What Are the Benefits of Mobile Medical Clinic Grants?

Mobile Medical Clinic Van

Is your organization currently in the phase where it’s starting to research mobile medical clinic grants? When you can’t secure grants for your mobile medical clinic, you may have a difficult time acquiring the resources to get your program going. This can cause a gap in the growing need for mobile healthcare services and halt […]

Is There a Bathroom in Mobile Medical Vans?

Rear view of a Mobile Clinic Van

A common question we often get asked is if there’s a bathroom in mobile medical vans. While a bathroom in mobile medical vans can add some convenience, it can also limit your space and take up valuable room that could be used for medical equipment. A bathroom can also increase your resource consumption, including water […]

P4 3-in-1 Van: The Ultimate Wheelchair, Ambulatory, and Stretcher Transport Solution?

Exterior view of P4 3-in-1 Van

Are you an organization struggling to manage multiple vehicles to transport patients in wheelchairs, ambulatory patients, and those needing stretcher transport? The cost and hassle of maintaining three different vehicles can be overwhelming. Not to mention, coordinating logistics for each transportation type can become a scheduling nightmare. You’re probably thinking, “There has to be a […]

What Are the Top 5 U.S. Locations for Impactful Mobile Overdose Prevention Sites?

Mobile overdose prevention van rear opening

In 2022 alone, it’s estimated that more than 109,000 people died from drug overdoses in the U.S. that could have been prevented. This number has skyrocketed by almost 800% since 1999. But how do you prevent drug overdoses if you don’t know which locations around the U.S. to set up mobile overdose prevention sites? When […]

How Much Does a Mobile Clinic Van Cost in Virginia?

Mobile Medical Clinic Van

Around 88% of Virginia is rural and the vast majority of people living in this state consider the communities they live in as rural areas. A lot of these areas don’t have good access to healthcare. That’s why it makes sense for organizations to wonder about the Mobile Clinic Van cost in Virginia before diving […]

Mobile Overdose Prevention vs. Harm Reduction Centers

Mobile overdose prevention van rear opening

Has your organization ever wondered how to best tackle the opioid crisis? If so, you might find yourself caught between the options of a mobile overdose prevention site vs. harm reduction center. Without clearly knowing how to approach this, your organization might misallocate resources, and the impact of this crisis on communities will only continue […]

Top 5 Problems With a Longer Wheelbase on Mobile Medical Vehicles

Mobile Medical Unit

Is your organization currently in the midst of starting a mobile medical program? When you get to the point of starting to research manufacturers, one of the things you’ll likely hear about is the wheelbase on mobile medical vehicles. Choosing the vehicle with the wrong wheelbase can affect maneuverability, costs, parking, and the weight distribution […]

How Easy Is It to Start a Mobile Medical Clinic?

Mobile Medical Clinic Van with desk space and secured rolling chair.

Some organizations and communities experience a negative knee-jerk reaction when considering the idea of starting a mobile medical clinic. They think about: Financial constraints Logistical challenges Regulatory hurdles The safety of the clinic If they’ll be able to engage effectively with the communities they’re providing healthcare to    Starting a mobile medical clinic isn’t rocket […]

10 Ways How Mobile Medical Clinics Break Barriers to Healthcare

Reduce barriers to healthcare with the Mobile Clinic Van.

Organizations all over the U.S. have started and are starting mobile medical clinics to break barriers to healthcare. Some of the barriers preventing people from getting healthcare include: Limited access to healthcare facilities Affordability issues Lack of understanding of healthcare services Cultural/language barriers Social stigma around health conditions   At AVAN Mobility, we manufacture specialized […]

What Is the Size of Mobile Medical Vans?

Medical Medical Van interior

Has your organization finally decided to get a mobile medical van manufactured, or are you still trying to figure out what type of vehicle to get? There are many different types and formats of these vehicles to choose from.  Choosing the wrong size means you might not have enough space for medical equipment, staff, and […]

What Is the Crisis Care Mobile Units (CCMU) Program Grant in California?

