What Is the Cost of a Mobile Medical Clinic in Michigan?

If your organization is looking to purchase a mobile medical clinic in Michigan and you’re wondering about the costs, you’ll want to read this article.
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Are you trying to start a mobile medical clinic in Michigan and are wondering what the costs involved with that are? When you’re unaware of the cost before purchasing one of these vehicles, you’ll run into budgeting challenges, delayed decision-making, missed funding opportunities, and hurdles in your fundraising efforts.

At AVAN Mobility, we’re all about transparency with our mobile medical vans. We know how important it is to know exactly what you’re getting involved in when it comes to making a large purchase. That’s exactly why we’re writing this article for you. So you have a clearer idea of the costs you can expect when purchasing a mobile medical clinic.

After reading this, you’ll have a better grasp of what it costs to buy a mobile medical clinic in Michigan. Keep in mind that the prices mentioned in this article are based on information available at the time of publication and serve as a guide for expected expenses; actual costs may vary.


Why get a mobile medical clinic in Michigan?

Issue: In Michigan, 18 rural hospitals are in big financial trouble, and this is about 25.4% of all the rural hospitals in the state. These hospitals might have to close down if things don’t improve. It’s a serious situation that could affect people’s access to healthcare in these areas.

People in rural areas of Michigan have a harder time getting healthcare. 1.8 million people live in rural areas, and that makes up 18% of the entire state’s population. They need to travel farther to see a doctor, have fewer choices for doctors, and often don’t have enough healthcare providers. 

They usually have less money but live in places where healthcare is more expensive. This makes it tough for them to get the healthcare they need.

What’s the solution? Mobile medical clinics are the perfect solution to this issue for a few reasons.

  • Healthcare on wheels: These clinics can roll into rural areas, meaning no more crazy-long trips to the hospital.


  • More choices: With mobile clinics, patients get more options for seeing doctors and getting the healthcare they need.


  • Filling in the gaps: Mobile clinics help out where there aren’t enough healthcare providers.


  • Budget-friendly: They’re a cost-effective way to bring healthcare to areas where people might not have loads of money. Many mobile clinics are run by volunteers.


Continue reading to learn all about the costs involved with purchasing a mobile medical clinic. Keep in mind that the prices listed are estimates and are subject to change.


What’s the cost of a mobile medical clinic in Michigan?

Mobile Clinic Vehicle
Mobile Clinic Van – Patent pending


You’re looking at a price tag somewhere between $125,000 and $225,000 for a mobile medical clinic in Michigan. The final cost depends on the level of customization you want to get inside the clinic.

There are also a couple of other costs to consider in addition to that price.

Administration fee: The $1,000 administration fee helps to ensure all of the logistics and paperwork are taken care of before you receive your mobile medical clinic. 

Delivery fees: Our mobile medical vans have an average delivery fee of about $6,500. This fee ensures that your vehicles are safely and promptly transported to your organization.

State taxes: Let’s say your organization goes for the Mobile Clinic Van with a hypothetical price of $180,000. With the 6% sales tax rate in Michigan, the sales tax would be $10,800. Adding this to the base cost, the total cost of the Mobile Clinic Van, including sales tax, would be $190,800.


What about mobile medical clinic customization costs?

At AVAN Mobility, we’re all about making sure your mobile medical vehicle fits your organization just right. That’s why we’ve got a bunch of customization options for our vehicles. Let’s check out some of the features you can add and how much they’ll cost.


Individual seating options – $1,500

If your organization is into the idea of having individual seating in your mobile medical vehicle, it’s an additional cost of $1,500. Now, why go for it? Well, having separate seats is more than just a seating arrangement. It’s about offering privacy. Sometimes, patients need a space to discuss personal health matters confidentially.

This not only fosters trust but also encourages open discussions about health. Considering the family-oriented vibe in Michigan, individual seats make it easier for parents to be present with their kids during appointments. This helps to create a more family-friendly healthcare environment.


Extra windows – $2,000/window

If you want to add additional windows to your mobile medical clinic, it’ll cost $2,000 per window. Michigan, with its Great Lakes and scenic landscapes, has its own charm. It boasts its fair share of sunny days, and extra windows in your medical vehicle could make a big difference.

