicles are all about breaking barriers and saving lives, and at AVAN Mobility, that’s what motivates us to keep manufacturing them. 

We’ll leave you with a few more helpful resources to steer you in the right direction as you begin your mobile medical clinic journey.

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