Mobile Clinic Van

Often, when people urgently need medical help, it’s tough for your organization to provide it because they’re either too far away or you don’t have the right tools and resources.  Your team might feel a lot of pressure because every minute is important in these situations. You’re looking for ways to reach more people quickly […]

What Are the Top 5 Barriers to Healthcare?

Woman in a traditional pregnancy center

Is your organization currently looking for ways to resolve barriers to healthcare across the U.S.? With over 70% of U.S. adults feeling that the healthcare system fails to meet their needs, healthcare barriers are issues that need to be looked at. At AVAN Mobility, we specialize in manufacturing state-of-the-art mobile medical vans to help organizations […]

Who is AVAN Mobility?

Finding the right mobile medical van manufacturer can be a daunting task. Some of the challenges your organization might run into while looking for one are:  Limited options: You might find it difficult to find a manufacturer that will meet your specific needs. Quality concerns: Finding a manufacturer that consistently and reliably meets safety and […]

Mobile Medical Unit Manufacturers: How to Choose the Right One

View of a mobile medical vehicle

Is your organization finally at that stage where you’ve decided to start a mobile medical program and you’re starting to look for mobile medical unit manufacturers? The right manufacturer will create a customized vehicle that fulfills all of your organization’s needs. Consequences of choosing the wrong manufacturer include: Quality concerns due to subpar construction Regulatory […]

Top 10 Features of a Mobile Medical Clinic Van

Mobile Medical Clinic Van

If your organization is currently starting a mobile medical program or has plans to in the future, you should know about what features of a mobile medical clinic van to look for. Purchasing one with the wrong features could: Leave your patients feeling uncomfortable Result in a disorganized vehicle Compromise the clinic’s ability to carry […]

What Are the Top 5 Benefits of a Mobile Outreach Van in the U.S.?

Interior view of a Mobile Outreach Van

Is your organization interested in starting a community outreach program to help people who are struggling with mental health, homelessness, or drug addiction? A lack of intervention and external support for these populations will only continue the cycle of despair and cause health conditions to worsen. It can lead to increased substance abuse, put a […]

La Boit Specialty Vehicles vs. AVAN Mobility

Mobile Medical Clinic Van

f you’re currently on the lookout for a mobile medical vehicle for your organization and are actively researching manufacturers, you’ve come to the right place. It’s important to find the right manufacturer because the wrong one can potentially end up compromising the quality and construction of your vehicle.  This could lead to your vehicle experiencing […]

A Mobile Medical Unit Success Story of Community Health Transformation

Community Health Transformation

Ready for a success story of community health transformation? Imagine living in an area so remote that getting to a doctor for healthcare feels like an endless journey. Unfortunately, many people living in isolated areas struggle with finding reliable access to healthcare. This can lead to delayed or missed diagnoses, worsening health conditions, and preventable […]

What Is Gurney Transportation and How Does It Work?

Gurney Transportation patient.

Over 12% of adults in the U.S. have a disability that impairs them to the point that they can’t walk or climb stairs. Without proper gurney transportation, people in this group may experience delayed medical care, unsafe transportation, and unequal access to specialized services. A lack of gurney transportation also strains patient caregivers. Additionally, it […]

Top 5 Mobile Medical Unit Manufacturers in San Diego, California (Reviews/Ratings)

Mobile Clinic Vehicle

Is your organization in California finally at the stage where you’ve secured funding and are ready to start looking for the best mobile medical unit manufacturers in San Diego? If you don’t choose the right manufacturer, it can jeopardize the well-being of patients and healthcare providers using the vehicle. Subpar manufacturers might have a poor […]

What Are the Differences Between EMT and NEMT Vans?

