How Much Does a Mobile Clinic Van Cost in Virginia?

Mobile Medical Clinic Van

Around 88% of Virginia is rural and the vast majority of people living in this state consider the communities they live in as rural areas. A lot of these areas don’t have good access to healthcare. That’s why it makes sense for organizations to wonder about the Mobile Clinic Van cost in Virginia before diving […]

Breaking Down The Price of Mobile Medical Units In The US

So, you’re starting to save up for a mobile medical van. But you can’t budget properly without knowing what a mobile medical van will cost in 2024. Maybe you’re a nonprofit trying to help remote communities get access to basic healthcare. Or, maybe you’re an organization/company that needs to provide non-emergency patient transportation without calling […]

Who is AVAN Mobility?

Finding the right mobile medical van manufacturer can be a daunting task. Some of the challenges your organization might run into while looking for one are:  Limited options: You might find it difficult to find a manufacturer that will meet your specific needs. Quality concerns: Finding a manufacturer that consistently and reliably meets safety and […]

What Is the Cost of a Stretcher Transport Van?

cost of a stretcher transport van

Does your organization provide stretcher transportation services and you’re currently wondering what the cost of a stretcher transport van is? Without transparent pricing, your organization will struggle to plan its budget. A lack of pricing information can also cause the risk of overspending. No pricing information makes it much more difficult to compare vendors than […]

Mobile Medical Van Cost in Houston, Texas

Mobile Clinic Vehicle

If your program or organization is in the market for a mobile medical van in Houston, one of the most important things to know is the mobile medical van cost. A manufacturer that isn’t transparent about the costs can cause the whole purchasing process to be more time-consuming and frustrating than it needs to be.  […]

Mobile Clinic Van Cost in Los Angeles

View of a mobile medical vehicle

Finding out the cost of a mobile clinic van can be time-consuming in such a large city. Read our article on the mobile clinic van cost in Los Angeles for more information.