In Michigan, we know the weather isn’t always sunny and warm. It can get pretty chilly. However, those extra windows serve a dual purpose. Beyond letting in more natural light, which is crucial for creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere inside the vehicle, they also improve airflow. Michigan summers can still be warm, and a well-ventilated medical vehicle can make it more comfortable for both patients and the medical team.

Extra windows in your mobile medical vehicle can also help to reduce feelings of confinement or anxiety during medical checkups. 


Barred windows – $1,500

Safety is a top priority in Michigan, just like anywhere else in the U.S.. That’s why we offer an option to customize your mobile medical vehicle with barred windows for an additional $1,500.

Why consider barred windows? Simple – they add an extra layer of protection. Whether you’re in bustling cities like Detroit or laid-back towns, safety is crucial. Barred windows help keep patients and the medical team safer during their journeys.

These bars aren’t just for show. They act as a deterrent, clearly conveying that your mobile medical vehicle is secure. It’s like a “hands-off” sign, discouraging anyone with ill intentions from trying to steal or damage anything inside.


Custom medical equipment – $2,500 – $75,000

In Michigan, active lifestyles bring both joy and the occasional sprain. You can customize your mobile medical clinic with medical equipment starting at $2,500. The more specific equipment you get, the more accurate the diagnoses and treatments will be.

Michigan’s proximity to the unpredictable Great Lakes makes disaster readiness a must. AVAN Mobility’s range of medical devices, especially imaging tools like X-rays, becomes crucial for community well-being during emergencies.

Costs vary widely depending on your needs, ranging up to $75,000. Organizations are advised to clearly define their needs before diving into purchases, ensuring wise investments for Michigan’s health.


Extra lighting – $1,500

With a $1,500 price tag, you can make your mobile medical clinic in Michigan safer and more effective. There are a few reasons to add extra lighting.

Michigan gets snowy in winter. More lights help you see better in the early morning and late evening, making it safer. It also has many different landscapes, and you might go to remote areas with your van. Extra lights help brighten the area, especially in spots with few street lights.

Lights are super important for emergencies. Extra lights can be helpful if you’re parked in a dark place or helping a patient at night. In addition, when you’re at community events or outreach programs, having good lights makes your van easier to find and more welcoming for people.


Locks and cabinet tinting – $2,000

For an additional $2,000, you can boost the security and privacy of your van with locks and medicine cabinet tinting. 

You might be taking your mobile medical clinic to different neighborhoods in Michigan, like Detroit. The last thing you want is criminals trying to break into your van and stealing any type of drugs. Upgrading locks adds an extra layer of protection for your equipment and supplies.

Tinting the medicine cabinet windows also ensures privacy for your patients. It’s a small touch that makes a big difference, especially when you’re parked in busy or public areas.

Upgrading your mobile medical clinic with locks and cabinet tinting also gives it a sleek and professional appearance. It’s not just about functionality; it’s about making a positive impression in the communities you serve.


Awning – $5,000

Consider improving your Michigan mobile medical clinic with a valuable awning upgrade, available at a cost of $5,000. This addition is both practical and enhances the overall look.

Michigan’s changing weather requires smart upgrades for mobile medical clinics. The awning acts like a shield against unexpected weather like rain, snow, and strong sunlight. This ensures your van can keep working in different conditions by providing a safe and covered space for medical work and talking with patients.

The awning does more than just protect from the weather. It makes a nicer space for patients. With a covered and inviting area, it creates a comfortable place for patients during medical visits. This upgrade turns your mobile medical van into a flexible and friendly unit, ready for different weather while keeping things professional and patient-focused.





Your next steps with AVAN Mobility

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You came to this article looking for more information regarding the costs of a mobile medical clinic in Michigan

You learned about the overall cost range of our mobile medical clinic, as well as what it costs to customize one of these vehicles.

At AVAN Mobility, we’re all about making sure your mobile medical vehicles fit your needs. Our team of professional technicians and engineers do their best to create innovative designs that create a space where you can serve your patients in the best ways possible.

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After that, read our article on the payment options for mobile medical vans. You’ll find this article helpful if you end up deciding to choose us to partner with on your journey.

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