Is There a Bathroom in Mobile Medical Vans?

Rear view of a Mobile Clinic Van

A common question we often get asked is if there’s a bathroom in mobile medical vans. While a bathroom in mobile medical vans can add some convenience, it can also limit your space and take up valuable room that could be used for medical equipment. A bathroom can also increase your resource consumption, including water […]

Top 5 Problems With a Longer Wheelbase on Mobile Medical Vehicles

Mobile Medical Unit

Is your organization currently in the midst of starting a mobile medical program? When you get to the point of starting to research manufacturers, one of the things you’ll likely hear about is the wheelbase on mobile medical vehicles. Choosing the vehicle with the wrong wheelbase can affect maneuverability, costs, parking, and the weight distribution […]

How Do You Ensure Patient Comfort in Mobile Medical Clinic Vans?

Mobile Medical Clinic Van

It’s normal for patients to experience anxiety when they go to the hospital for any type of medical test or procedure. It can even cause negative emotional and physical symptoms like pain, discomfort, embarrassment, irritability, and stress. It’s important to ensure patient comfort in mobile medical clinic vans so your patients don’t experience these things. […]

How Do You Develop Partnerships for Your Mobile Medical Vehicle?

Developing partnerships with a mobile medical van

Are you trying to learn how to develop partnerships for your mobile medical vehicle? Without partnerships, you’ll find that your outreach will be limited. You might also find it more difficult to find resources and funding to even get your mobile medical program off of the ground without the right partnerships. At AVAN Mobility, we’ve […]