How Does the Internet in Mobile Medical Vehicles Work?

Are you wondering how the internet in mobile medical vehicles works? Read this article to find out how you can connect to the internet even in remote areas.

Without the internet in mobile medical vehicles, it’s tough to stay connected with central healthcare systems. Having no internet also hinders real-time retrieval of patient records. It can lead to logistical issues and efficient scheduling, and can even cause diagnostic challenges when you’re with your patients because you can’t access their records.

At AVAN Mobility, we don’t think your patients should pay the penalty for mobile medical vehicles not staying connected to the internet. We’re writing this article so that you’re aware of a couple of different options that allow you to stay connected no matter where you are.

In this article, you’ll learn why staying connected to the internet in mobile medical vehicles is so important. We’ll leave you with some recommendations on how you can do exactly that so your patients get the best healthcare possible. 


Why should mobile medical vehicles be connected to the internet?

Mobile medical vehicles are like moving clinics that bring healthcare to people in different places in the U.S., even where it’s hard to find a hospital. When these vans are connected to the internet, they can do even more things to help more people. 


Accessibility to health information

When mobile medical vehicles have access to the internet, the doctors and nurses inside can quickly find important health information about their patients. It’s like having a big, always-updated book of medical history. This means they can give the best care and make the right decisions because they have the latest information right when they need it.


Easy communication with other doctors

Internet access lets the medical team in the mobile medical vehicle talk easily with doctors in hospitals, as well as other experts in the field. If they have a tough medical case while serving patients in a remote area, they can get advice fast. With better communication because of the internet, the medical team can provide better care to patients.


Keeping patient records online

With the internet, your healthcare team in the mobile medical vehicle can access patient electronic health records. This is a way of keeping all the health information about a patient in one safe and private online storage system. If the patient goes to a hospital at a later date, the doctors there can see what healthcare was provided in the mobile medical unit. This helps other medical teams decide what to do for the patient.


Video chats with doctors

Telemedicine is another great thing that’s made available due to internet connectivity in mobile medical vehicles. It means doctors and patients can talk through video chat. For people who live far from hospitals, this is really helpful. Patients can get advice from a doctor without traveling a long way. It’s like a doctor’s visit but through a screen.

All of these things we talked about are a big step in making sure everyone can get the help they need when they need it.


How do you connect to the internet in a mobile medical vehicle?

The importance of reliable internet to deliver top-notch healthcare solutions where they’re needed the most cannot be overstated. Let’s dive into how you can connect and use the internet on the move.


Options for connectivity

When it comes to connecting to the internet inside of a mobile medical vehicle, there are primarily two options you can rely on: cellular networks and satellite networks.


Cellular Networks


  • Widely available in urban and remote areas
  • Relatively affordable
  • Seamless connectivity in most situations



  • Signal strength may vary in extremely remote locations


Satellite Networks


  • Global coverage, even in remote regions
  • Suitable for areas with limited or no cellular infrastructure



  • Requires clear line-of-sight to the sky
  • Susceptible to interference from trees and obstacles
  • Can be costly compared to cellular options


Satellite internet, while comprehensive, comes with its unique set of challenges. It works best when there are minimal obstructions like trees or buildings. So, when parking the mobile medical vehicle, it’s essential to choose spots with a clear view of the sky. This ensures a stable and consistent connection.

On the flip side, cellular networks offer a solution that’s a bit more flexible. You don’t need to worry about finding the perfect parking spot with an unobstructed view. There are many areas of the country where the signal is usually strong and reliable. This makes it a practical choice for mobile medical units that operate in diverse environments.

One thing to keep in mind with using cellular networks for internet service is that if you’re bringing your mobile medical vehicle to very remote regions of the U.S., you might run into connectivity issues.


What is Starlink?

Through our extensive experience at AVAN Mobility, we’ve discovered that Starlink stands out as the optimal internet solution for mobile medical vehicles. Here’s why:

Global coverage: Starlink provides internet coverage across the globe, ensuring connectivity in even the most remote locations.

Reliability: With low Earth orbit satellites, Starlink minimizes latency and enhances reliability. This is especially important if you’re frequently using the internet for video calling purposes. If you’re going to be providing telemedicine from your mobile medical vehicle, you need a reliable and stable internet connection.

Easy setup: Installing and setting up Starlink is straightforward. It can streamline your mobile medical operations and keep you focused on what matters most – saving lives.


How much does Starlink cost?

Starlink’s Mobile Regional plan would be the plan that works best for mobile medical vehicles. The hardware cost comes with a price tag of $599, and the monthly costs start at $150. Keep in mind this price is based on current publicly available information online and will vary.

You have the flexibility to halt or resume your service whenever you need it. Billing occurs on a monthly basis, so you have the freedom to tailor your service according to your specific program requirements. That means if you’re ever going to be putting a pause on your mobile medical services, you can easily just pause your internet service at the same time.

With many other internet providers, you’re stuck with contracts. This can put a strain on your organization’s finances if you’re ever needing to pause things. 

Starlink can be used even while your mobile medical vehicle is in motion. The flat, high-performance hardware is designed for permanent installation on your vehicle. 

Will it work in poor weather conditions? Starlink is manufactured to withstand various weather challenges, ensuring strong performance even in adverse conditions. This resilient technology is capable of melting snow and standing up to sleet, heavy rain, and harsh winds. 

Its design prioritizes durability and guarantees a reliable and consistent internet connection so you can use the internet without any issues, no matter what the weather is like outside. 


What’s next?

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You came to this article wondering how the internet in mobile medical vehicles works.

If you’ve made it this far, you now know that you have a couple of internet options available to choose from.

At AVAN Mobility, our goal has always been to help organizations like yours reduce barriers to people receiving healthcare around the U.S. Unreliable internet service should never be a concern that prohibits you from helping your patients.

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