Featured image of an EMT vs NEMT Van

Has your organization been researching EMT vehicles or NEMT vans and can’t figure out what the exact differences are between them? Choosing the wrong van and trying to use it outside of its purpose can cause delays in critical care and even potential harm to patients. It can result in financial strain for your organization, […]

What Is the Cost of a Stretcher Transport Van?

cost of a stretcher transport van

Does your organization provide stretcher transportation services and you’re currently wondering what the cost of a stretcher transport van is? Without transparent pricing, your organization will struggle to plan its budget. A lack of pricing information can also cause the risk of overspending. No pricing information makes it much more difficult to compare vendors than […]

What Is Stretcher Transport and How Does It Work?

Mobile Response Unit Van with AutoFloor for seating arrangements and stretcher space

Reliable stretcher transport ensures safe and comfortable transfer for patients. It also encourages dignity, and respect, and contributes to an inclusive healthcare system. Without stretcher transport, patients will experience delays in reaching the hospital. They’ll be prone to safety risks that can lead to discomfort and injuries. This also puts a strain on caregivers. Imagine […]

Who Are the Best Mobile Medical Unit Manufacturers in the U.S.?

Best Mobile Medical Unit Manufacturers in the U.S.

Is your organization finally at the stage where you can begin researching the best mobile medical unit manufacturers in the U.S.? Reaching this milestone is an exciting place to be but you need to proceed with caution. Choosing the wrong manufacturer can result in poor-quality vehicles, regulatory compliance challenges, high maintenance costs, and a tarnished […]

Ram ProMaster vs. Ford Transit Mobile Medical Vans

Ram ProMaster vs. Ford Transit

As your organization draws closer to finalizing the decision of what mobile medical van to purchase, you need to think if you’re going with the Ram ProMaster vs. Ford Transit. Each option comes with its advantages and disadvantages. If you don’t carefully weigh each option, you risk ending up with a vehicle that doesn’t fulfill […]

How Do You Ensure Patient Comfort in Mobile Medical Clinic Vans?

Mobile Medical Clinic Van

It’s normal for patients to experience anxiety when they go to the hospital for any type of medical test or procedure. It can even cause negative emotional and physical symptoms like pain, discomfort, embarrassment, irritability, and stress. It’s important to ensure patient comfort in mobile medical clinic vans so your patients don’t experience these things. […]

How Do You Develop Partnerships for Your Mobile Medical Vehicle?

Developing partnerships with a mobile medical van

Are you trying to learn how to develop partnerships for your mobile medical vehicle? Without partnerships, you’ll find that your outreach will be limited. You might also find it more difficult to find resources and funding to even get your mobile medical program off of the ground without the right partnerships. At AVAN Mobility, we’ve […]

Who Are the Best Mobile Medical Van Manufacturers in New York City? (Review/Ratings)

Mobile Medical Van Manufacturers in NYC

Is your organization in the midst of trying to start a mobile medical program? Sooner or later, you’ll reach the stage where you start researching mobile medical unit manufacturers. Finding the best mobile medical van manufacturers in New York City will prevent you from dealing with issues like: Quality concerns Limited customization options Patient dissatisfaction […]

What Is a NEMT Van Used for?

NEMT van

Is your organization curious about non-emergency medical transportation? After reading this article, you’ll know exactly what the NEMT is used for.

5 Prospecting Strategies for Your Mobile Medical Unit

Mobile medical van

Is your organization currently looking to purchase a mobile medical unit and you’re wondering how to make sure it reaches the right people? Missed opportunities in prospecting can lead to people not even knowing your mobile healthcare solutions exist.  That means your program won’t be operating at full capacity.  Every missed connection could mean a […]

Odulair LLC vs. AVAN Mobility

Mobile Medical Clinic Van

Is your organization feeling confused about which mobile medical van manufacturer to go with? In this article, we compare Odulair LLC vs. AVAN Mobility.

What Are the Pros and Cons of a Mobile Medical Van Lease vs. Purchase?

