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If your program or organization is in the market for a mobile medical van in Houston, one of the most important things to know is the mobile medical van cost. A manufacturer that isn’t transparent about the costs can cause the whole purchasing process to be more time-consuming and frustrating than it needs to be. 

With over 10 years of experience in manufacturing mobile medical vans for hundreds of clients, we at AVAN Mobility know the benefits of being transparent about pricing. No one wants to deal with hidden charges when they’re investing big money into something for their company. That’s why we’re writing this article on the cost of a mobile medical van in Houston for you.

In this article, you’ll learn:

  • The purposes of a mobile medical van in the Houston metro area
  • Cost of a mobile medical van in Houston specifically
  • Costs of customizing a mobile medical van in general


Keep in mind that all prices highlighted in this article are estimates and are subject to change.

What’s the purpose of a mobile medical van in Houston?

In Houston, many folks face challenges when it comes to getting the medical care they need. Houston is a big city, but not everyone can easily reach a doctor’s office or a hospital. Here’s why a mobile medical van in Houston is important:

1. Houston’s size: Houston is massive and has a population of 2,264,876 people. A lot of people live far from medical facilities. Many people in Houston simply don’t have access to transportation to reach a proper medical clinic. A mobile medical van can go where the people are, reducing the distance they have to travel.

2. Diverse population: Houston is a melting pot with people from all walks of life. The city has residents from over 145 countries who speak over 145 different languages. Low-income, uninsured, homeless, immigrant, or refugee communities benefit from how a mobile medical van can serve the diverse healthcare needs of the community.

3. Traffic troubles: Houston drivers wasted 46 hours in 2021 due to traffic congestion, and it’s ranked as the third worst city in the country for traffic. Mobile medical vans save time and hassle by bringing healthcare services closer to your client’s homes.

4. Emergency response: The last hurricane that directly hit Houston was Hurricane Harvey in August 2017. It was a Category 4 storm that caused catastrophic flooding, damage, and deaths in the region. In emergencies like hurricanes, mobile medical vans can provide vital medical support quickly.

5. Health disparities: Some areas of Houston that lack easy access to healthcare are those that have a high percentage of uninsured, low-income, or minority residents. A few examples are the Third Ward, Fifth Ward, Sunnyside, and Acres Homes areas. Mobile medical vans bridge these gaps, making healthcare more equitable.

Mobile medical vans in Houston make healthcare accessible, reaching people where they are, reducing travel, and addressing the unique needs of this vibrant city. It’s a lifeline to better health for Houstonians.


What does a mobile medical van cost in Houston?


Mobile Medical Clinic Van


The cost of a mobile medical van in Houston ranges between $125,000 to $225,000. The exact cost your organization will end up paying depends on the level of customization you’d like to see in your vehicle and what type of mobile medical van you want. At AVAN Mobility, we offer four different types of mobile medical units that can be set up according to your organization’s requirements. 


The base cost of a mobile medical van in Houston includes interior features like floor-to-ceiling cabinetry, adequate desk space, a reliable power supply, rear heat and air conditioning, and a clean, comfortable working environment.


Additional costs

The base price of your mobile medical van is subject to an administration fee of $1,000. This fee covers things like paperwork on logistics, and ensuring your purchasing process is compliant with regulations. 

There will also be transportation and delivery fees that average around $6,000 depending on what state the mobile medical van will be delivered to.

Sales and use tax in Houston is currently 8.25%. At a hypothetical price of $130,000 for a van, your tax on that would be $10,725.


Cost of customizing a mobile medical van in Houston

You can customize your mobile medical van with many features to make it suit the needs of your organization. Let’s take a look at some of the additional components and their associated costs.


Medical equipment ($2,500 – $75,000)

With Houston being the fourth most populous city in the U.S., customizing your mobile medical van with specific medical equipment is important to serving your target population. 

Around 11% of Houston’s population consists of people over age 65. People over the age of 65 are more susceptible to bone fractures, with half of women and 25% of men in this age group experiencing an age-related bone fracture at some point in their lifetime. Your organization can get a portable X-ray machine and visit the homes of the elderly who have been injured without the need for them to travel to a clinic.

In addition, Houston is susceptible to natural disasters like floods and hurricanes. During emergencies, your mobile medical van can use its diagnostic medical equipment for tests. Depending on what equipment your organization needs, the price ranges between $2,500 and $75,000.


Awning ($5,000)


overdose prevention van with awning


Houston’s weather is unpredictable. Summers can get scorching hot and also come with occasional rain showers. An awning provides much-needed shade and shelter for patients waiting outside the van. It shields them from the intense sun and keeps them dry when the rain decides to fall. 

Having an awning extends your mobile medical van’s operational hours. You can serve patients during peak sun hours without worrying about overheating or discomfort. This flexibility ensures that you can reach and assist more people in need. Expect to pay $5,000 for this upgrade.


Individual seating options ($1,500)

One of the features that mobile medical vans offer is individual seating options. This means that each patient has their own seat and space inside the van, instead of sharing a bench or a table with others. 

Individual seating options cost $1,500, but they have many benefits. They improve patient privacy, comfort, and safety. They also reduce the risk of spreading infections or diseases among patients and staff. Without individual seating options, patients can feel uncomfortable, unsafe, or exposed to infections.


Extra windows ($2,000/window)

 You have the option to include extra windows in your organization’s mobile medical van. If you choose this customization option, the van will have more openings to let in natural light and fresh air. They can improve the visibility, mood, and energy of the people inside the van.

Extra windows are important for mobile medical vans specifically in Houston because it has a warm and humid climate that can make the inside of the van very hot and stuffy. Extra windows cost $2,000 per van.


Bars over windows ($1,500)

The crime rate in Houston is a bit higher than the national average across the U.S. If your organization is running a mobile medical program in the evening and nighttime hours, you’re going to want bars over the windows for added safety and security. 

Barred windows protect the medical equipment, supplies, staff, and patients inside the van from theft, damage, or personal injury. They also deter criminals from targeting the van. You can get bars over your mobile medical van’s windows for $1,500.


Additional lighting ($1,500)


Lighting example


The blazing Texan sun in Houston gets unbearably hot during the daytime hours. With additional lighting, you can extend your operational hours into the cooler evenings, making healthcare more accessible to the communities you’re serving.

Additional lighting also improves the accessibility of your van, especially in poorly lit areas. Better lighting ensures patients can see your organization’s van and reach out for medical assistance. Customizing your van with more lighting costs $1,500.


Medicine cabinet tinting and locks ($2,000)

Medication theft is common in Houston, and if people are going to try robbing a spay-neuter clinic, they’ll most likely try to rob a mobile medical van. Tinted cabinets prevent curious onlookers from seeing the contents of the cabinets. The locks prevent unauthorized access and keep your cabinets safeguarded from theft.

Keep in mind that all prices in this article vary and are subject to change.


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You landed on this article trying to figure out the mobile medical van cost in Houston, Texas. 

Now that you’ve made it this far, you know about the cost ranges and additional costs associated with customizing your mobile medical vehicle.

Our goal at AVAN Mobility is to help organizations that help people. We do this by manufacturing mobile medical vans that are accessible to everyone. If you’re searching for vehicle options that’ll let you take your services to your clients, we can help.

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