P4 3-in-1 Van: The Ultimate Wheelchair, Ambulatory, and Stretcher Transport Solution?

Exterior view of P4 3-in-1 Van

Are you an organization struggling to manage multiple vehicles to transport patients in wheelchairs, ambulatory patients, and those needing stretcher transport? The cost and hassle of maintaining three different vehicles can be overwhelming. Not to mention, coordinating logistics for each transportation type can become a scheduling nightmare. You’re probably thinking, “There has to be a […]

Who is AVAN Mobility?

Finding the right mobile medical van manufacturer can be a daunting task. Some of the challenges your organization might run into while looking for one are:  Limited options: You might find it difficult to find a manufacturer that will meet your specific needs. Quality concerns: Finding a manufacturer that consistently and reliably meets safety and […]

What Is Stretcher Transport and How Does It Work?

Mobile Response Unit Van with AutoFloor for seating arrangements and stretcher space

Reliable stretcher transport ensures safe and comfortable transfer for patients. It also encourages dignity, and respect, and contributes to an inclusive healthcare system. Without stretcher transport, patients will experience delays in reaching the hospital. They’ll be prone to safety risks that can lead to discomfort and injuries. This also puts a strain on caregivers. Imagine […]

What Is a NEMT Van Used for?

NEMT van

Is your organization curious about non-emergency medical transportation? After reading this article, you’ll know exactly what the NEMT is used for.

What Does AVAN Mobility Actually Do?

At AVAN Mobility, we’re all about manufacturing mobile medical vehicles for organizations that help people across the U.S. with healthcare needs.

4 Types of Mobile Medical Units

overdose prevention van with awning

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the four types of mobile medical units–from what each van does, to how you can use it, to who is using it right now.