Rear view of a Mobile Clinic Van

When deciding between a mobile medical van lease and buying one outright, it’s important to weigh the potential downsides of making the wrong choice. Buying a mobile medical van outright incurs more upfront costs but has lower costs in the long run. Lease agreements often come with restrictions that hinder the reach of your mobile […]

Mobile Response Unit vs. Ambulance: A Comparison

Mobile Response Unit vs. Ambulance

Is your organization having trouble finding a non-emergency patient transfer vehicle to provide services in? Maybe you’ve looked into an ambulance, but that seemed like a little overboard for what services your organization offers. Suppose your patients have been relying on emergency medical services for low-risk medical needs, and you’re looking for alternative options. In […]

What is a Mobile Maternity Clinic?

Mobile Medical Clinic Unit interior with storage, bed, and office space

Pregnant mothers often face challenges when it comes to getting the healthcare they need. Soon-to-be mothers without reliable transportation might miss their appointments and important tests. Those who live in remote areas without obstetricians have to travel long distances for specialized care. Some of these barriers can lead to stress and anxiety for pregnant women. […]

Pros and Cons of Mobile Medical Vans vs. RV Clinics

Mobile Medical Van

Is your organization thinking about launching a mobile clinic program but you’re finding yourselves at a crossroads, unsure of which option to choose between mobile medical vans vs. RV clinics?  You’re not alone. Deciding between these two options is a challenging task and the wrong decision can leave you with a mobile medical unit that […]

Mobile Medical Van Cost in Houston, Texas

Mobile Clinic Vehicle

If your program or organization is in the market for a mobile medical van in Houston, one of the most important things to know is the mobile medical van cost. A manufacturer that isn’t transparent about the costs can cause the whole purchasing process to be more time-consuming and frustrating than it needs to be.  […]

LifeLine Mobile vs. AVAN Mobility

AVAN Mobility Mobile Medical Van

When you’re paying big bucks for a mobile medical vehicle, it helps to compare different manufacturers. Here, we compare. LifeLine Mobile vs. AVAN Mobility.

What Is the MOBILE Health Care Act?

Mobile Medical Clinic Van from the rear with back doors wide open

Does your organization run a mobile clinic program and you’re confused about what the Mobile Health Care Act is? Read this article to understand what it is.

Mobile Clinic Van Cost in Los Angeles

View of a mobile medical vehicle

Finding out the cost of a mobile clinic van can be time-consuming in such a large city. Read our article on the mobile clinic van cost in Los Angeles for more information.

Cabot Coach Builders vs. AVAN Mobility

Mobile overdose prevention interior layout

Are you having trouble deciding which manufacturer to go with for your mobile medical van? In this article, we compare Cabot Coach Builders vs. AVAN Mobility.

CGS Premier vs. AVAN Mobility

View of a mobile medical vehicle

Are you wondering about the differences between CGS Premier and AVAN Mobility? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what each company offers.

What is a Mobile Response Van?

mobile medical van

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the Mobile Response Van (MR Model) from AVAN Mobility, from what it is to how much it costs.

What is an Overdose Prevention Van?

Mobile overdose prevention van rear opening

Are you an outreach organization or a harm reduction program? Do you provide a mobile overdose prevention service or witnessed substance use/supervised consumption service? Are you looking for a way to build relationships with people in need and start conversations about a road to recovery? Then the mobile medical van from AVAN Mobility could be […]

What Are Supervised Consumption Sites and Are They Effective?

3 individual desk pods in overdose prevention van

Can drug use be supervised in a safe and sterile environment by medical professionals? There has been a lot of debate over the last decade about the success of supervised consumption sites as more and more of them start popping up around the world.  If a supervised consumption site has opened in your community, you […]

What is a Mobile Clinic?

Mobile Clinic Van

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the Mobile Clinic Van (MC Model) to determine if it’s the right mobile medical unit for your organization. 

4 Types of Mobile Medical Units

overdose prevention van with awning

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the four types of mobile medical units–from what each van does, to how you can use it, to who is using it right now.